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  1. Pretty easy to see the outrage in this. We are losing are best player last year, 4war and getting nothing in return. That’s a bit hard to explain to the fan base.
  2. I thought Mike Young was gonna be the next Eddie Murray.
  3. How is it that the MFY’s can have 100 guys spend time on the DL and still have the best record? Every single guy they call up mashes the crap outa the ball! Is there some magic fairy dust in those pin stripes?
  4. There has to be a plan in the works for Chris Davis next year?
  5. The pure joy that must come to every team that saunters into Camden yards to face this pitching staff, I can only imagine.
  6. https://deadspin.com/manny-machadao-calls-eric-byrnes-and-dan-plesac-the-bi-1836455102
  7. Its on deadspin, i don't know how to link.
  8. How is there not a thread up about Manny's rant on instagram?
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