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  1. You can't really compare the success the Astros have had with their hitters with the Orioles (yet). The Astros' players have made it to the majors and succeeded. While the O's players are doing very well in the minors, until they prove that success in the Majors, we really don't know how successful the program will be/is yet.
  2. Realistically, only 2 or 3 of those 6 will see their potential fulfilled. Given those realities, and the severe lack of big names next year, i'm in full support of making a big splash now, 1-2 years early. Get Correa for SS (and if the SS's coming up do develop, you have the potential to move Correa to another position as he ages), and get Stroman for the rotation. If all the hitting develops, you can trade for more pitching, but we have such a low payroll, and will have low cost controlled young players, that adding 40-60mil/yr right now should be easy to bolster the team for both the short a
  3. Wouldn't that be nice? Fill a prime position for years, let the prospects fill out 2B, 3B, etc.
  4. So this looks like an OOTP sim website, and doesn't appear to reflect the real world MLB draft, just from my initial perusal.
  5. I haven't seen anything new other than the original announcement video from about 6 months ago. It sounds like that's what you saw, based on the description. They said 12-18 months so there should still be a year to go until it's finished.
  6. So sorry to hear the news. Thoughts and prayers for the family and the whole community.
  7. Maybe something like if you extend/re-sign with home team only 80% of the deal counts against the salary floor/cap? I like it.
  8. Looks like they raised Adley's FV from 65 to 70, which increased his value from 62m to 112m. That 50 million in value allowed us to shoot up in the rankings. Edit: Here's their blurb: Adley Rutschman’s rank didn’t change but he moved from the 65 FV tier to the 70 FV tier on the strength of his Futures Game look. He is not normal. A switch-hitter his size, with his kind of rotational explosion, who has the bat-to-ball feel to switch which side of the cage he’s hitting in mid-batting practice session and just keep hitting bombs is not normal, and this is also an elite def
  9. I guess the near 1.000 OPS means nothing. Oh well.
  10. If you look at the pitch tracker, he was definitely getting squeezed by the ump. A number of strikes called balls.
  11. Kris Bryant once had an 0-5 with 2ks minor league game. The extra K is the real delineator for a failed career though. He also had two back to back games going 0-4 with 3ks in each. But I digress.
  12. As far as i've found online this game isn't being televised at all 😞
  13. Baseball America unveiled their 21-22 International signing Board with some names for next signing period. After signing the (I believe 28 and 30 ranked) prospects on last years Board, the O's are linked to the 17th ranked on their list for next year: Braylin Tavera Dominican RepublicOF Notes: Born: Feb. 19, 2005. B-T: R-R. Ht.: 6-2. Wt.: 175. With the Orioles joining the rest of Major League Baseball in competing for top players from Latin America, their top expected signing in the upcoming class is expected to be Tavera, likely for a bonus in the $1.5 to $2 million r
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