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  1. In baseball the cream rises to the top over the long run; as they say, it is a marathon, not a sprint. I think there is a threat to the tanking process in a shorter schedule, which should be a cause for worry.
  2. Good point. Good point. Playing increases the chances of being out-tanked.
  3. Would the Arizona plan make it harder or easier to tank?
  4. A year in which the O"s were historically inept was not the year to blame umpires for anything. Talk about ignoring the elephant in the room. The umpire criticism was a running theme of his 23 years.
  5. Hunter's performance, or lack thereof, was responsible. He should look in the mirror. And for a guy who bizarrely blamed umpires for their faults over two decades, and also suggested poorly performing umpires should be sent to the minors, it is poetic justice that he has been benched as well.
  6. Moose, i respect your posts a lot here, but i'm not understanding the guys saying Hunter wasn't horrible on radio, just TV. First, this ignores the tremendous dangers of road rage. Most people are not driving their houses when watching TV. Second, in the radio environment you are 100 percent dependent on the person describing the game; with TV you can mute, use other devices to look at the internet, read, and do lots of other things and not be dependent on a person describing what you can see. Additionally, although Hunter was quite the blabbermouth on TV - as is the modern style of TV guy - the total volume of words - thus the total volume of Hunter bs - was far greater on radio than on TV. Everyone's mileage will vary, of course. Let me add that I am a New England fan and grew up listening to the games starting in 1968 and never was able to watch regularly until the recent development of MLB.TV and similar platforms. So I have spent numerous decades listening to the games almost exclusively.
  7. I come to bury Hunter, not praise him. He was always awful. A well-informed baseball fan is not interested in hearing from a guy who sounds like a Top-40 DJ or a car salesman trying put me in a car. HIs praise of utility infielders alone was vomit-inducing. One of Angelos's original sins was driving away Jon Miller - a radio superstar - and replacing him with..........Hunter. The minor league correspondent of this website - i believe it was Mr. Hoffman? - during the period around 1998-1999 -used to drive between Bowie, Frederick, maybe Delmarva and Aberdeen during those summer baseball seasons. He described his pain at having to listen to the fool Hunter instead of Miller. I know how he felt. You never got the feeling from Miller that your intelligence was being insulted the way Hunter operated. Good riddance.
  8. "After Jeff Luhnow left the St. Louis Cardinals to become the Astros’ general manager in December 2011, a Cardinals employee, Chris Correa, illegally hacked into the Astros’ database. Correa, who received a prison sentence and a lifetime ban from baseball, has claimed he was only acting defensively, to see if the Astros had stolen from the Cardinals." https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/14/sports/baseball/astros-cheating-stealing-signs.html
  9. Do the members here think Elias's pedigree of coming from an organization willing to do anything necessary to win bodes well for the future of the O's? Houston's commitment to winning cannot be denied. Losing a draft choice will not take their on-field success. There was some suggestion Houston incorporated a cyber-espionage component. The St. Louis hacking of Houston was described by someone as a defensive maneuver to see what Houston's cyber warfare had uncovered.
  10. The Wilkerson factor less important with the expanded rosters and bullpens. It effectively removes an arm from Hyde's arsenal.
  11. Good job by Armstrong to prevent a victory.
  12. Bordick working with the young broadcasters!
  13. Hunter was even worried about how Davis would get ABs if Mountcastle came up. 😂😂
  14. I don't want to see Trumbo take ABs from Santander and Stewart. I think he's going to play - perhaps even more than Davis has been. Based more on how the baseball industry treats veteran players, especially ones with pretty good reputations like Trumbo, than any need for Orioles do so. Buck used to verbalize things along this line. And he is far from the only person who believes this. The people in baseball don't treat players like those on internet boards do - for better or worse.
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