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  1. I'm ok with that if it means he gets on base and produces runs. I don't have any stat to back this up, but I think a few of his dink shots have resulted in RBIs.
  2. All of the other teams would have to get a case of the scoots from drinking the creek water.
  3. Jagwar

    Hays’ Hose

    Or that we may have to quickly hit alt-tab when anyone is near the screen. Hays' defense is fantastic. I'm still waiting for him to hit.
  4. Well again, I read sportsfan8703's post as each of the 4 plays/decisions contributed a portion of the blown lead. I don't think he was suggesting that a catcher's framing and pitch calling was solely responsible for giving up 6 runs.
  5. I guess I figured his post was about the cumulative effect of 4 different plays/decisions.
  6. Didn't he reference 4 different plays/decisions in the game?
  7. Or maybe early season Dave Kingman?
  8. Thanks for the great thoughts! No mention of guys like Pedro or Koufax? Or even a Palmer (I know that's a stretch) who lost some time to injury? I know their careers were shorter, perhaps WAR can be compared on a per season or per game basis?
  9. I would really be interested in any case that you can make for him being the greatest pitcher ever. Not being flippant, I would really love your thoughts.
  10. I'd rather see the O's sell off than add in this weird season. I honestly don't care if they make the playoffs in this short season, and I'd rather have Elias continue to rebuild the system. Harder to do that when they end up picking #16 or higher.
  11. Babe would have had more, but he kept hitting them over the fence. 😉
  12. The reactions in the dugout are classic.
  13. "We'll try to stay serene and calm... when ALABAMA gets the bomb." 😉
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