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  1. I'm in favor of trading down to take the best cornerback in the draft and add more picks. If our new GM is as good a talent scout as he is cracked up to be, those extra picks will net us some good linemen and more depth in our secondary.
  2. My big question is how will they rebuild or build out this team. I'd almost like to see the Skins trade one or more of their valuable players for draft picks, and then back fill that position from free agency. It has to make sense though and that is where I get leery. I hope Dan Snyder does not back up the Brinks truck and over pay veteran big names that are on the decline. I'd rather be patient and build for a couple years from now. I do think that one can rebuild/retool an NFL franchise quicker than an MLB franchise. Indianapolis being an example.
  3. I am a bit surprised to see Snyder's role in all of this glossed over by most posters. How many head coaches do we have to hear the same story from? RGIII, talent and all, is still enjoying a direct line to the owner just like Portis did a few years ago. I don't dispute RGIII's talent, but I was not in favor of giving up a king's ransom for him then or now. I think if RGIII would have stayed out of the press during the offseason, Shanahan may have brought him along a little slower, and in the process given Kirk Cousins enough playing time to see if he had trade value. What irks me the mos
  4. Does anyone see the trade with the Angels as precursor to a trade for Hardy?
  5. What is the negative side of giving up the #32 pick to KC for Albert and signing him to a long contract with a cap friendly first year? I think the value is smart and a key need, but I don't know if the money situation is right.
  6. Anybody know who will throw the "opening pitch"? Maybe a Raven?
  7. Hall just released. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/football-insider/wp/2013/03/11/redskins-release-deangelo-hall/
  8. Kind thoughts and prayers to his family and all Oriole fans.
  9. I don't really like the tone of this author. He is seeing things through a very black and white perspective. RGIII left his heart on the field. In retrospect, it was not the right decision considering the outcome, but I see it as a cheap shot from a desk jockey. I know it's just football, but I admire RGIII's commitment and pray he can recover by the first game of next season. This author needs to read this, and he needs to remember the Bela Kerolyi and Kerri Strug situation and many others where athletes played injured and overcame great odds to claim victory.
  10. It has been a great year! I hope both the O's and Skins can continue to build themselves into dynasties.
  11. I see the sense in the numbers, but this would bother me almost as much as Deion Sanders in the Redskins secondary. I still hope we go a different direction.
  12. Just checked this thread again. I learned a lot. (I think.)
  13. I concede that the park factor has not been considered. I wish I had time to look it up. :laughlol:
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