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  1. Agent of the Year just got decided for me. Just randomly encountered a new to me Eugenix commercial - I know Frank Thomas has done several ads for them, and this one included expanded athletic endorsers. Doug Flutie I get as still having a pulse of a global Q. But the "other" new guy...Andy Van Slyke. My kudos to his representation in the Year of Our Lord 2020.
  2. So much this, and I say it just as a boxscore observer born in the 1970's. https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/LAN/LAN196610050.shtml The line even can please the 21st Century DIPS connoiseur, never mind that it was the team's 1st WS game ever as massive underdogs to the '63/'65 champs going for their 3rd championship in 4 years. I think it is clearly Drabowsky and nothing else is too close. In my personal memory, Boddicker Game 2 after Hoyt beat us in the first of a 5-game ALCS stands out the most.
  3. He is a Super 2 making $10M this year in his Arb3 year. We made a likely mistake paying Britton full arb for an injury-shortened and hampered season. Seems like the Mets ought to consider non-tendering, putting him in the Garrett Richards 2-year category for 2021/2022. An early favorite play for us if that scenario comes to pass next offseason (and the world gets back to normal by then). I'm one of the some who feel the Syndergaard clay might be like the Cole clay, and the Orioles do now live by the high fastball. That said, Cole's arm has never blown up, a big mark in his favor.
  4. Can someone explain the context of this deal to me? MLB is randomly showing a Fidrych-mania game from June 28, 1976. He is being opposed by Ken Holtzman, and this is the first time with the aid of B-Ref I am appreciating the Tippy, McGregor, Dempsey deal was in mid-June that year, as it was only Holtzman's third game after coming from us. I had always kind of figured a straightforward buy/sell kind of structure, except that in the 1976 AL East, the Orioles were 2nd to the Yankees. In 1975, the second place Orioles beat the Yankees. Were we breaking up an aging nucleus early the way Duquette didn't? Elrod homered off Fidrych for the Yanks only run this game. https://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/BAL/1976-transactions.shtml It is also crazy to me the Orioles first transaction after the big deal was signing Nate Snell as an amateur FA. Yes, the same Nate Snell that didn't come through the big league team until the mid-80's.
  5. I hope our young couples considering this as a self-isolating time passer just remember to factor in this isn't quite a "blizzard of the decade" scenario in that delivery of normal prenatal services these next nine months aren't the lock they typically would be if crisis level load on the healthcare system ends up persisting all year long.
  6. The record is three by nine guys - I think only Dock Ellis did it starting out the game. https://thestacks.deadspin.com/eleven-pitches-three-hit-batters-the-day-dock-ellis-w-1695974523
  7. IIRC one of the analyses of the deal at the time it was struck highlighted the Mariners AA situation as one of the pitcher-friendliest in the entire minors, so some of the same stuff where Diaz's 2019 was closer to Mountcastle's than some might guess could be at play there. I think both sides are valuing around full Overbay cromulence here.
  8. As is the norm when mainstream media does a "deep dive" for them, there still isn't much new that we don't discuss every day here. In terms of nuggets from the segments, or new stuff to me: MEANS - hasn't been announced, but his answer sounded like it came from a place of expecting to face Cole on OD. GIVENS - talking about catching, mentioned Severino but not Sisco MANCINI - learned he grew up a tennis player (Pedroia's the other prominent MLB'er I know of who did a lot of that as a kid) - I think maybe that translates a bit to quick hands from the faster ball/lighter equipment. He also reviewed the higher aim goal, saying it originated from Hyde in September, and put flesh on the bones by sharing his targets moved up from 2nd baseman's head to CF batter's eye. HYDE - on question about rotation behind Means/Cobb, he launched into vets and young guys and I thought he was going to expire the whole 30 seconds without specifying a human, but near the end he did say "LeBlanc". In handicapping the field, I guess that means Wojciechowski is perhaps not above the fray.
  9. Our episode on MLB at 400 this afternoon (assuming the 100 telecast finishes on time), before they also show this afternoon's Rays game at 600.
  10. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/leaderboard/outs_above_average?type=Pitcher&year=2019&team=BAL&range=year&min=q&pos=&roles=&viz=show Since OOA is play-based, it can be computed from the perspective of the BATTER or PITCHER as well as fielder. I just learned Savant has switches so you can go to those views. The above link is how O's pitchers fared last year - Castro the luckiest O with good results behind him, Bundy most harmed. I think in Bundy's case that is mostly playing time as by percentage he was a -2% like much of the team.
  11. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/sunday-notes-red-sox-prospect-jarren-duran-is-a-speedy-intense-anomaly/ David Laurila's Sunday notes has some detail on Means's last offseason. Sounds like Holt may have been behind the St. Louis performance place idea and given him the "pronate" mechanic advice that help his CH take off.
  12. Seeing this typed as is, it is hitting me for the first time we will get the '27 Yankees again this decade. Demographically I guess that puts Torres in the old dog Ruth spot and Dominguez in the young pup Gehrig one. Not wishing those guys good luck with that as '27 should be about the peak of our eventual Stras/Harper/Rendon-analog group. Here's to the '27 Orioles giving them a run for their money. I would say it being Rutschman's walk year is as easy as counting 1-2-3-4-5-6-7, but there's a CBA to be named later between here and there.
  13. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/effectively-wild-episode-1503-season-preview-series-indians-and-rangers/ There's a couple minutes on Blood's Rangers tenure from the beat writer guest on this team preview episode. I think the gist of the story related was Daniels deputized him to "get something done", presumably new wave with some old school guys, and that the rubber meeting the road went so badly the org ended up having to move on. Overall it gave me a Brad Pitt telling Jonah Hill how to release somebody in the Moneyball movie vibe.
  14. Echoed. I heard beat reporter Susan Slusser on the FG team preview podcast call Kemp the favorite. Their lineup except Olson is exclusively RHH, so Kemp gets the edge on Barreto/Mateo there. Plus they have Neuse hopelessly blocked by Chapman so they had him goofing with 2B Moustakas style last September. And they took a Rule V infielder. Hanser Alberto might be Oakland's fourth string 2B. I am almost positive Oakland will keep whichever of Barreto/Mateo they like best to succeed Semien, who despite being beloved has likely played his way out of their price range. MLBTR has summarized: https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/02/athletics-second-base-franklin-barreto-jorge-mateo-2020.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+MlbTradeRumors+(MLB+Trade+Rumors) The Tigers have Schoop, so if I'm figuring correctly we should have a shot at first claim if we want. Perhaps Luke is thinking of just the right lowball token guy right now.
  15. Baumann Bowie or Norfolk is one of the barnburners of the season opening assignments. I think they'll send him back, and he'll be ornery. Cherry picking for his Eastern League workload, his H/9 was 2nd and HR/9 was 3rd out of the 60ish pitchers who got to 70 innings, and that was his AA debut in the warmer summer months. That AA H/9 was better than Hall's Frederick one, where we know to some extent batters just didn't swing. Arguably he blew through AA, with hot stuff scouting reports backing it up. He's established himself to me on a tier of his own, and feels like he has a really wide range of outcomes - probably the biggest wildcard for how high will the Orioles peak farm ranking get before Rutschman exits the list next year. Assuming they are rotation mates, it won't take more than a couple Baumann gems and Hall 4-5 BB outings to put their pecking order in a little doubt in my mind. They are both mid-September birthdays 3 years apart.
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