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  1. Hey...look at those lefty changeup artists keeping opposite handed batters in check! John Means wrecking Giancarlo Stanton's core as a baby bird is a memory that'll either fade or grow sweeter if the lean Orioles can get by the bloated Yankees in a few years. I think Cole's sidekick as a 2023 franchise cornerstone entering this offseason might "only" be Anthony Volpe, kind of a rich man's Gunnar Henderson. There's always gonna be like $250M, nay $300M, of Yankees to try and beat circa 2025, but they do have almost $100M of it already deployed on Cole, Giancarlo, LeMahieu and Hicks
  2. Starting with The 30 who held the first string roles this season at the position. OAA did not give a positional qualifier this year for HOU, LAA or ATL. Sussing out trade market for Hays or Mullins should Elias defer Wins more into the future, ATL perhaps one buyer. Astros PD seems to be good with their Meyers/McCormick, as the Straw midseason dump spoke louder than words. LAA...yeah. Sort by 2021 seasonal age. 37 - Brett Gardner (in 2020 OAA, Aaron Hicks was L-A-S-T 39th of 39) 32 - Adam DuVall, Starling Marte (Starling the only UFA who is any good - he should do
  3. In case Elias places the call feeling out the market for a veteran leader with more in the tank than M. Harvey, and Friedman asks him for anything, or balks at including a decent percentage of the remainder he is still owed: Veteran left-hander David Price and reserve outfielder/first baseman Billy McKinney have been left off, replaced by relievers Justin Bruihl and Evan Phillips Since the 2018 heroics exorcising the early career October ghosts, I feel like Price's baseball life is basically complete, and wouldn't go near him unless his representation signaled somehow the Crash Davis
  4. Altuve - Spring Training 2018 https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/2018/03/19/astros-jose-altuve-contract-payroll/438990002/ Sounds like at that time Astros still had two uber-cheap years from the early career thing somewhere along the Acuna-B.Lowe spectrum. (So great for the Clubs when the signing bonuses lack Set for Life heft) Across 2011-2017, Altuve did his 6.x years of service, and was a clear elite performer. Bregman - Spring Training 2019 https://www.si.com/mlb/2019/03/20/alex-bregman-astros-deal-extension Coming of an 8-win 2018 having given 2.x years
  5. Leveling up towards the franchise cornerstones, entering this offseason here are a few ~Stars everybody has for their 2023 team, before GM decisions start rippling the pond. BAL - Arb1 Cedric Mullins, 0-3 Ryan Mountcastle, Arb2 John Means BOS - Chris Sale $22M, Arb2 Alex Verdugo, 0-3 Triston Casas NYY - Giancarlo Stanton $32M, Arb3 Gleyber Torres (trade candidate now?), 0-3 Jasson Dominguez TB - Brandon Lowe $5M, 0-3 Shane McClanahan, 0-3 Shane Baz TOR - George Springer $25M, Arb3 Teoscar Hernandez, 0-3 Alek Manoah At this level of player, significant free agencie
  6. I hear you there, it was a bad year. But I think for building his overall resume for selling his 2022-2030, he knew he had to work on the 650 part of his WAR, 650 and WAR/650 credentials. One thing I've seen once or twice in various Are Contract Years Real? pieces over the years is players can't play better, but can boost playing time by fighting through the small stuff more. B-Ref still gave him 1.7 for his 2020 with the defensive contributions, so figure that's ~4 wins over 162. He's no Iron Man, but has the Ripken thing where the HR/RBI catch notice but the package is Defensiv
  7. MLB Now yesterday excerpted some of Correa's interview here with the Cubs Talk Podcast. https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/cubs-talk-podcast He had his talking points down, citing how he led league in WAR, in dWAR, how even though teams don't like 10-year contracts they get given out to 30 year olds, and he is going to be 27 in Year1. Dan O'Dowd on the panel with Brian Kenny after the clip had the GM's counter of "two seasons with 475 PA". Their back and forth was between 7 and 10 years on term. So during the ALDS, he took a few minutes to cultivate the Chicago market.
  8. He's going to be a terrifying release if/when it happens, but what's the trope...the last thing a 100-loss team needs is a closer. Cot's still lists him with 1/3 options remaining as of 1/21, and I think it was conserved as he hit 60-day DL in March when Franco signed and then was all injury rehab on/off all year. So I guess he got his $575K and full year of service, but Club might still have Up/Down flexibility in 2022.
  9. So...what is trend today for ongoing 40-man roster spot possession this offseason? Only completely guessing of course, but imagine the root of that regimen was maybe something like, "your release point wobbles all over the place, which makes it harder to keep your fastball and curveball in the same tunnel and confuse batters, and more core strength might help with that". Or however Elias' hirelings would try to sell Hunter Harvey on yoga. Maybe Jake Arrieta could make a promotional Pilates video for the club, or take a tough bargaining position and only offer Sarasota in-person
  10. Great piece. I saw Steve tease it in the comments of his yesterday post - he seemed (at least yesterday) to stay engaged with his readers much of the day. i just don't know about Neustrom reviewing his swing decisions a couple hours after the game. I sort of thought the Decision of Sleep Science might want REM mode by then, and look at it with a fresh brain at 0700. Think in video I heard Neustrom say precisely November 20 as when he would have to know 40-man status. I am still fuzzy on what comes first between CBA expiration and Clubs needing to lock 40-man rosters for 202
  11. Hold on, so John Angelos' wife wrote a song that Brad Brach's wife sang, and the Best AL Record in a 5-year span team had a country song?!?! This needs an Elias era cover. I guess I gotta plead infant in the house around then, but I somehow missed Don't Miss The Magic. Maybe I should be more worried about Nashvile...
  12. Pablo Lopez? The imbalances of Kim Ng's and Mike Elias' talent buckets give plenty of fodder for discussion whenever talent accumulation changes over to funneling it into a roster. Honestly if the Marlins are trying for 2022, they put a lot of eggs in Starling Marte for that big CF last year I don't think Ng has much chance to bid/win him back, and Anderson important to their '22 team trying to hit enough to be relevant. The Marlins probably have the pitching to make Elias the Mullins offer he can't refuse (or Hays somewhere between him and Santander), but what would it be
  13. Looking at all LaRussa's lineups last week, just plain looks like Gavin Sheets has outplayed Andrew Vaughn straight up enough that he has the big side of the platoon for as long as their October run lasts. Rodon with shaky health recently might be on a super short leash, like an "even if you get 6 outs but your pitch metrics don't look right" kind of leash. His 95th percentile xwOBA yielded is right there with Hendriks, Kimbrel, Kopech, Tepera (?!?!) on the year, on strength of amazing start to year. He is going to be a tricky free agent to peg.
  14. They put Yarbrough on the sidelines like Odorizzi/Keuchel, and maybe ended up missing him. It was a fun palate-cleanser seeing a 13-inning game without ghost runners. I think probably they didn't expect the Red Sox to hit their relievers as much as they did. https://www.draysbay.com/2021/10/7/22714647/rays-release-roster-for-2021-alds For sure 5-game format teams are tempted to stack one inning dominators over 162-tools, its all risk/reward. I guess Fleming the LOOGY and you pick Wacha over Yarb for bulk with keeping lefties away from Fenway, etc.
  15. Brandon Crawford's team leading 549 PA were 96th MLB-wide. Some 2019-2021 scans at Chase Rate. Giants Team Rank in MLB: 26th, 17th, 2nd Player Percentiles: Posey, 58 - xx - 77 Belt, 80 - 91 - 92 Solano, xx - 11 - 25 Crawford, 42 - 23 - 47 Longoria, 40 - 52 - 94 (late career manifestation of ample blessing by baseball gods, plus the coaching secret sauce?) A. Dickerson, xx - 33 - 24 Little Yaz, 68 - 87 - 74 Flores, xx - 36 - 61 La Stella, 84 - 80 - 87 Among some guys having nearly their first experience as semi-regulars: Du
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