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  1. Professional hitter that hits lefties and righties and is very good off the bench. Reimold is a nice story but he's gotta be the odd man out IMO, really because you can't trust him to be healthy for any length of time.
  2. I thought the exact same thing while reading this thread. The Mets are around .500 and definitely could still be buyers, especially considering the state of 3-5 in their division. They could take their pick from a number of guys without really hurting our team in the near or long term, and probably wouldn't have to part with all that much.
  3. Justin Turner this year.. wow. [table] [thead][tr][th]Year[/th][th]Age[/th][th]Tm[/th][th]Lg[/th][th]G[/th][th]PA[/th][th]AB[/th][th]R[/th][th]H[/th][th]2B[/th][th]3B[/th][th]HR[/th][th]RBI[/th][th]SB[/th][th]CS[/th][th]BB[/th][th]SO[/th][th]BA[/th][th]OBP[/th][th]SLG[/th][th]OPS[/th][th]OPS+[/th][th]TB[/th][th]GDP[/th][th]HBP[/th][th]SH[/th][th]SF[/th][th]IBB[/th][th]Pos[/th][th]Awards[/th][/tr][/thead] [tr][td]2015[/td][td]30[/td][td]LAD[/td][td]NL[/td][td]62[/td][td]182[/td][td]163[/td][td]26[/td][td]53[/td][td]12[/td][td]0[/td][td]9[/td][td]32[/td][td]1[/td][td]1[/td][td]14[/td][td]24[/td][td].325[/td][td].396[/td][td].564[/td][td].960[/td][td]165[/td][td]92[/td][td]4[/td][td]5[/td][td]0[/td][td]0[/td][td]0[/td][td]5/346[/td][td][/td][/tr] [/table]
  4. Anyone got a picture of what this looked like? I missed the game (because it was at 11AM on a Monday) and a google image search isn't bringing anything up.
  5. This is also why I don't see Wieters taking any type of 1-year deal, barring an absolute disaster of a season where he never gets healthy enough to play catcher.
  6. My goodness, thank you for bringing some sense to this thread. Caleb Joseph is a maybe slightly better than replacement level player that is a seemingly good guy and has a hot bat right now. Comparing him to Wieters, or suggesting anything other than he should be a clear backup to Wieters getting 1-2 starts a week, is wrong. Wieters has pedigree, until last year, dependability, a track record of consistently excellent play defensively, and a solid, if not spectacular bat from both sides. People think his market value has dropped, it hasn't. People think Caleb Joseph is comparable, he isn't. It's an illusion, as you say. You're comparing a BMW to a Hyundai. The Hyundai might have some nice features and treat you well when your BMW is in the shop, but it is still a Hyundai and you ain't about to drive it around instead of your BMW.
  7. It was a good trade for both teams. When you're trying to win games and make the playoffs, you can't have two guys on your roster that can't throw strikes or get anyone out. Glad we traded them to the NL, and glad for both of the guys that they're finding success. A bit frustrating, but we all need to get over it.
  8. The best part about the Trembley era was the infrequent OH poster who called out that Perlozzo would be canned and Trembley hired, down to the day, like 2 months before it happened.
  9. Plus he's a FA after the season, so we can ride him like a rented mule.
  10. With two righties coming up, I really doubt it.
  11. SSS but Patton has been pretty good for SDP, and will be cheap for at least one more year. Hundley would cost us $5M next year, which is a lot for a guy like him. But, we needed him so we had to go and get him.
  12. That is on Buck, he needs to be bunting on the first pitch. Right now is not the time to get cute.
  13. Bunt bunt bunt can't bunt fast enough.
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