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  1. The Wilkerson factor less important with the expanded rosters and bullpens. It effectively removes an arm from Hyde's arsenal.
  2. Good job by Armstrong to prevent a victory.
  3. Bordick working with the young broadcasters!
  4. Hunter was even worried about how Davis would get ABs if Mountcastle came up. 😂😂
  5. I don't want to see Trumbo take ABs from Santander and Stewart. I think he's going to play - perhaps even more than Davis has been. Based more on how the baseball industry treats veteran players, especially ones with pretty good reputations like Trumbo, than any need for Orioles do so. Buck used to verbalize things along this line. And he is far from the only person who believes this. The people in baseball don't treat players like those on internet boards do - for better or worse.
  6. Who will lose ABs to Trumbo?
  7. Hunter hardest hit by this.
  8. Would it kill these people to turn the phone sideways?
  9. What is Hunter saying? Any two-game streaks intact?
  10. I saw the game. The ABs were walk, popout to RF, lineout to deep LCF, strikeout on high FB, strikeout on high FB to end game with tying run on 3rd.
  11. Not sure of Joe Angel's age, but I'm sure the way things were going were a factor in his retirement. He was not built like Hunter to spout BS.
  12. Does Jim Hunter have a report on any of his consecutive game streak data?
  13. Gary has no idea what he's talking about. he couldn't articulate that Villar's bunt only failed because he bunted it right back to the pitcher; if it goes to either side, it's a run.
  14. Reminder: Jim Hunter is a fool. Hyde may be good at roster usage, but this is the last guy I would want to tell me.
  15. Thorne is an idiot. The catcher throwing to second was a chance to end the game. Whether Santander was on first or second, or even third if the throw went into CF, did not matter with two outs. I think Ben knew that and just covered for him.
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