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  1. Haase is having the Jake Fox spring in the regular season.
  2. What's the Over/Under for AL East wins rest of season? I believe I see 38 total games remaining where the "easy ones" are against such mediocre also rans as Jose Berrios' Blue Jays and Joey Gallo's Yankees, never mind the division's frontrunners.
  3. in the category of Dumb Fantasy Question plus Haha Who Watches the MLB Product despite talking Orioles daily here, do people who are more tuned in think Tate is the closer now? And would have been last night had Scott not mucked up the 8th inning, etc? Basically, was Sulser the closer or only just an understudy last night since Tate had to clean up a mess?
  4. Fangraphs Longenhagen went more granular on the tidbit about his org-leading swinging strike rate (though that is just the Phillies org). Strikeouts themselves are such an unhelpful large sample size - more granular is more cowbell! Plus, they are an outcome not a process! This profile kind of takes me back to Chris Ray just in the player type of...is there such a thing as a relief pitcher prospect?
  5. I am actively contemplating 9 weeks of rooting for the Yankees in hopes of seeing Gerrit Cole make like starts 35-40 this October.
  6. The Board reflecting WAS up to 23rd this morning, as we draw ever nearer to the TBR -$180M for Wander (124 PA today) graduation, and possible start to debate of "best farm" in MLB for this offseason. https://www.fangraphs.com/prospects/the-board/2021-in-season-prospect-list/farm-ranking?sort=-1,1&type=100&filter=&pos=&team= Reliever trades wise, I didn't see Alex Scherff in either FG's BOS or MIN lists this morning - as a 1-for-1 for Hansel Robles, he seemed to me as good as a proxy might have gotten yesterday as a valuation point for anyone Sulser/Tate/Fry/Scott-ish.
  7. Bowie June - 154/290/308 Bowie July - 344/442/656 My guess is Frobby may have an easy time with the Player of the Month prediction this go round.
  8. A primary source for much of the Roch/Connolly/Meoli/Trezza, etc. stuff that will come out this weekend. Somebody did ask him a tough-ish followup to gain the info BAL is paying Galvis' roster bonus. Burch, he lauded a stuff jump after shutdown. Minors injury rundown, was my first time hearing it is turf toe for Yusniel, and Servideo recently had hernia surgery 4-6 extra weeks of sideline. Vavra he did give specific of about 10 days away from rehab games, and that Fall Ball probably in his future for catch up. Rutschman, he cited "long AAA" season as part of the gameplan.
  9. I've got to say that Ryan Zimmerman making it to "this generation" of Nationals teams is kind of like Palmer still being there in '83, or maybe even if his late '80's comeback that one spring had worked.
  10. Taking out the trash on Friday afternoon? Appears the 2020-2021 age 21-22 seasons will conclude with a total of 30 innings pitched.
  11. Verducci just had tidbit only four players who played in World Series Game 7 less than two years ago remain with team tonight.
  12. 32 of our final 61 against these souped up AL East teams where all four have gone for it.
  13. It'd be nice to see anything, but gosh if we can't take Roch at 406 at face value, that'd be awful treatment by his club source. Appears the Astros CF answer might simply be their AAA guy Jake Meyers. Would love for Dusty if he could have gotten like a 50 year refresh to do it himself.
  14. It was already trending that way, but I think Christian Pache and Drew Waters can now solidly be put into the "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" category.
  15. Blue Jays get Soria from Arizona. This Astros CF situation bears watching a few more minutes.
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