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  1. Edd was pretty pissed with him, but before they could really delve in to that, Sansa showed up. Also, he didn't really "name" Edd Lord Commander, he put him in charge until they voted on a new one. If I recall correctly, Thorne was acting LC before Jon got voted in. Same basic thing.
  2. How can you argue with a dude that was just dead a day prior? Plus, he does have a point. Your watch ends on your death. He died. And it was at the hands of supposed brothers. I wouldn't want to stick around to see who else wants him dead there, either.
  3. I'm pretty sure the challenges have gotten in to the umps heads. They're wrong just enough that when a manager asks them for a second look when they're out of challenges they're of a mind of "well, we just might have gotten that one wrong." I think if the first tweak they made was to say that an umpire review can be asked for by a manager, but only initiated if another umpire with a different view from the initial call-maker also thinks its warranted they'd get a bit more assertive.
  4. Okay, I may have been a bit hyperbolic. Sue me.
  5. I also thought the skirmish outside Winterfell was pretty good action, to be honest.
  6. Lots of good candidates. I'd like to throw Inglorious Basterds in to the ring. Oh, and it's dated as hell now, but also MASH.
  7. The first show of a season tends to be more exposition-y, though. I thought it had a lot going for it, all things considering, especially the shenanigans in Dorne. But yeah, that ending, though. That really escalated quickly. I mean, it got out of hand fast. In seriousness, it really did come out of nowhere, and now I'm really interested to get the story there.
  8. No mention of hitting it through Donaldson's webbing? I don't care how compromised the glove may have been (not that anyone said anything like that, just bringing up that it could've contributed) that ball went straight through with momentum to spare.
  9. That's 15 games away. Almost impossible to tell because god knows what happens in the next 2 weeks, you know? But, if they stay true to the rotation (doubtful) and Gausman does come back Monday night, he's mostly likely to be scheduled the middle game of the series.
  10. He definitely makes the easy look difficult out there. I feel for him, because you know he wasn't like that before coming to the MLB, he's just probably pressing like crazy. Gotta find a way to get him to relax some, while still improving his plate appearances to where he doesn't look overmatched 90% of the time.
  11. Real deal, flash in the pan, whichever, but that kid really reminds me of pre-Super Soldier serum Steve Rogers.
  12. I like how he's scrapping up there, his contributions haven't looked too pretty to the eye, but the box score is blind. And you know that's the kind of attitude Buck adores, it's kept food on Ryan Flaherty's table quite a few seasons now.
  13. We still might. Did you know that the original concept for the The Force Awakens had Wedge being the "old ally" on Jakku, from whom Poe gets the map fragment? Denis Lawson declined (either just didn't want to, or didn't want the character to go out like that) so they wrote in a new character.
  14. It looks awesome...but I'm still ticked someone let them use "Rogue" and not have it be about the X-Wing squadron. Though I suppose they could find a way to tie it back (something like Luke and Wedge renamed Red Squadron Rogue to honor these guys, or just the heroine).
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