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  1. Surely we’ll be scoring some runs for Means today. 🤞
  2. lol what cavalry? Pisses me off, Lopez was pitching pretty well and then gives up a cheap-ass 320 ft. fly-ball homer and then starts nibbling.
  3. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2021/03/19/masn-orioles-peter-angelos/
  4. He will be wearing an Angels uniform after the trade deadline. Cant wait to see who we get in return.
  5. Last full season was in double A with a less than stellar OPS.
  6. As TK would say, we are two years away from being 3 years away.
  7. Holy crap Wiz just traded Wall for Westbrook.
  8. Hopefully it’s a tasty return, right now it just looks like another salary dump.
  9. Loved Manny’s talent but he was always a punk. Much like his idol A-fraud.
  10. Weird cause CBS shows Soto leading the NL with only 148 AB’s
  11. How many AB’s does Iglesias need to qualify for the batting title? He’s only 6 AB’s behind Soto who they show in the lead.
  12. How in the F did the MFY’s stumble upon Luke Voit again?
  13. I think it’s here to stay and that comparison is loco.
  14. We should be 4-1 right? We were ready to play, they weren't. A couple of forfeits works for me. This season is a dumpster fire anyways.
  15. Pretty easy to see the outrage in this. We are losing are best player last year, 4war and getting nothing in return. That’s a bit hard to explain to the fan base.
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