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  1. You are right SG but throw in Matos also or maybe Javy. Look at the LAA outfield, a disaster right now except for Vlad. LAA is rich in pitching, bullpen and starters. Kotchman/Mathis are terrible. Anderson/Erstad are hurt, they need offense, why they want Gibbons. O's are demanding quality pitching for Gibbons and whoever, and may get it. The deal is close.
  2. Geez, a guy who is on track to hit 40HRs and 110 RBIs is "borderline offensively" wish we had three or four more "average" guys like that.
  3. Wild Bill

    LA Angels

    Haven't posted for a while but the LA Angels are going hard for Gibbons, would give up a good pitcher for him. O's need pitching, Angels need power hitting 1B/OF. Stay tuned. Note the O's will be in Anaheim next weekend.
  4. Major "dark clouds" over Tejada. A big trade could be in the works. "could" is the word, don't take it farther than that.
  5. PA was advised by Beattie that Vladie's signing was "in the bag." He was, obviously furious when the Angels signed him. Then last off season Peter was assured that Delgado was coming and name countless pitchers, etc, etc. Peter wants to get the contracts signed of the guys the O's want. Again everyone this off season will be very interesting. Oh yes, Steinbrenner may bring his payroll to $250 million. He is livid that the league screwed him with the luxury tax and he still can't win. He has some major financial and ego problems there. That will also be fun to watch.
  6. No, no suggestions here of steroids or other drug use. That is not the case, just the unusual shut down when he was arguably the best pitcher in the American league when he went down. Just really strange without the organization being able to find any physical problems. But, look at the basketball players that die from heart problems right after their physical exams. Who knows as I am not a doctor.
  7. The inside sources were trying to figure that out also. He was "lights out" when his knee hurt and was terrible when he came back. The organization was very frustrated that they could not find an injury, not to say that he was not injured, but the MRI's were negative and no one ever found a problem. Who knows, other organizations have missed injuries also.
  8. Hey, people change as in look what happened to NY when Steinbrenner back off in the early 90's. You don't think all the front office changes suggest something is going on?
  9. Peter wants to win now as he is aging and feels an obligation to the community. Steinbrenner will go off the deep end this winter and Boston has their own problems as you take Manny/Ortiz away from that team and they are very average with no bullpen. Manny/Damon may not be there next year, we will be better off if Manny is there, unless he is part of a "blockbuster" trade with us. PA has total confidence in Flanny and loves Duquette, who can get things done quickly. PA was furious with the Vladie fiasco, given a few more dollars he would have signed well before the Angels ever got involved. Philosophy is take "your best shot quickly" and don't let the player's agent(Borus) defer us from obtaining our obbjective, which is to win next year given NY and Bosox vulnerbility. Hang on guys.
  10. Again you are right on, as let's say there are some concerns that he is a "head case." They never found anything wrong with his knee, as he went on the DL after pitching 27 innings and giving up like 1 earned run. Maybe trade him while the value is high, although he was terrible the second half of the season, word is he is a "strange" character.
  11. Tony Could not have said it better myself. The FO will not make stupid moves to trade our young pitchers unless they get "value" in return. The bottom line is you can go with Bedard, Cabrera, Maine, Penn, name five others, but what if they don't improve? Years of 4th place finishes or worse. We need a cornerstone starter as #1 what Ponson was supposed to do. I, like Tony, am very encouraged by the developments and hang on.
  12. You address the pitching needs first then trade for bats. Without good pitching doesn't matter what bats you sign.
  13. Unless I missed something both NY and Boston were eliminated in the playoffs by teams with better pitching, thus their vulnerablity. Think about two free agent signings and multi-year deals and I assure you, we are not talking about 35 year old first basemen or outfielders hardly better than what we have now. Stock pitchers and then the blockbuster trades come into play. Let's use a take off on a Bill Clinton campaign rallying cry "it's the economy, stupid" just insert "pitching" for "economy" and you have the new front office strategy.
  14. As I said on another thread "hang on for the ride" as it will get very interesting after the WS. I want to clarify a couple of things as I never specified a $100 million payroll figure for next year, although if everything clicks it may approach that. Others here have correctly stated that there are many intangibles to free agent signings and major trades, however, the O's believe that NY and Boston are vulnerable next year and intend to make the run next year. As I stated in my other thread if things click they will spend the money.
  15. Exactly, Bobmc. Also did not mean to steal your "hang on" thing.
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