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  1. OrioleDog

    Nunez DFA

    Granted those are the real results, but I would bet teams evaluate DH candidates against a higher replacement (or position average) level baseline. It's a known known that the DH Penalty is real, yet despite the handful of Cruz/Yordan type guys, most teams cycle their regulars there and deem it a partial rest day. Renato's actually a pretty good poster child for this effect, as the slightly positive results and 0-for-30 claimants suggest. I think to some extent Nunez was the lucky one of a "dozen guys" like him who got the 1000-ish PA's from the recent Orioles. Jurickson Profar should totally come here to take the Villar seat and show MLB what he can do with 650+ PA if he wants to take his shot at earning star-level salaries in the future. He may love and be trusted by Preller going back to adolesence ala Elias/Correa, but the 2021 Padres aren't going to let him hit leadoff 160 times.
  2. Thanks for the detail - I guess we'll see by Wednesday if turkeys or MLB payrolls are picked more bare. Happy Thanksgiving to all here at OH!
  3. I dunno. In holidays/daydream mode, I'm still navel gazing for a Severino non-tender as a leading indicator of Week 2 Adley. Clubs are a couple weeks away from having to show their non-tender cards as the revenue ripples start floating out.
  4. Another day, another tidbit - the '21 Baseball Forecaster gives him a bullish UP tag, lauding improved Eye and low H% as indicators he deserved more than his .261 AVG outcome. Their xBA for his 2020 was .308.
  5. Colorado put him on the 40 - he's perhaps Arenado's heir apparent assuming Nolan peaces out. Welker and Nevin were Hartford's 2019 corners and I think I heard the Yard Goats play-by-play guy hint Nevin may have gotten some 3B reps except for the better prospect there. I'll be curious to see Renato-style how the club comes at Nevin's "3B" usage next year.
  6. It's a poor man's Brandon Belt fantasy come to life! I do confess the tiniest shred of interest in what left-handed sluggers first weeks outside AT&T as their home field look like, but he and Renato trading spots are just another mid-rebuild expression of what the churn of replacement level players looks like in real life.
  7. Nuke, these big-league hitters are gonna light you up like a pinball machine for awhile - don't worry about it. You've got to play this game with fear and arrogance. I am hopeful the four AUG/SEP Team IP leaders will be Means, Baumann, Hall, Rodriguez for the Lindor Cohort closing argument. Baumann I've gotten to about the same place as I am with Adley/Yusniel, where a Week 2 debut would be thrilling. I'll accept the adrenaline pushing the April pitches; if something's going to give, I want my 16 months done before October 2022.
  8. https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2020/11/now-on-the-40-man-rylan-bannon-readies-for-run-at-the-roster.html?fbclid=IwAR1sGjZZiJhTrUtoSt_ZFnr3WEmGjkrOyOxE1QU_Pv0AqQ4R9qqLuh3_y-c FWIW, Bannon says he worked "a ton" at 2B in instructs last month. Minor league career 3B games have about 2-to-1 edge on 2B games.
  9. We'll know the worm has turned when the hot rookies (Kjerstad '22, Gunnar '23) start getting a little over 130 AB's/year so Rookie of the Year awards don't goof up arb tracks, and maximizing ML wins gets past maximizing Farm rankings. Something will have gone wrong with 2021 if Adley earns just one month, not three.
  10. Just caught a graphic in a segment on Springer's free agency showing Santander (+9.4% from 15.3 to 24.7) atop a leaderboard of Greatest Launch Angle Increase last year. I do generally understand this to be an outcome a hitter can move with intention.
  11. I heard Brittny Ghiroli guffawing on a podcast this weekend about how this time he got busted for the Palmeiro stuff, like he was driving a Model T or something.
  12. The USA maybe has about 23,000,000 dudes of approximately MLB age, but there's only one where we get to hear this much detail...for some reason...about how he's going to try different in actual MLB games. Even for all offseason long fodder, c'mon man Sun staffers. Everybody's doing what they should, but there's no there there. (I do enjoy the Game Theory aspect of Spring Training Davis being fed fatter and fatter pitches to see what it takes to make something happen. Can Jim Palmer come out of retirement again next spring?)
  13. My "really" skimming this was Padres #17 Tirso Ornelas. I'd actually had that guy on a RotoUltra roster awhile ago. 3.11.2000 and was one of the more promising 17-year olds of 2017, but '18 and '19 didn't go as great before this year's black hole. Last year he had 330 High-A at-bats, shy of Santander's 500 the year preceding his selection, but he is substantially younger. No surprise the Padres slow-moving crunch gave a (barely) recognizable name.
  14. Leaves Cleveland a kid, comes home a grown man. It is probably an underdog by now, but I hope Cleveland will honor their Lindor/Bieber/Ramirez core and keep faith with their fandom, just as I'm grudgingly content we did a few years back. Some stuff to throw at the wall: Any good players they add can't cost much. Koby (not to be confused with Coby) may have opinions on some of their infielders. The 21/22 Jones/Freeman duo at the top may play alongside LTC Jose Ramirez for some time, making IF jobs tough to get for the 19/20 Arias/Rocchio/Bracho down their Top 10. https://www.mlb.com/prospects/indians Kjerstad figures to unseat one of Yusniel/Santander at some point. Granted Yusniel has done zero in the Show yet, but between the two, he is not the one at a Sell High local peak in his career arc. Cleveland has Franmil and Naylor from significant trades for two of LF/CF/RF/DH, but not much for the other two unless they are bullish on an Oscar Mercado rebound. Hays or Mullins might fit as a second piece with bigger figures on either side of the equals sign. The Orioles probably prioritize 2023-2024 wins above 2021-2022 wins. This may need to wait out whoever becomes their GM, if that hire gets to weigh in on whether the Indians are on the other side of that coin.
  15. https://legacy.baseballprospectus.com/compensation/cots/al-east/baltimore-orioles/ Simply looking at Opening Day 30-man's rank within MLB since 2005: 14/15/11 22/23/21 16/12/16 15/14/9 10/13/27 29/x/y (x = 2021, y = 2022) I agree there likely isn't a Savings Account per se, but I do believe enterprises this large plan expenditures on multi-year time horizons. I will be mad if by 2024 the cresting Rutschman teams don't get their Scherzer character, but am generally hopeful they will. Miguel Tejada: The Next Generation is the right basket of talent, but maybe a year too soon next offseason.
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