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  1. They’ve been pretty tight lipped about J. Smith’s injury. Considering the first position we filled was at CB, I wouldn’t be shocked if Smith ends up missing a lot more time.
  2. Jack is in the first year of a new deal; 4 years, $57 Mil. w/ $33.1 Mil. guaranteed. He'd be $26.8 Mil. in dead cap if they tried to move him.
  3. I voted for a Win ... but, I don't exactly have a lot of faith in that. lol Like you said, the Bengals always seem to spank us when everything on paper says that we should walk away w/ a win.
  4. waist*, not waste. Stupid auto-correct.
  5. lol It's a little crazy how bad that call is. He hit him around the waste. What else is he supposed to do there to not get a flag?
  6. Win or lose, this is the big takeaway from this game. The Steelers have a pretty good O-line (especially their LT/LG/C), but this is pretty ridiculous that their 2nd and 3rd string QB's have looked as good as they have.
  7. Wow, that's a "catch"? 😂 What is goin' on here? lol
  8. Rudolph was out cold for several minutes. You have to think he's done for the day on concussion protocol. That's a huge loss for the Steelers. On a lighter note, how funny is it to see Pitt.'s injury cart broken down? lol
  9. Helmet-to-helmet by ET. That may cost him money later this week.
  10. I wouldn't say there's NO ONE on the defense, by yeah, I'd have to agree. This LB group and secondary is pretty forgettable. The only LB I'd keep is Judon. Onwausor is decent, but he's a placeholder as far as I'm concerned. One of the reasons I was surprised they didn't bring in at least a veteran to pair w/ him (if not draft someone). The only guy I'd keep from the secondary is Humphrey. ... aaaand there's another pick as I'm typing. 😂 You wouldn't know it by the score, but take away the crappy start by Pitt. and I think the Steelers have been controlling the tempo of this game so far. ... Man, I can't even finish typing. lol Huge penalty by the Ravens.
  11. Marquise Brown questionable to return. I think they said it was his ankle?
  12. I don't think it's been mentioned, but you can now make this 8 players from the top 4 rounds. Tim Williams (3rd, 2017) was cut a few days ago and was picked up by Green Bay.
  13. I voted for a loss, but I wouldn't be shocked to see the Ravens pull out a win. Honestly, it all depends on what team shows up on Sunday. Is the defense going to show up? Is the pass rush going to consist of someone other than Judon? Is the secondary going to get their heads out of their butts and figure out their assignments? Is the offense going to run through Ingram? Or are they going to try and force the throwing game again? This is just as big of a game for the Steelers as it is for us. They already have 3 losses, they've already lost Big Ben for the season, this is a divisional game and they're at home. If the Ravens walk into this thinking last week was just a fluke, I think we're going to get shamed out of Heinz Field.
  14. Yes, we'll have comp picks .. but, we always have comp picks. That hasn't seemed to help very much. As for the cap space, yes, we'll be clearing quite a bit of dead cap space, but that can disappear very quickly. Yanda's cap hit goes up $2 mil., Thomas goes up $8 mil., Ingram goes up $2 mil., Boyle goes up $3.5 mil., Stanley goes up $6+ mil. That easily replaces the dead money coming off of the books and you haven't even gotten into guys that you may want to retain. With his cap number going up, you have to address Stanley at some point. I know people here like him, but do you "pay him like a top LT" like him? Is that a guy you would be willing to franchise tag? The tag number for O-lineman this year was a little over $14 mil. That's only going to go up. Does anyone here believe he's worth $15+ mil./per?
  15. ... after a blatant helmet-helmet hit on Colts TE Jack Doyle. His history of dirty hits has finally caught up to him. He was ejected from the game and left the field, laughing and blowing kisses to the crowd.
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