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  1. This. I fully expect Astros hitters to get plunked this season, but I don't expect any of them to be bean balls
  2. Players union or not... I don't see how MLB can reasonably fail to punish Astros players. They knew very well they were violating established rules, continued anyway, and tried to cover up the scheme after a game when they thought the scheme was discovered. From page 5 of the report: "Most of the position players on the 2017 team either received sign information from the banging scheme or participated in the scheme by helping to decode signs or bang on the trash can. Many of the players who were interviewed admitted that they knew the scheme was wrong because it crossed the line from what the player believed was fair competition and/or violated MLB rules. Players stated that if Manager A.J. Hinch told them to stop engaging in the conduct, they would have immediately stopped. Although the Astros’ players did not attempt to hide what they were doing from Hinch or other Astros employees, they were concerned about getting caught by players from other teams. Several players told my investigators that there was a sense of “panic” in the Astros’ dugout after White Sox pitcher Danny Farquhar appeared to notice the trash can bangs. Before the game ended, a group of Astros players removed the monitor from the wall in the tunnel and hid it in an office. For the Postseason, a portable monitor was set up on a table to replace the monitor that had been affixed to the wall near the dugout. "
  3. I think you will really enjoy it then.
  4. I think you nailed the issue with the prequels. Great story arc, but the dialogue was terrible ("I hate sand"). I love Ewan MacGregor and Natalie Portman, but they had to be dry heaving sometimes at the lines they had to deliver. And bad acting with terrible dialogue is unbearable.
  5. Go see Uncut Gems. Adam Sandler like you've never seen him. Really excellent movie.
  6. I actually thought that the prequels suffered from the fact that Lucas isn't a good writer and director. The dialogue and acting were horrible. And there was WAY too much reliance on CGI and digital technology.
  7. Next year's class is one committed 3-star PG Marcus Dockery right?
  8. I was surprised by how much I liked this film. I loved episodes 4-6. I hated episodes 1-3 (wish they could remake those with a better script, better director and better acting). The Force Awakens was meh, The Last Jedi had promise but lots of problems. The Rise of Skywalker was very good, I'll probably go see it again. 8 out of 10 stars from Jagwar
  9. BREAKING: Mitchell twins enter transfer portal Well... isn't that a kick in the jimmy.
  10. I thought this was a very good article on the Astros rebuild. Guess we are still in Phase 1. Tanking... The Astro Way?
  11. Same here. I'm up here in CT between the NYY and BOS markets, so I had almost 40 games blacked out every year. I used a service called Unlocator, cost $5 a month. Totally worth it.
  12. Wait... you're in The Villages? My stepmom is there, I visit once a year.
  13. How does Hays compare to someone like Pillar or Kiermaier? Hitting and Defense?
  14. I had no idea Traber could run that fast for that long.
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