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  1. I agree with you, MLB will take precautions, but I just wonder if they can cover all the bases (no pun intended).
  2. There are precautions that Walmart takes to control a cashier's interaction with customers, including facemasks, a healthy supply of hand sanitizer, plastic shields, etc. A Walmart cashier also doesn't have to hold a runner on first or have a runner sliding into their cash register. I just can't see this going the way that they expect. Who knows, I could be wrong, European soccer leagues are in full swing with no fans, and there is all kinds of non-social distancing going on there.
  3. I actually expect the chances of completing the season at 25%. What do they do if a player/coach/staff tests positive? Wouldn't every player have to be quarantined at that point, forfeiting games as a result?
  4. My answer to the thread's question is "Nobody", because I'm sensing that there will be no baseball in 2020. Partly due to Covid-19 risk, but mostly because the owners and players will never get their act together.
  5. Everyone gets their own section Dibs on all of Section 54!
  6. This post should totally be a podcast. I'm dead serious. Morons... all of them.
  7. They might be able to mitigate the colder months by having all playoff games be at warmer climate neutral ballparks.
  8. Agreed. My point was that for a time Prior seemed like a fantastic pick until his arm did fall off.
  9. I'm not a stat expert by any measure, but take away his magical 2003 season and where would he rank? Maybe there needs to be another category for "Solid pick but Incomplete due to injury"
  10. I'm not sure I would characterize Mark Prior as a "success story".
  11. Jagwar's Creamy Horseradish Sauce (for scOTT's prime rib) 8 Oz Sour Cream 2 Tbs Prepared Horseradish 1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp black pepper You're welcome 😉
  12. It's amazing how humility and gratitude influence one's outlook on life and positively impact others. Trey has both gushing out of his character.
  13. While I give a pass (somewhat) for the lack of March Madness this year, you're spot on... his tournament record definitely disappoints. Maryland should be a talent pipeline, but he isn't the coach who can deliver consistent talent to the program.
  14. Well... I might suggest that he brought in great talent in Stix and Cowan and Wiggins, even Scott and Ayala are good players. The Mitchell twins were a swing and miss but that happens. The broader problem is that he didn't consistently bring in good talent. His 2020 class is thin and from what I've seen his 2021 is no sure thing either.
  15. Tomaic just entered the transfer window too. Now the Terps can't even keep less than mediocre players. I'm wondering if the remaining projected starters are next. IMO this is a prime example of poor recruiting planning.
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