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  1. I won't lie, the Braves signing Travis Snider the other day stung a little here. Tejada still has him by 2407-2388. I half feel that if Diaz has to wait 6 weeks - I'd rather it be for Markakis than DJ Stewart. Edwin Encarnacion is the only one ahead of him in Service Time among the unsigned FA in Fangraphs tracker.
  2. OrioleDog

    DL Hall 2021

    https://blogs.fangraphs.com/a-conversation-with-orioles-pitching-prospect-dl-hall/ A fairly expansive interview following up on the Fangraphs rankings, including the now standard semi-technical note on work with Chris Holt sure to give us the fuzzies. Hopefully he'll keep those bits about the Royals and Mariners passing on him on his bulletin board when things get down to business in a few years. I can imagine the Orioles, Yankees, White Sox, Royals and Mariners being the ones able to surpass the Rays 88-win default circa 2024. Baysox Opening Night can't get here soon enough; other than Baumann's health I'm not sure there's a ton of really interesting stuff to see between now and May 3rd outside of crazy longshots. Maybe April Swing Decisions crawling out of the MLB basement if they can.
  3. Eddie had my earliest 79/80/81 memories to get bonded before that newfangled Ripken guy entered the picture, and that one never got too close in my heart, especially in comparison to many of my grade school buddies who only got to baseball at like 10 not 6, and were 100% Cal guys. Just Regular is a preference i share with him about lots of stuff in life. https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1995-06-20-sp-14951-story.html When he became the first position player to receive a $1-million salary in 1979, he bought a gold necklace that said, “Just Regular.”
  4. Maybe we'll find out if he gets into a game. Elias's comments that Thursday night about conservative spring are a little worrying. If a "small thing" in August is still rippling in February, that's not that small. Without that I believe he and not Zimmermann would have gotten that 3rd September fill-in slot. I did feel like at full health he had a shot at that Bedard/Markakis type spring where he just doesn't let the club send him out. His age/upside mix I think gets him out of the Kelenic basket. But the first step of that is being able to start Spring Training Game #5, and clear your 45-pitch hurdle or whatever you get on ~March 3. Also just on the optimism of a BP session, this is as good a moment as any to highlight that this exists: https://www.prospectslive.com/general/2020/2/22/michael-baumann-a-prospect-love-story
  5. Probably about as good as Trey Mancini getting #99 on MLB's Top 100 "Right Now". Its a company production, so representation is assured!
  6. Gotta be Hamels after Felix and Harvey - Kazmir is small beer. I was trying to go to Active SO leaders for pitchers when I chanced on hitters first, noticing that Davis is actually ahead of Justin Upton for the active lead. Justin's the one with the chance to run Reggie down if the SLG can stay a few more years. Pitcher-wise Hamels and Felix both in the 2500's. The more I think about workloads and slow-playing 2021, the more I think even if Kremer and Akin are solid, they are going to get capped at like 22 starts, so by the end of it there could be 5-10 games for pushing a dozen guys.
  7. If Feiix makes it a month to the Seattle road series May 3-5, we'll be on the other side of one of those. May 4 is also Aberdeen/Bowie opening night for Rodriguez/Hall, and perhaps Adley/Baumann too if they don't/can't make the Tides.
  8. I liked a line I saw yesterday about "Most Highly Anticipated Monday Doubleheader in NCAA History"! I saw one comp of Louisville 3B Alex Binelas to Kjerstad with respect to notable bat-to-ball skills. I've seen that observed enough in Kjerstad reports I'm half looking for him to be Hanser Alberto with lefty power whenever we get to seeing him play. If Arizona Fall League back to normal in October, he might fit well there with a decent season.
  9. Press conference coming up on MLB Network. It was a slight surprise to learn recently he too apparently chose to do the Schoop thing. https://www.wsj.com/articles/fernando-tatis-jr-340-million-investment-fund-padres-11613732572?reflink=desktopwebshare_facebook&fbclid=IwAR0ClMDJwyJst3bInAnWUXkqpVvzUiLlfkT9xcOlSRQ6YJxtQybeqxEAFw4
  10. I wonder if the blueprint even for the Means/Akin/Kremer tier of guy is 32 starts. I can see using the blip to regulate even those lead dogs to ~25 starts. It wouldn't shock me if like 10 guys made five or more starts/opener follows. Felix thinking about his Wins and K's for HOF credentials; I'd enjoy seeing him accept an Opener to maximize. Punch out the bottom of the lineup, make it to the 7th not the 6th on a good night, qualify for the W on a 4-inning night, fun times. Silly stuff aside, I do think going back to 1450 innings will be a windfall for Once Through The Order usage patterns. Tanner and Hunter for the 8th and 9th though!
  11. https://www.lookoutlanding.com/2021/2/21/22294212/mariners-president-kevin-mather-full-transcript-bellevue-breakfast-rotary-club I guess we know what bucket Logan Gilbert and Jarred Kelenic ("Dylan Moore will be at second base, or our utility player, perhaps left field in April.") will fall into if Frobby reviews 2021's MLB debuts as they get to FA. He dances on the AL West's demise as is one of my favorites trying to figure out how we get up the AL ladder about the same time as Seattle, but that's maybe the 7th most interesting thing the Rotary Club got to hear. Straight prediction of electronic strike zone in 2 years.
  12. If Vandy had plans to use Leiter/Rocker most Fridays/Saturdays, weather postponements already goofing it up and they'll make a third try at season opener this afternoon. Jaden Hill went 4 innings in LSU's opener yesterday: https://www.secsports.com/boxscore/baseball/401280944 His entire NCAA career had been 21.2 innings to date. Last year Max Meyer surged up the 1st round (and up today's Top 100 lists) on the strength of 4 starts for Minnesota before the shutdown.
  13. I'm for Week 2 Adley, but grant that does involve a small sacrifice. Glass Half Full Severino might be a Top 15-20-ish MLB catcher. The short season last year didn't wear down catchers (or Rays relievers) like a full year would. I think 5 months of experience is more valuable to the 2022 Orioles than any likely Severino trade return you might cannibalize by reducing his reps. Sure for the full Adley 2021-2027 experience, 5 months or 1 month this year is more academic. I think Sisco's trade value is less and he might fit better together with Adley in time.
  14. He let in 1 run across 11 innings in two Winter Ball games started. In 2019 he was over 6 IP/start in Mexico, and yielded just 21 walks in 188 innings.
  15. Even more than Baumann's regular health, just a look at whatever Rodriguez has become will tell us some of how improved our development practices have been. Everyone of course, but the most at stake with him If no double jump to Bowie, I think he has a shot to flat out embarrass Carolina League hitters. On not missing bats, I heard Longenhangen on a podcast after his list talk about alternate sites in the context of, "You all know about the Third Time Through The Order Penalty, but can you imagine getting your eight PA a day against the same eight guys two solid months?".
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