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  1. Looks like they raised Adley's FV from 65 to 70, which increased his value from 62m to 112m. That 50 million in value allowed us to shoot up in the rankings. Edit: Here's their blurb: Adley Rutschman’s rank didn’t change but he moved from the 65 FV tier to the 70 FV tier on the strength of his Futures Game look. He is not normal. A switch-hitter his size, with his kind of rotational explosion, who has the bat-to-ball feel to switch which side of the cage he’s hitting in mid-batting practice session and just keep hitting bombs is not normal, and this is also an elite def
  2. I guess the near 1.000 OPS means nothing. Oh well.
  3. If you look at the pitch tracker, he was definitely getting squeezed by the ump. A number of strikes called balls.
  4. Kris Bryant once had an 0-5 with 2ks minor league game. The extra K is the real delineator for a failed career though. He also had two back to back games going 0-4 with 3ks in each. But I digress.
  5. As far as i've found online this game isn't being televised at all 😞
  6. Baseball America unveiled their 21-22 International signing Board with some names for next signing period. After signing the (I believe 28 and 30 ranked) prospects on last years Board, the O's are linked to the 17th ranked on their list for next year: Braylin Tavera Dominican RepublicOF Notes: Born: Feb. 19, 2005. B-T: R-R. Ht.: 6-2. Wt.: 175. With the Orioles joining the rest of Major League Baseball in competing for top players from Latin America, their top expected signing in the upcoming class is expected to be Tavera, likely for a bonus in the $1.5 to $2 million r
  7. It’s a reasonable assumption Adley Rutschman, Grayson Rodriguez, D.L. Hall and Heston Kjerstad, all current Top 100 Prospects, will not graduate this year, which gives the Orioles a very strong base of prospects for a 2022 farm system ranking. Baltimore will pick fifth in the 2021 draft, which gives them a potential addition Top 100 Prospect. And then there’s the chance for young prospects like SS Gunnar Henderson to develop.
  8. Furthermore, he says that with adding the 5th pick this year, only losing 1-2 people (like Mountcastle), and presumably big jumps from a few players (Gunnar, etc.), he believes Baltimore will be in the top 5 in next year's rankings.
  9. "This group of 13 players will eat up the bulk of the club’s international bonus pool of $5,889,600. The club may have only about $100,000 remaining. The Orioles were placed with a group of seven other teams in getting this amount of pool money. Six teams got the highest amounts of $6,431,000. And while the O’s have few remaining dollars to sign international amateurs in a signing period that will run through Dec. 15, 2021, they got some of their top targets and the club will have signed 64 players under Elias/Perez and their staff when this class is announced."
  10. Orioles take Tyler Wells from the Twins with next pick.
  11. If it already wasn't obvious enough this was lazy reporting and a hit job, the author and the NYDN retweeted the article again today, after MLB clearly debunked it. Furthermore, from Camden Chat: A cursory Googling by an interested observer turns up this link on the MLB website, which appears to be the current document outlining the MLB pension plan. It specifies the following under “Who Is Eligible”: This language is clearly inclusive of coaches beyond simply uniformed personnel on the MLB staff, contrary to what Madden says. Trainers and physical therapists do not get uniform nu
  12. I'm hoping this is a situation where it's a very mild injury and the FO is being overly cautious with this crazy season.
  13. From Fangraphs review of the Rockies top 30: https://blogs.fangraphs.com/top-31-prospects-colorado-rockies/ 6. Terrin Vavra, 2B Drafted: 3rd Round, 2018 from Minnesota (COL) Age 22.6 Height 6′ 0″ Weight 190 Bat / Thr L / R FV 45 Tool Grades (Present/Future) Hit Raw Power Game Power Run Fielding
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