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  1. Maybe they can get Jeff Gillooly to ambush him with a baton in the tunnel
  2. Every time someone commits an error, they have to play the next batter without pants
  3. Can't wait to see him win Comeback Player of the Year.
  4. Absolutely. The O's margin for error was so slim. For decades they drafted poorly for a below average (at best) farm system, so when they did spend money the new acquisitions weren't supported by a pipeline of low cost productive major leaguers. And then throw in the fact that GMs (mostly Duquette) often raided the farm system in trades to "go for it" without any plan to replenish the system. I'm encouraged by what I've seen from Elias so far. He seems to be building a deeper, healthier farm system. We'll see how well he invests money.
  5. I agree. And if they spend that much money, there will be (hopefully) a strong farm system providing plenty of low-relative-cost talent to support the money they do spend.
  6. And they did it without Ayala (groin injury)
  7. Jagwar


    Is there really any chance that he will consider the O's?
  8. I had no idea that (according to Baseball Reference) the O's drafted Glenn Davis in June 1979 in the 31st round but he didn't sign.
  9. Hamilton becoming eligible makes a big difference, for depth and rotation reasons.
  10. Is it possible BA might have different covers for different regions?
  11. Where was Smith ranked in the Mets' system?
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