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  1. Wait... you're in The Villages? My stepmom is there, I visit once a year.
  2. How does Hays compare to someone like Pillar or Kiermaier? Hitting and Defense?
  3. I had no idea Traber could run that fast for that long.
  4. Jagwar

    Sept 21

    Close enough!
  5. Jagwar

    Sept 21

    It's September 21, and there's a game tonight. Duh...
  6. Maybe the outfielders could actually set up on the other side of the outfield fences. Put one in the LF stands, another at the batting eye, another on the flag court.
  7. Has it happened since he has been an Oriole? I don't remember it happening.
  8. Villar sure likes to pose when he hits a HR. I'm shocked he has never been drilled by an opposing pitcher.
  9. Villar certainly poses after long home runs. Really surprised a pitcher has never drilled him.
  10. Heck, probably half of your posts over the years would qualify. 😉
  11. Word... I restrict my browsing strictly to Asian women under 50. I have standards you know.
  12. Palmer had 175 complete games and 44 shutouts in the 70s. 😮
  13. The fastball was right in the center of the zone. It's natural destination was somewhere high and far. A better located pitch would have been been more difficult to barrel.
  14. Especially if there was any embedded photos/video
  15. I think it had something to do with 86 pitches thrown. They need a fresh arm for the next 7-run inning. 😉
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