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  1. There's also the layer of thawing the iceberg of good free agent's perception of the organization, inching towards Miguel Tejada: The Next Generation somewhere down the line.
  2. I wouldn't sweat Pipping DJ Stewart. In the world where there is Mancini/Mountcastle/Santander/Diaz for 1B/LF/RF/DH this might bug me, but we're perhaps 0-for-4 there Opening Day. I wonder if Diaz sees Puig as some kind of trailblazer?
  3. It will be interesting to see if the next good bullpen is 100% or 50% the best batch of spin efficiency automatons that can be curated over a few years. I feel like there is probably some synergy to having the variety for everyone, even the Brachs of the world (who to me was the "normal" one in the good Buck 'pens).
  4. I think one PA sudden death could be fun. Forget outs and runs - bases decide. Top of the 10th - whoever is up (or a pinch hitter) takes their PA, resulting in 0/1/2/3/4 TB. That's it. Bottom of the 10th - same deal. If Top 10 is an out, you could have a walkoff HBP, BB, etc. Balls in play could be especially thrilling - if someone is trying to stretch a tweener into a double or triple for a 2-1 or 3-2 win. There could be game ending plays at the, ummm, second base. The league could even run another 2:20 of commercials after literally every PA while drama builds! If you wanted to make is super crazy, you could throw out the lineups but make an Ohtani friendly rule that the same player has to pitch and hit the round of sudden death.
  5. No love for league average! Half the performances in the show are worse than that. I do find IRL I have to manage my own bias - lifelong baseball fans like me probably have better developed sense of probabilistic thinking than the, ummm, average person, to whom a label like League Average performance seems at best like damning with faint praise. I see that label, and think we just need a bunch of those around a couple of spikes from six 1st round picks to make most of the rest of the decade pretty nice.
  6. Another one with career earnings in the high eight or nine figures. Unlike Price, Felix has the ring to chase, but I think he knows that ship has very likely sailed for him. I imagine Price will have some fence mending to do in that clubhouse next year, if he doesn't get preemptively moved along.
  7. During the '70 WS re-broadcast, I learned also Brooks Robinson somewhat - at least the announcers related an anecdote he wrote and ate left-handed when talking about how masterful his glove hand was. Of course he threw R, so outside that extremely rare Rickard box, of whom I think of Rickey Henderson first and foremost.
  8. Good context. I might have been tempted to say this is like having $4 for your last $1 player at the end of a roto-auction (because one of your $10 targets fell to $7), but perhaps it is a little more significant than that. I like the Servideo/Casey Martin level of player to hypothesize on because I don't think this delta really moves the needle from Kjerstad-land to Lacy/Austin Martin land if we wanted the same basket of down draft players. Absolutely you hope to exhaust this pool as they are the proverbial dollars that are worth more than a dollar each. Also probably a tricky chicken and egg to unravel if Servideo's number now skews high.
  9. Yea, verily I remember reading James observe many of baseball's greatest players are also its most unusual players - while it isn't streak-level special, Cal kicking sand at the puny Defensive Spectrum fueled his greatness.
  10. It is baking just 1 year ahead, but JJ Bleday feels like a decent Kjerstad comp, in a Barry Bonds of the SEC kind of way. Vanderbilt's use of Martin spooked me. Shortstops play SS. Centerfielders play CF. I know to some extent NCAA coaches like their baseball ninjas, but I hope for blue chips to be Ripken like fixtures at their position.
  11. He is a prince, that Aubrey Huff. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/06/dudes-who-wont-wear-masks/613375/
  12. Perhaps not in time, but for July/August I can't think of anyone else I want to have the 4th or 5th PA daily more - reps are precious.
  13. If circumstances allow, the Australian winter league (November to February) might have a big opportunity on its hands, or (in very fortunate circumstances) the AFL might play more robustly than top bats beating up on C/D pitching prospects, or the occasional B one making up IP from an injury abbreviated summer. If Arizona is reasonably safe, I imagine MLB has flexibility to grow that league calendar if it wants to.
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