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  1. I missed this post. Honestly, if you want a system, I'd just get the regular XB One. It's a lot cheaper (especially this weekend) than the One X and it's really just not worth it w/ the next gen systems coming out next year. If you're ok getting a Digital-Only system, Best Buy has one for $150 this weekend. It comes w/ two games; Sea of Thieves and Minecraft. It comes w/ a third game, Fortnite, but that's free-to-play anyway, so I don't know why they'd bother listing it. If you prefer a disc-based system, they have one for $200.
  2. Myles Garrett is digging himself a bigger hole. He now claims that Rudolph used a racial slur towards him before the incident. Something that the Steelers completely deny and members of Garrett's own team don't seem to back up.
  3. Did Jimmy Smith go to school w/ Frank Walker? 😂
  4. Only six passes (with a seventh from Koch, because ... I hate you, Harbaugh) versus 7 rushes. That secondary is terrible and they're missing Watt from their pass rush ... throw the damn ball.
  5. WOW, how is that NOT pass interference? lmao This league, I swear ...
  6. Just got home. Honestly, I think this is 50/50. If we consistently throw the ball against that secondary, I think we win. If we waste time trying to force the run, I think Houston's offense could easily threaten this defense. I like the addition of Peters to the secondary, but I really do not like this D-line without Pierce.
  7. Not that I'm complaining, but what is the point of a Hail Mary bomb there? They're down, but they still have 12+ minutes left on the clock.
  8. Edelman playing like he put money on the Ravens. 😂
  9. Bozeman and Skura have been hot garbage, especially Bozeman. I'm kind of shocked Hurst hasn't replaced him by now. The only reason Skura still has a job is because the guy behind him on the depth chart is ... Bozeman. lol
  10. Jackson has been good, but you shouldn't have to expect him to do EVERYTHING when you have a back like Ingram sitting there doing nothing. My biggest fear is that a game like this does nothing but make Harbaugh feel justified w/ his usual dumbassery. Just because it worked out for us this week doesn't mean it will work every week. This O-line is terrible and this receiving core is suspect, yet our game plan every week seems to be "Rely on that Lamar Magic! He runs! He throws! He julienne's fries!" I just think this offense would be a lot more consistent (and better) if we ran the ball 80+% of the time.
  11. I'm a little mixed on this. Happy they scored, but it's a little ridiculous that, despite the weather, limited personal on the field and inability in the passing game today, they would still rather look to pass the ball or expect Lamar to "do something special" w/ his feet rather than hand the ball off to Ingram. Game is almost over and he still only has 12 touches. Why did we sign this guy if we're not going to include him in the offense?
  12. It amazes me that so few people question Hayden Hursts' non-involvement in this offense. First round pick and he only has 18 targets on the seasons. He's another high round pick that spends games sitting on the bench with absolutely no explanation.
  13. With the QB and RB they have, they should be doing that 90% of the time anyway. Especially when you walk into a game w/ Snead and Boykin as your top 2 receivers.
  14. Ingram looks like a grown ass man playing against little kids. I honestly don't understand why this offense doesn't completely run through him. He should be touching the ball 25+ times a game, yet he barely gets the ball as much as Lamar. It's crazy that you can bring a guy like this in and he's only touched the ball 15+ times in a game twice by week 7.
  15. They’ve been pretty tight lipped about J. Smith’s injury. Considering the first position we filled was at CB, I wouldn’t be shocked if Smith ends up missing a lot more time.
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