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  1. And the win probability of a Jorge Lopez start goes south on Batter Faced 21 just as it did on Batter Faced 20 Michael Conforto two turns ago when the contention flirtation was at its high water mark. A top of lineup hitter beating up a backend starter third time through is just cliche.
  2. Severino is the one of those that I can best imagine attaining some actual market value. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/2020-positional-power-rankings-catcher/ The team will need to wait out the Realmuto bidding for the good teams that need a catcher. If we just guess the Phillies retain, the bottom-tier catching situations from this summer on clubs that perhaps mean to contend in 2021 look like: COL - happy to do business with them again DET - Schoop repping the former Oriole brand well WAS - haha. Imagine the WS tenure helps the incumbents CIN - will try not to have a Tyler Mahle infatuation here, they could maybe use Alberto too. Nunez as fill-in with Votto salary relief? NYM - ibid Colorado HOU - do Elias Sig still have some nuanced favorites even James Click doesn't have his arms around yet?
  3. By the 1 is a fluke, 2 is a trend notion, now as the PTBNL's get named I'm curious to see if it is all July 2 guys from 2-3 years ago. It's as if we're retroactively doing some 2018/2019 stuff. Unless of course it's a Bundy basket type pitcher we'll all not quite understand with what we have in view.
  4. Elias actually said precisely that on the team podcast. I finally gave in to the commercials and subscribed - he was on with Hollander and Arnold a couple weeks ago. It's team controlled content but its something. He also said his expectation prior to next year's later All-Star weekend draft there was going to be some combine type stuff for clubs to get more data on the Rockers and Leiters of the world, in case we play our way back into that mix these last 9 days, with an assist from some 2019/2020 mixing. Holding back even some of the better prospects until later was explained in the context of reserving enough space for AAAA guys if needed in case you were the team that had the Marlins/Cardinals type experience.
  5. It was a couple weeks ago, around the time I first started watching a little with the Why Not re-do flirtation. He was in the booth with Ben, Glenn Gulliver came up in the notes somehow, and the play by play guy (I think Brown, but I don't really know who all the streamers are, except Garceau of course) shoehorned a "I'm sure he was well-traveled" comment in (which i would have been there for if he was Joakim Soria or something, except that the Orioles were Gulliver's only organization). Anyway, the immediate aftermath of the comment was like 8 solid seconds of dead air...it was magnificent.
  6. Are the Hawkeye systems, Rhapsodos and Edgertronics in China yet? Baseball still has its Yao Ming moment yet to come.
  7. This spring in the baseball desert, MLB opening the archive for the whole '70 Series was a treat while waiting. There was a Lefty Grove sideline interview, to my generation blurring astonishment. I don't think we need to worry about spoilers here, so....only a Lee May 3-run HR in garbage time to avert the Reds down to their last 6 outs from getting swept stood between this being the LAST loss of the season as the peak Orioles teams neared their all-time high Elo, and one of the highest any team has ever attained. Just as it was conventional alchemy when I was a kid that Earl's final run falling just short fueled the '83 clubhouse's Eye of the Tiger, I imagine this team was very salty about '69's ending and, as I guess Ben would say it, were about to hurt some opponent's feelings.
  8. Brooks Robinson celebrated the 15th anniversary of his MLB debut at the ripe old age of 18.122, a full year and few months younger than Juan Soto. Coby Mayo was 18.122 a couple of months before the draft this year.
  9. Orioles team standing within MLB at Outfield Outs Above Average - last 4 years: 28th, 29th, 28th.....ytd 12th!
  10. LF Hays made a nice catch for Zimmerman. In Game 1 Mountcastle could not quite get an early count foul pop by Meadows in a PA that I think ended up a 10 pitch walk. I don’t think OAA reads that foul ball but it did seem like one some LF could get. Long way but also big hang time.
  11. Just got through the DVR, and here's the lead. My goodness - that mustache. It goes right to the childhood McGregor Flanagan reptilian brain stem. It's hard to see almost anything else. At one look, I'd say it's maybe an interesting call between him and Cobb for Game 5 next year, while whatever shenanigans/surgeries with Baumann, Hall, Rodriguez (and to a lesser extent Smith/Lowther) are waited out. I heard the Driveline last offseason report, but that hits me wrong for 4-pitch mix guys. I think I think the devil's bargain of the Driveline-type proposition is you give feel and get dominance. I see Savant had him at 30 FB, 10 SL, 10 CH, so will be curious to see if a 4th pitch comes out in Turn 2. Great story, and could certainly be a once through order or up/down guy for peak Rutschman teams but would hazard a guess that his IP count medium to long term is probably negatively correlated with team success. Akin has splashed the pool to grow the group to 6 of "SP's I hope make 150+ starts/OpenerFollows for the 2021 Orioles", but I think Lopez, Smith and Lowther are more my 7/8/9 guys, never mind the Fulmers and Stewarts of the waiver wire. I do hope Zimmermann and all those others have somewhere to continue hot (warm, at least) games in October, whether in Bowie, or at some Super Arizona Fall League to be named later. October/November Super Arizona Fall League could be like the Futures Game every day if anything could be concocted after the World Series. Darn tootin I want to see Grayson Rodriguez trying to get Wander Franco out then.
  12. On four days rest, today's SP could theoretically pitch Tuesday and Sunday next week. It'll be interesting to see if Kremer or Zimmerman gets the Tuesday/Sunday line.
  13. Totally fair observation. It remains to be seen if the current forced turn off of some of the eggs from the golden goose will induce labor and management to have negotiations that are more productive heading towards 2022. For Paxton healing specifically, one could argue that a first half strike is 3 more months to heal and then he only has to hold up for 15 starts instead of 30 before October. This wasn't really about the real world externalities as much as a can to kick about whether Elias, etc. have seen enough progress to invest anything this offseason in 2022's MLB roster. The 2017 Twins were already an 85-win team before doing this move to support their peak Berrios/Buxton/Sano teams; the 2018 Padres were coming off a streak of 90-loss seasons more like our current state.
  14. The inside game I'd love to know here is...do the Rays and their team of hitting analysts yet know who is starting Game 2? I presume like Kremer about 1030 last night Elias and Hyde were on the phone with someone excited at hearing their "Hey, you want to pitch tomorrow?" line.
  15. Jim Hunter memorial cherry-picked leaderboard strain: https://www.fangraphs.com/leaders.aspx?pos=all&stats=sta&lg=all&qual=10&type=1&season=2020&month=0&season1=2020&ind=0&team=0&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=0&startdate=2020-01-01&enddate=2020-12-31&sort=7,d Keegan Akin 5th in K% among MLB starters with 10 innings pitched. The zero HR yielded so far is a nice feature - I wouldn't look for that to keep as he works on filling up the zone more. Even if I ding him for the walks and toggle to K-BB% he lingers in the first page of 30.
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