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  1. Is it possible BA might have different covers for different regions?
  2. Where was Smith ranked in the Mets' system?
  3. I really like the projections in the Norfolk and Bowie starting pitchers.
  4. I suppose I think of command as a requirement for "plus" status.
  5. Jagwar

    Yankees Lose!

    Every time the Yankees lose a postseason series an angel gets its wings.
  6. I understand what you mean. Rutschman is a special talent and the grade should reflect that. I'm thinking it's like me having 5 cars. One of them is a brand new Ferrari, and the other 4 are economy cars my cousin built in his garage. The Ferrari is the envy of the town, but I'm not sure that the other 4 cars are even going to start when I turn the key.
  7. Really appreciate your reports, keep them coming. That being said... I'm not sure that Adley and the Mehs warrant any grade that starts with an "A". The state of catchers in the system doesn't seem strong if it depends solely on one player.
  8. Underrated as a lyricist... Neil Peart
  9. Not sure on Henderson, but I'm right there with you on Rutschman. And don't forget... the O's have to plug in all of the players from last year's draft and all of the players from the 2020 trades. It will be interesting to see where they land, and I have to think there will be some strong roster competitions in our system.
  10. I can't help but think that there is only one true elephant in the room, and his name rhymes with Shmiss Shmavis.
  11. I'm sorry, I'm the only one guaranteed to be exactly right.
  12. I'm ok with that if it means he gets on base and produces runs. I don't have any stat to back this up, but I think a few of his dink shots have resulted in RBIs.
  13. All of the other teams would have to get a case of the scoots from drinking the creek water.
  14. Jagwar

    Hays’ Hose

    Or that we may have to quickly hit alt-tab when anyone is near the screen. Hays' defense is fantastic. I'm still waiting for him to hit.
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