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  1. about 60 games in. Second half of the season will be interesting.
  2. Not watching on TV. Are these HBPs suspicious? Stewart and Mountcastle have been hit recently. Now Tanaka goes Pearl Harbor on Nunez.
  3. Yankees trying to out-tank Baltimore? Worried.
  4. Someone check on Bordick to see how he is with the O's losing a big bat from the middle - or lower part - of the lineup. please.
  5. Both Jim Hunter and Mike Bordick pointed out the deep talent on this club and the negative impacts of luck and bad umpiring that made the final record misleading
  6. This was the danger of this season being so short and interfering with The Plan. The Plan is to tank and the success might make the sale of pieces for prospects impossible to implement.
  7. If Bordick were on the air, would he be pointing out the O's developing that deep depth when they can lose a big hitter like Davis and plug in a solid lineup and beat one of the better AL teams two in a row; to say nothing of the great bullpen work in the absence of Bleier?
  8. Nice for him to start with a clean slate so he can erase that anemic average of last year.
  9. This 60-game schedule had the potential to play havoc with tanking. For one night, The Plan is in effect.
  10. Get the guy signed and get him to an affiliate for ABs............oh, wait.
  11. In baseball the cream rises to the top over the long run; as they say, it is a marathon, not a sprint. I think there is a threat to the tanking process in a shorter schedule, which should be a cause for worry.
  12. Good point. Good point. Playing increases the chances of being out-tanked.
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