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  1. I'm pretty sure this entire year has been about finding anything with an arm sewed on to consume innings after last year's shortened season. Eshelman may stink, but at least he can eat some innings in a few appearances.
  2. Akin is the best worst choice as a bullpen piece/
  3. This may be the best post of 2021
  4. I think the plan Wildcard suggested still leads to 95-100 losses.
  5. Not sure that a smattering of innings in 3 weeks with the ML club is going to influence that decision. His body of work in the minors for 2021 should give them all they need.
  6. He sounds like a bantamweight boxer. "In this cornerrrrrr... Manny... Barrrrrredaaaaaa!"
  7. I can't wait to see what Big Mike can do when the first-ML-start adrenaline and nervousness are gone.
  8. So sorry to hear. He was one classy friendly guy and this place will be diminished by his absence.
  9. Well... the ML product on the field is pathetic, and hasn't improved. But the organization and system overall is very much improved.
  10. Yes, a great article. The only thing I might have wanted was for him to more pointedly call Elias out for not focusing on pitching in his drafts. Something along the lines of "the pitching is dismal on the ML club and there isn't a lot of depth in the system, something Mike Elias could have addressed by drafting more pitchers, but he failed to do so".
  11. I was only MOSTLY joking 😉 It actually wouldn't surprise me if Elias selected 75% pitchers or more in the next draft.
  12. Have to think a pandemic-caused lost season has something to do with it too.
  13. Maybe Elias' plan next year is to take 20 pitchers in the draft.
  14. #1 in the rankings with the big league club looking like #2 on the field. I'll certainly take that consolation prize.
  15. Sad to admit it, but I'd rather see nothing much from Jones than nothing much from Franco.
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