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  1. I was about twelve years old, and my mom dropped me and my two buddies off at Mailman's department store in south York to get Brooks Robinson's autograph. We waited in line for a couple of hours and finally got his autograph. Went to a pay phone and called my mom to pick us up. The three of us sat down on the curb and waited, when Brooks walked over and sat down next to my buddie. He talked to us for a couple of minutes, and then Bobby Grich pulled up, Brooks jumped in and they took off. That is my greatest autograph memory.
  2. There is a different way of looking at things. Tampa Bay is considered a contender right now and has what some consider the best farm system in baseball. That's is not a bad place to be. If that is my goal, then yes I probably try to keep control of him during his most productive years.
  3. I understand, but under the current bargaining agreement, you can delay bringing players up until they are 23 or 24 and keep them under control until they are 30 . Economics dictate that the larger markets teams will have older guys under big contracts.
  4. Why would you not want to be Tampa Bay or Oakland? They are competitive now and both have very good farm systems, Tampa Bays is outstanding. Their future looks bright.
  5. The Orioles are stocking the farm system so that they will not have to pay players past their prime. Those players will simply be pushed out and replaced by younger cheaper players. Longer term deals to guys over 30 will not be a thing.
  6. It felt like they pitched inside more yesterday
  7. Finally some movement, and the Orioles couldn't lose a hundred games.
  8. If the season is going to get an asterisk anyhow, why not have some fun. 4 inning games that end in a tie are settled by a ten pitch home run derby. All teams make the play off's and the first round is NCAA tournament style. The bottom 16 teams play a Thursday /Saturday and Friday / Sunday tournament. The teams would play a 3 four inning game series in a day best two out of three advances. We could fill out brackets and everything.
  9. For me it's about age. The Orioles are loading up their minor league system so they can replace players leaving their prime playing age and not have to extend them past it.
  10. Baseball is a business, Manny was not moved to short to pacify him. He was moved to short to show he could play two positions and increase the number of trade partners. It's the same reason he wanted to play short so that he would have more suitors in free agency. Instead of teams looking for a third basemen the pool was increased to include teams that needed a shortstop.
  11. Patience is a virtue, and that is what this rebuild affords us.
  12. I don't think Pitch Counts should dictate decisions but be part of the decision. What if the score was 1 - 0?
  13. For me it was disappointment, I love the game and tonight we were watching something special and then we weren't.
  14. Gotta disagree, a good time to pull him is after he gives up his first hit. Pitch count was not high, you can loose a team if you don't believe in your players.
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