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  1. MASN showed Bancells talking to Buck in one of the late innings and I read it on his lips. Something along the lines of "crack in a bone". Was surprised no one else picked up on it. Was also hoping I read it wrong.
  2. Looks like he actually did get hurt per Melewski. Sprained thumb, immobilized for a couple weeks, but no surgery required. http://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2015/06/delmarva-third-baseman-jomar-reyes-will-miss-time-with-a-thumb-injury.html
  3. Don't think that's true. If the ball is dislodged on a tag play, the runner is safe. The fielder has to keep control of it until voluntarily removing it from his glove, I believe. Just like a collision at the plate.
  4. My only thought is just the O's history with Bautista, or Garcia wasn't too happy with Donaldson stretching his single into a double while up 7 runs.
  5. Yeah, looked to me like he was limping a bit coming off the field.
  6. That was announced back in June, fyi. So, some 7 months before season 1 even premiered. Safe to say, AMC was pretty confident it would do well.
  7. I thought it was a very good movie. I had some quibbles, but nothing that totally derailed it for me. Now, the inaccuracies everyone talks about is that in his memoirs Chris Kyle doesn't really come across as this tortured soul haunted by what he had to do over there. He's actually quite boastful and comes across more black and white (Americans inherently good, Iraqis inherently bad), rather than the grey shown in the movie. His memoir shows him as a macho-militaristic holier than thou American, which isn't quite how he's portrayed in the movie. But if those are inaccuracies, whatever. I sti
  8. Hunter Morris is who I couldn't help think of when Christian Walker was having his breakout season. For real, just look at their 23 year old AA stats. Hopefully Walker turns out better, obviously, but guys like Morris is reason to temper excitement.
  9. That is essentially how he got killed in real life, except it was Lucky's crew posing as tax guys. (Including Bugsy Siegel.) So the show just changed that up the who a bit, while keeping the same setting.
  10. Are we sure that's what's really going on here? That's not really how I read it. I mean, I think that's what they were setting us up to believe the whole episode, but I took it as a fake out and it was really just Gillian exchanging some of her old clothes and fashion wisdom for the stationary.
  11. Hawkigizer


    "The 21-year-old, whose fastball (a pitch he?s used aggressively to both sides of the plate) has topped out at 96-97 mph in each of his starts with Portland, with flashes of a plus changeup and a slider, suffered his first loss with Portland, but after five starts, he?s 2-1 with a 0.86 ERA, 35 strikeouts (10.1 per nine innings) and just six walks (1.7 per nine) in 31 1/3 innings. He?s punched out at least seven in four of his five starts, while showing the athleticism to suggest an ability to repeat his delivery and attack the strike zone." http://fullcount.weei.com/sports/boston/baseball/red
  12. Hawkigizer


    Yeah, I always thought 92-94, maybe touching 95 on occasion. Who knows if these reports are correct, or if it's a hot gun.
  13. Hawkigizer


    Reports have him topping out at 97 MPH now. Was he ever touching that with the O's?...honest question.
  14. Hawkigizer

    Jake Arrieta

    Yeah, I start to get annoyed by how well he's doing, but then I remind myself that he had plenty of chances and just wasn't going to be successful here. Classic change of scenery guy. Good for him.
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