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  1. Echo what some have said. We don't need him for what he will command on the market. We need an OBP DH, an OBP 2nd, and a true TOR starter. I will go to bat- literally- withthat lineup.
  2. There was a local Portland (ME) news anchor giving sports scores- I think this went viral, you may have heard it. Anyway, the nice lady was reading the Celtics v. I don't recall, and said "and with 2 minutes left..the Celtics are up by 3 and will go on to win!" Umm...right. They lost by 7. LOL. That's basketball. That's a woman who had no business even saying a sports score. But it is similar. The Yankees are up by 3 with 2 minutes left. Yes, we'd rather be in their shoes. But it ain't over by a long shot.
  3. I don't think you are "crazy" off, except with the KCC. What the heck?? Mine: AFC East 1. New England Patriots 2. Buffalo Bills 3. New York Jets 4. Miami Dolphins AFC North 1. Baltimore Ravens 2. Pittsburgh Steelers 3. Cincinnati Bengals 4. Cleveland Browns AFC South 1. Houston Texans 2. Tennessee Titans 3. Indianapolis Colts 4. Jacksonville Jaguars AFC West 1. Denver Broncos 2. Kansas City Chiefs 3. San Diego Chargers 4. Oakland Raiders AFC Champion: Patriots NFC East 1. New York Giants 2. Philadelphia Eagles 3. Washington Redskins 4. Dallas Cowboys NFC North 1. Detroit Lions 2. Green Bay Packers 3. Chicago Bears 4. Minnesota Vikings NFC South 1. Atlanta Falcons 2. New Orleans Saints 3. Carolina Panthers 4. Tampa Bay Bucs NFC West 1. San Francisco 49ers 2. St. Louis Rams 3. Seattle Seahawks 4. Arizona Cardinals NFC Champion: Detroit Lions Super Bowl Champions: New England Patriots
  4. Starting gravitating to a generic AFC-E fan after the Colts left and finally landed on the Patriots in the mid 90s. No ill will toward the Ravens, just not my team. I also am known to cheer for the Steelers if they are not playing the Pats or Ravens. Weird, I know.
  5. What's "D-Lee" doing these days??? I kid, I kid.
  6. Brian Matusz for whatever I can get for him- doesn't have to help us now, or even next year. I don't trust him, don't want to see him again, and if I can trade him to the NL and get a pair of nice low level A\AA prospects for him, I do it. Mark Reynolds- same. Time to cut bait. I'm working the phones trying to trade him for something of value. Neither of those moves are sexy, but that's about the extent of what I would do, if I were DD.
  7. This. Matt is what he is. Defensive minded-catcher with a strong arm, great intangibles, and decent power. He's not going to win a batting title, and he might not hit 30hrs. But that's ok.
  8. Showalter over his head; how long before the Demarlo Hale era?
  9. I swear Palmer just called Pujols "Pall-holes."
  10. I'm calling victory holding Halos to 9, and we score another..what..5? Can we call that a win? Close enough?
  11. This is really spiraling out of control..not this game, that's over, but the last 8 games..not great.
  12. Without getting into names at all, I think the Os MUST hold out for real, legit, young prospects for Jones, and not try and do another "quantity" deal. I'm ok with moving Adam, but it must be for prospects, not suspects- even if that means a 1:1 deal, end of the day. If you're getting "ok" now, I keep him until July..he would have to have an abysmal season to be worth less than "ok," right?
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