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  1. Unfortunately it seems there's some serious survivor bias here. Not only does this fail to account for players who left MLB between the ages of 30-36, but, as I understand it, the sample is limited to players who are still top 100 players at age 36+. How do you know that Rendon will be a top 100 player at age 36+? That's part of the question your seeking to answer, so it really can't be used as an assumption also.
  2. Eduardo Rodriguez was signed rather than drafted, so he doesn’t literally fit Frobby’s list. However the spirit of this thread (uncovering young talent) does include ERod. Probably in the top ten. Schoop as well.
  3. Great question. I think I would - not to run from NYY and BOS (although that would actually be a valid reason, too) but rather for an interesting change of scenery and because I like NL ball.
  4. I know. IMO its the toughest division in MLB, but I was poking a little fun at the idea that all five teams are good at the same time.
  5. Hmm #16? Wei yen Chen is the only one who matches the description of being a lefty who worn #16 during the seasons Villar was in Houston
  6. Did anyone see Matt Weiters take a foul ball off his glove and then snag it bare handed to complete the strike out? Ah good old Weiters.
  7. Thanks for posting some interesting stats. I always hate losing to the Yankees, but tonight, a small smile appeared on my face as I remembered that this helps our draft position. Thanks, Yankees!
  8. From a "pure economics" stand point, it wouldn't make much sense to be "growing bats" when the league currently has a surplus of hitters - even if its due to the allegedly juiced balls. Pitching is at a premium, as it almost always is, so going to buy it doesn't seem like a great idea. My guess is the reason the draft focused on position players is because the front office wanted the best players available, regardless of position. Might go dip into the pitching pond next draft.
  9. I voted content. The team is in the hunt for 1:1 without being historically bad. This recent run has actually been a little fun, dare I say! And even though the MLB team is clearly bad, there are enough players providing hope, or at least entertainment value. In the minors, we added Rutschman, and I’m giving Elias the benefit of the doubt on some of these prospects. I couldn’t vote “pleased” because it’s your top choice and to me that would require some sort of unusual surprise to the upside (for example, some serious talent infusion in the minors, or killer trades) and I don’t thi
  10. He's been replaced by other know-it-alls who are never wrong and talk down on everyone else. lmao
  11. 99ct


    Is it already the middle of August 😧
  12. I was thinking of current players on mlb rosters but the discussion is interesting even with broader scope. Thanks for pointing DOD out, I didn’t realize he was rule 5 as well
  13. It might actually be interesting to expand the question to rule 5 picks across all of baseball. I imagine there must be some good ones other there, but I have little exposure to other teams R5 picks.
  14. From a purely mathematical standpoint, it may be because there are far fewer players getting contract through ages 38-40. Take away the old dudes and the average automatically gets younger, even without regard to when the youngest are being promoted
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