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  1. Both of which are interesting stories, but McFetridge especially is fascinating! For those interested: McFetridge from SABR Schreiber from Wikipedia
  2. I haven't seen anything that said that it's a done deal, but I'm honestly pretty stoked for him. If it all pans out, Adam could put up some big numbers over there.
  3. Do you remember a guy named Forrest from Mrs. Deterding's 6th grade class? He's a pretty cool guy who you should hire to work for his favorite baseball team. In all seriousness, since he grew up in NoVa well before the Gnats moved into town, I'd want to ask: What were your rooting interests prior to working in the industry? Regarding rebuilding, I'd like to ask: What is your opinion on raising minor league pay? Do you think that an organization which does so would be at a competitive advantage (IE, players have less outside concerns, can theoretically devote more energy to baseb
  4. TBH that was a rather depressing read. It doesn't sound like we'll have a chance at any top guys for several years.
  5. I've always wondered about the warm-up pitches. I haven't pitched since AAA (...in little league...) so I've never experienced coming into a game like that. Is there a reason that pitchers who have already warmed up in the bullpen would NEED to warm-up further after getting to the mound? Perhaps requiring relievers to be ready to pitch when the manager makes the call would help cut down on wasted time.
  6. Eff me, I think I went to school with him! (...not TJ)
  7. I’ve only seen the tweet and one Spanish language article (Here). I should offer the caveat that I do not speak Spanish, not do I know the quality of the two sources!
  8. https://twitter.com/neftaliruiz/status/1054520811149778944?s=21 I think we lost out on Gastón as well...
  9. Like I said, it was completely irrational! I also wasn't paying attention during his first stint, so I only remember his last few seasons.
  10. Orioles Mount Rushmore for Players That I Irrationally Really Disliked: B.J. Surhoff, Mark Trumbo, Aubrey Huff, Luke Scott. Orioles Mount Rushmore for Players That I Irrationally Really Liked: Daniel Cabrera, Tony Batista, Walter Young, Jay Gibbons.
  11. Or in this case, reading more into Dexter "Catfishing" Fowler quoting Jones than might be considered reasonable...
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