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  1. It does not take a good manager to coach a team to its skill level. A good manager is able to elevate his team above its skill level. The question should not be about the ability of the players but the ability of the manager to get the most out of what he has been given. I think Hyde has been given D level players and gotten D level results out of them.
  2. I agree, he conceded the game. Drives me nuts.
  3. I agree it was a coaching decision, and I think it highlights a lack of aggressiveness from the coaching staff. I understand we are undermanned in the talent department, but we do not have to be overmatched in the desire department. I thought the throw from center in the bottom of the inning also lacked urgency. There is nothing to lose at this point.
  4. Was anyone else frustrated that Mancini did not try to score on the flyball to right. I get not attempting on the single to center, no outs had to make sure it wasn't caught. I know the fly ball was not deep but that was the second out and a below average hitter due up and the Yankees start their at bat with a runner on 2nd. Failing this attempt was not going to ruin their playoff hopes.
  5. Most of the top teams have not developed all of their starting pitching, take a look at the Dodgers, Padres, White Sox
  6. The Pitching will come in trades of guys like Mullins, Mountcastle, and Hayes, because some of Stowers, Haskins, Cowser and Mundy are ready.
  7. I would like to see Dale Jarrett's son Zach promoted. Really nothing to lose, DJ Stewart is not the long term answer.
  8. I think there maybe innings restrictions on both the Wells boys. Neither pitched last year.
  9. I realize the Orioles have sub standard talent, and I do not expect a winning record. What bothers me most about this team is the mental mistakes and lack of effort. I think this is what reflects poorly on the manager.
  10. Watching mediocre players playing hard would be ok. These two, along with others, just seem to be going thru the motions. Making mental mistakes that should not be tolerated on any major league team.
  11. You should not grocery shop when hungry and you should not make this decision while watching Severino catch.
  12. It's great to see the talent there, JD Mundy is off to a great start as well.
  13. I was listening to the MLB network the other day and they were talking about the Yankees starting pitching and how they were dominating over the last 6 days. Then they added of course they are feasting on the lowly Tigers and mediocre Orioles. I thought yes we have improved to mediocre and I felt good.
  14. I was about twelve years old, and my mom dropped me and my two buddies off at Mailman's department store in south York to get Brooks Robinson's autograph. We waited in line for a couple of hours and finally got his autograph. Went to a pay phone and called my mom to pick us up. The three of us sat down on the curb and waited, when Brooks walked over and sat down next to my buddie. He talked to us for a couple of minutes, and then Bobby Grich pulled up, Brooks jumped in and they took off. That is my greatest autograph memory.
  15. There is a different way of looking at things. Tampa Bay is considered a contender right now and has what some consider the best farm system in baseball. That's is not a bad place to be. If that is my goal, then yes I probably try to keep control of him during his most productive years.
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