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  1. 1) Hoiles was awesome because he was...the tractor mechanic. Never showed any emotion and he could flat out rake. 2) Tettleton was so strong. Never heard a louder crack of the bat than when he squared up on one. Once saw him hit a homer off Nolan Ryan and it was the loudest hit I ever heard. And as bad as it is that we traded Tettleton tot he Tigers for Jeff Robinson, remember that we actually fleeced the Tigers in getting Hoiles for a bunch of nothing before that. What comes around, goes around....
  2. Terry Crowley is NOT down with OBP..... I'd have to question Coghlan's defense as a 3B man, since the Marlins are not using him there and are instead using hands-of-stone Bonifacio. Bonifacio seems like an outfielder in waiting, yet the fish choose to keep him at third and put Coghlan in LF? Red flag....
  3. I question how much of a market there is for Huff. It was odd how last summer despite his really strong numbers there was almost no interest in him at the deadline. His numbers this year, so far, are not as good, and even though he's in the last year of his contract I don't see what will have changed so much in the last year.
  4. I'm not going through thsi whole thread, so sorry if this has already been addressed....I think a lot of criticisms of this team are fair, and I'm as unhappy as anyone. Mora is clearly struggling and may be at the end of his career. That said, saying he does nothing but pout is a terrible, ignorant mischaracterization of the guy based on the pouty look he often has on his face. Well, a look is not the same as an act. Melvin makes his share of mistakes on the field but the guy has been pretty much nothing but a class act here. I've never heard him complain about anything, he's a devoted family man, an enthusiastic teammate, and he loves Baltimore so much that he refuses to be traded. Attack his play if you want to, but don't call the guy "pouty" because you sound prejudiced by appearances when you do.
  5. Just great....I was already having trouble keeping my Oriole-low-minors-3rd-basemen-named-Tyler straight. Now I'm going to have to learn Kelley in addition to Kolodny and Henson?
  6. Would you all have been happy with that as a return for Scott? I probably wouldn't.
  7. Personally, I'm not quite ready to hand over LF to Reimold, and trade away all other options, two weeks into his career. He's had a nice start but trading away Pie AND Scott would be premature.
  8. Rolotomassie

    Pedro Florimon

    He is still pretty scrawny. He is athletic though. I don't think you can completely write off his athletic ability and attribute his success to chemical means. Lets just say Way to Go, Pedro!
  9. Rolotomassie

    Pedro Florimon

    when I've seen Florimon, his defensive tools looked very impressive. He's smooth and has a lot of range and arm, and his hands are pretty good. He probably still makes a lot of errors like many young middle infielders out of lapses in concentration, but looking at his ability, I don't see why he couldn't become a very good defensive SS. He's smooth out there.
  10. Haven't read this whole thread so SIAP, but I don't see how they can send down Pie - 1) I don't see any way he gets through waivers. and 2) with Freel gone, who would be the backup in CF?
  11. I think Frobby is dead on in that it's pretty plain our big bats generally haven't produced late in games this year, but it really does not mean that they are poor players or "not clutch" or anything. However, it is a trend, and our coaching staff should be acting to try to fix it.
  12. It seems to me that the Oriole hitters are being out-adjusted in the course of games. They seem to hit well in the first time or two through the lineup, and then just disappear. Game after game, it seems like late in the game we are offensively helpless. Opposing pichers seem to adjust their approaches and our hitters can't match. Franklly it doesn't say much for our hitting approach or for Crowley. We seem to also get less patient as batters in the later parts of games. Anyone have stats on Orioles hitting after the 4th or 5th inning compared to the first three innings?
  13. Agree 100%, but then message boards pretty much exist for kneejerkism. The thing to remember is you really can tell very little about Pie OR Reimold from minor league stats or even a month's worth of major league at-bats. At this time in his rookie season Markakis was hitting .100 with no power. But at any rate I'm so happy that MacPhail has a much more appropriate level of patience and persepctive on this season than many fans on here.
  14. I saw him play recently and, to my veteran baseball watching eyes, he is not good. I actually think if anything some of the rumors about his attitude or lack of effort are completely wrong, it's actually his talent that's highly questionable. Whenever I've seen him he looks focused, serious, and he has even had some good approaches at the plate in terms of adjusting his swing with two strikes. I've seen him be nothing but gracious to fans and little kids seeking his autograph, and although I'm not there for practices I have never seen him talk back to the coaches or anything. However, he looks completely unathletic to me. Other than being tall, nothing about the guy resembles a professional athlete at all. He's not very well built, he doesn't seem fast or flexible. Even the way he walks - kind of a weird, long-striding duck-walk - seems like something I'd see on a supermarket shelf stocker, not an athlete. When I saw him, his outfield defense was not good, but I know he is still adjusting. He has an OK swing to me, but the ball doesn't seem to jump off his bat. He seems kind of stiff. I just don't see how he could have been a first rounder. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see it.
  15. He is a top ONE player in my lifetime, and I'm not young....
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