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  1. It's why we lost in the playoffs the last two times. These guys will get us to the playoffs, but in October, we'll be seeing swinging at awwwwful pitches by Jones, Davis, et al
  2. I hope for Adam's and the team's sake he has an MVP year. I just think once he starts getting more pitches out of the zone, he'll be back to his swinging away low and outside as usual.
  3. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2015/03/mets-have-been-scouting-brian-matusz.html
  4. I have a pair that I may not be able to use, can I just sell them back to the Orioles??
  5. <p><p><p>Happy Birthday</p></p></p>

  6. It's absolutely true. My source I've used before has confirmed it. Official word will be out soon.
  7. "#Orioles are definitely in on PF - it remains to be seen if they'll go to the "magic" number. But there's plenty of motivation to sign him" https://twitter.com/#!/Jim_Duquette/status/161479881501315072 Interesting.
  8. I also wonder if he's going to wait to hear from some of his own scouting/dev. people to get input on a trade that could bring in some minor league talent. He might not want to go on what our current scouts are saying.
  9. o'sman458202233


  10. bsun.md/mXykmJ Saying it was due to financial concerns. I posted this in the other thread. If so, Sandusky needs to be fired/resign. How he could say it as absolute truth that he died due to the Orioles related stuff is completely unprofessional
  11. They are saying he was upset over financial issues. If so, Gerry Sandusky should resign for what he's said to be the truth. Now that may have been something that affected him, but to say that was the cause is ridiculous bsun.md/mXykmJ
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