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  1. He has such a strike thrower rep that tonight I am almost more surprised at the 1 BB than the 5 no-hit innings.
  2. OrioleDog

    DL Hall 2021

    Appears it was Either/Or with the 5.0 IP flipping the off switch even after a lower number of pitches than Turn 1. Hopefully no rain this week and we get a view of the Tuesday/Sunday 2-step.
  3. OrioleDog

    DL Hall 2021

    Box score has it at just 38 pitches through the first 3 no-hit innings with 7/0 K/BB. He was 75-ish pitches on Turn 1, and tonight is going with a full week's rest - maybe a chance to go long if the outs keep coming?
  4. Tate is using the sinker over 50% according to Savant, so I think his K% numbers will need the Britton adjustment. FG has him about 80th percentile in ground ball rate among qualified relievers this morning. Paul Fry was actually 90th percentile despite throwing mostly 4-seam fastballs, so I'm not quite sure what to make of that. Maybe he is commanding the low pitch well.
  5. We've past the Marlins as well as the Tigers in xwOBA for 28th. Next up in 27th - the Rays. Randy Arozarena isn't blowing out Ryan Mountcastle for Rookie of the Year yet, as the Kelenic head start period nears its end. As great as the stories have been, my guess is Adolis Garcia and Yermin Mercedes won't stay head and shoulders above everyone all year. I think I think Mountcastle and Santander regression to their norms will balance Mullins/Galvis returning to earth as the second quarter goes along, maybe even be a net positive if Mullins' breakout is truly robust. Jahmai and Adley can't get here soon enough, no matter how many times they kick the ball or strike out.
  6. I didn't count Mullins in the offseason when I was looking at what I thought then was the core group, and how old they would be next year when hopefully the switch gets flipped. He belongs there now, and is pretty easy...he is just one week different than Anthony Santander. And in the land of more fanciful hopes, both of them are just one week different than Carlos Correa, who a month in is doing okay not great in what I thought might be a FA riches power drive kind of year for him. All three of them were born Sept/Oct 1994 when baseball went without its postseason before Cal helped save baseball in '95.
  7. From a Win today standpoint, IMO it was clearly wrong to let Kremer start the 6th. Some of that is our anemic offense making it only a 2-1 game. The irritating part of the beginning yesterday was being unable to sustain good at-bats against Pivetta and his scattershot. He's hard to hit sure, and the 1st was a promising beginning, but he is not someone who should be having 10 pitch innings as he got close to a few times. But that's just who the lineup is as a group while it is less than half there. Young SP's with a back of rotation profile - it's nicer if their chances to show you they are growing into anyone you want to use Third Time Through can be the occasional 4-1 or 5-1 scores we so rarely have. I don't feel Kremer has grown beyond Five and Dive yet, so if it is 2-1 and top of order Top of 6th, that seems pretty easy except for Development being the priority over Win Probability yesterday. Gold Star for getting 15 outs in 18 Batters Faced, and let's not ruin it.
  8. I'd be more upset about the slow hook if MLB Wins were a priority at all.
  9. He has completed the Tuesday/Sunday sequence, and has a rematch with Jackson Rutledge, a National they have a few million in too for early MASN minors bragging rights. 1-1 game after 2 innings. Elias on telecast in 3rd inning smoothly hyped DL Hall starting Baysox home opener Tuesday as his Sunday turn in Altoona got washed out.
  10. Obviously, he's leadoff everyday, and a candidate for downballot MVP votes as is, but time will tell if the breakout so far this year raises his baseline long term. Today I can't quite say any more he's the perfect fourth outfielder to complement Diaz/Hays/Santander this year, and Santander/Hays/Kjerstad eventually. I was a little kid when Bumbry was a CF fixture, so of course he's my template for Orioles CF. A lot of the demographics match, but Mullins never played near Bumbry's level, plus he switch hit and Al only hit left-handed. Well now Mullins only hits left-handed too, and...he's playing that well. Like Mullins, Bumbry was a college guy, and a bit "old" by the time he grew productive in MLB. Al was Rookie of the Year at 26, with a 4-win season. In his early 20's, he did some military service, but had full batting champion type seasons in the high minors in 1971 and 1972 while Age 27-28 Paul Blair had the MLB gig. Before this dive, you could have won a bar bet with me if you knew Al Bumbry was only three years younger than Paul Blair, who feels a generation apart to me. Young Bumbry played a lot of LF/RF while Blair was still around. Anyway, Bumbry had a 12-year run as a regular despite being 26 in Year 1. He amassed 24 career WAR, and had a pretty serious Sophomore Slump after the Rookie of Year splash. Mullins is 40% of the way to Age 26 Bumbry's 4-wins in a little over a month. I still think a 2.0 WAR/year regular for half a decade is probably more than we should hope for, but go Oriole go! Maybe he really does make Santander trade bait when Elias gets to thinking on how to get the best team all on the field in a year or three. Unless of course the trade bait is him.
  11. Hays and Mullins both playing well could make an interesting DJ Stewart fork in the road when Santander gets back. Does he deploy to the Jim Dwyer, (pinch hit and start once a week) role, or are regular AAA reps still valued for his development?
  12. If we are lucky enough to have a CBA and Grapefruit League games beginning last couple days of February like usual, I'd be willing to give it to the 2nd plate appearance of the first game again this year.
  13. OrioleDog

    Kevin Smith 2021

    Continues the 0 R tradition. He was good in 6 Eastern League starts in 2019, so I hope he isn't there long. Developmentally I feel he's more like Lowther/Wells than Hall/Bradish. Broadly speaking assignment wise, I feel like Elias has picked the "Easy" setting for almost everyone.
  14. I noticed Hernaiz batting 9th tonight - that was a bit of a bummer. At this point in the year, the lineup placements tell me more what the org thinks than whatever the first handful of PA outcomes are.
  15. 1st inning, 1st pitch. Looks like fastball, but was hoping for curveball on first look so it would pretty much exactly be the Crash Davis: "This guy starts me with a curveball, I'm going downtown"
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