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  1. Glad we have lots of talented guys who are coming along well - hopeful Willems will follow well in Gunnar and Cody's footsteps. I only hope Mayo gives cause for loads of Up Where We Belong references between home runs and team wins as this group comes through. With Mountcastle mostly inked in and Clubs mostly shunning everyday DH's, imagine Elias etc. super interested on if he could stick at 3B. Between Mullins, Cowser and whoever out of Hays/Santander/Stowers/Kjerstad grows best the next few years...well, the team could really use a 3B.
  2. http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/transactions/?tcid=mm_mlb_news#month=10&year=2021
  3. Boo. I was wrong about cash considerations, looks like Diamondbacks have gotten him on a waiver claim. Another one for the quibble list of I don't get it, but buying Will Wilson that winter meetings the Angels were freeing up payroll for Rendon had an 8-digit acquisition cost, and buying good hurt pitchers for 2021-2022 for an aspirationally good Year2 team had 7-digits, aside from Elias' greater info on what 2022 was looking like all along. This one wasn't either of those things.
  4. I've sometimes wondered (90% goofy mode) if the relative proximity of Delmarva/Aberdeen/Bowie might ever mean the Orioles having an A-/A+/AA academy near the Bay Bridge could be productive. Any Shorebird or Ironbird would be an hour plus between the ballpark and complex most days, but that's pregame planning and postgame swing decision reviews. Willy Yahn could have the same bed all summer. I always picture Matt Blood as like the dorm RA in this setup, but you could also have the mental skills folks, chef making Randy Arozarena's chicken and rice, pitchers sharing grips and trainin
  5. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/category/chin-music/ Goldstein and Longenhagen go on the Orioles for about 10 minutes starting around the 1:42 mark of Episode 36. KG says still in touch some with Mike/Sig, feels they haven't really messed anything up, and Slow and Steady with emphasis on slow his overall take. They did have a detail Rutschman's 6.5% SwStr rate was Top 25 Lowest/Best in all the minors. It seemed like they may have split a little on the Bundy trade guys. I think Longenhagen drew unfavorable contrast to Padres getting blue chip Francisco Mejia when they sold Bra
  6. BP this morning had a story that included the timeline of a previous lockout. https://www.baseballprospectus.com/news/article/70735/making-sense-of-the-cba-and-work-stoppage-rumors/ ...what occurred in 1989-90, when the agreement expired Dec. 31 and owners announced on Jan. 9 that a lockout would begin Feb. 15 absent an agreement. A deal was reached March 1 and opening day was delayed a week until April 9, causing 78 games to be postponed and rescheduled.
  7. Maybe more for next month, but I guess it could be vaguely interesting* to learn more about the New MLBPA Member start up process for someone like say....Robert Neustrom. Assuming he gets added to the 40-man November 20th, and then locked out a couple weeks later. This BA piece gives the detail 40-man members become MLBPA members. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/if-theres-a-mlb-lockout-in-2022-what-happens-to-the-minors-leagues/ Is it like "we need your dues"? Does he get to weigh in on if the organization should prioritize higher minimum wage, earlier Arb, or age-ba
  8. I'm sure Coppolella's lifetime ban a great comfort to Albies and Acuna's financial advisers, just as it is to me as a fan of one of the other 29 teams.
  9. Holy cow, Tyler Matzek! Fried and Matzek's various contributions to the Braves NLCS performance feel a little like samples of different "good" DL Hall futures, should the Orioles be fortunate enough to get one of those one way or the other. Matzek this week is also why the Hunter Harvey guy, never mind Hall with his shorter injury history, are just going to get zillions of chances before the game is done with them. It would be very baseball for Hunter to still be nothing many more years, but then like a 2029 October hero. Also, after tonight, even Walker Buehler may never
  10. I'm happy for Dusty, and more neutral on the NL. I will say, these Braves minus Acuna remind me some of Buck's good teams, what with those infielders (159/156/160/160) "posting up" everyday, and enough nuggets to be playoff worthy without being a super team. Max Fried kind of is who we wish for DL Hall to become in our wildest dreams, and Grayson Rodriguez I'll be very content if his first 30 turns look like Ian Anderson's. My level of expectation for a Scherzer appearance if it gets to tomorrow is approximately 98%, and how could a baseball nut not want that theater? Brave
  11. Seconded. My whole "the Red Sox are actually pretty bad, 2021 was a dead cat bounce, and I'd rather be Us than Them from here (even setting aside the lifelong fandom bits of the filter)" position may have grown untenable with a few more fortunate dice rolls, but luck don't last forever. They did good service though upsetting the divisional rivals I thought were actually World Series contenders!
  12. Probably in front of an Orioles scout, crosschecker, or three! Skimming his Game Log, Rodriguez did pitch on four days rest May 4/9, June 15/20 and August 17/22. That gave him a 3-2 "win" in that category in 2021 over Brandon Woodruff and Corbin "isn't physically ready to pitch in Game 4" Burnes. Last CBA we got the good news a few hours before the deadline... https://www.forbes.com/sites/maurybrown/2016/11/30/breaking-down-mlbs-new-2017-21-collective-bargaining-agreement/?sh=6a980a5811b9 ...including the feature the players got the four extra off-days in season, pushi
  13. I like this trending up to the Orioles Talk forum. It is very baseball beautiful that it isn't out of play in a few hours he's the one Lauren Shehadi talks to about stemming the tide when the 2021 Dodgers championship probability got to its lowest to date. I don't think he is going to be on their 40 on November 20th or anything, but baseball man, baseball!!I I think I think that this summer/fall, the drivers of "outcomes involving any AAAA pitcher" have more to do with the Club than with the Player than they ever have. You make your replacement level, and maybe out of will
  14. I think the Dodgers didn't have a backup infielder on their 40 they wanted for the Game 5 (6/7??) temp job, so they had to tell the world who their 40th man is/was to get Andy Burns onto their bench.
  15. Evan Phillips' brilliance seems to have spooked Max Fried a little bit.
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