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  1. I don't think win-loss record is high on the list that organizations look at in measuring pitchers. The Orioles could not give Cashner away before the 2019 season. With a lot of smoke and mirrors, Cashner pitched decently enough that the Orioles got a couple of prospects for him. It helped that the Orioles were willing to pay part of Cashner's remaining salary. That Prado and Romero were very young international players were likely not a negative to the Orioles who are year away from being competitive and looking to improve their international talent . Cashner was a disaster for the Red Sox and I would be shocked if he even get a major league contract for 2020. It is only in bad messageboard land that there is this fantasy that the Orioles should have gotten more for Cashner.
  2. The Astros are paying both Vetlander and Greinke.
  3. It should be apparent that Elias is following the same long slow rebuild process that the Astros followed when Luhnow and company took over the Astros in December 2011. If you study the Astros during the next few years, they spent spent virtually nothing on major league talent, especially that is not going to be around when their competitive window started in 2015. Once the Astros began their competitive window, they have proven very willing to spend big. From Astroball Jeff Luhnow followed through on his promise to Jim Crane to rid the club of high- priced, underperforming veterans, in order to squirrel away the savings to spend in a future in which they could realistically hope to compete. I do have enough confidence in Elias to think that if he lets Villar go for free, it is because other teams are offering very little or nothing. There is a ruthlessness to this process that will make it very difficult to be a fan for the next few years. However, it is more realistic than the the orioles plan for the decade of 2000s which usually involved building around mediocre players coming off of career years and over the hill stars looking for the fountain of youth. The three most important priorities for the 2019 and 2020 Orioles are 1. The draft. 2. Improve and modernize player development 3. Develop an in international scouting presence. At the major league level there may be young players (Hays, Mountcastle etc) that have a chance to be around when the competitive window starts. However, other than that, I don't think Elias cares too much about the major team at this point.
  4. Rojas had a .935 OPS in the Southern League in 2018.
  5. The Cowboys were 12-4 in 1983 and they were 11-5 in 1991. If you are a 30 year old Redskin fan, the Redskins last won the more than 10 games when you were 2 years old.
  6. Luis Oviedo and Jose Fermin are a couple of interesting Indian prospects that were left unprotected. Both are very young and years away from contributing, but talented upside. Oviedo will be 20 in May. He was really hyped up as a prospect going into 2019 and had a disappointing year. Here is a scouting report from Prospects Live from October 2018. 5. Luis Oviedo, RHP Age: 19 (5/15/99) Highest Level: A 57 IP, 2.05 ERA, 2.76 FIP, 10.58 K/9, 2.68 BB/9, .189 AVG. - A-/A Oviedo proved to be too much for the NYPL despite being two years younger than the average pitcher in the league. The projectable 6-foot-4 Venezuelan made nine starts in the NYPL striking out 61 in 48 innings before making two starts in the Midwest League to end his season. Oviedo has a fastball with life that sits 92-94 that he commands well. He gets great extension and can reach back a little more and pull down 96-97 when he needs it. Oviedo throws a curveball and a slider, and each projects as average or better. His changeup will likely be his best secondary pitch though. It can be firm at times but he sets it up well and it has good tumbling action to it. Oviedo had two mediocre runs through rookie ball, but really put it together in 2018. We could have a future number-two starter here if one of the breaking balls finds another gear. ETA: 2022. https://www.prospectslive.com/lists/2018/10/23/cleveland-indians-top-30-prospects He was not throwing as hard in 2019 and did not pitch after July 17th. Fermin is more steady than spectacular. He gets overlooked with the Indians stockpile of middle infielders. However, he think he is a starting 2nd baseman in 3 or 4 years. Fermin will be 21 in March and should be in High A. If either of these players are selected, it would be a waste of a roster spot in 2020 and not be getting the game action in 2020 would not be great for their development, but they could be useful players down the road.
  7. POR

    Tracking Ex Oriole Thread

    Somehow the Nationals seem to be doing all right despite having someone on their team who does not belong in the majors. As I said at the time, Parra is a perfectly fine backup outfielder. In 204 plate appearances, he hit .250/.300/.747 while playing all three outfield positions.
  8. As for Yaz, I see no reason he could not have had the same success for the Orioles in 2019. The bigger question is whether he is a one year wonder.
  9. There was a period of time when Arrieta was the best starting pitcher in baseball, Of course, he could of been successful here.
  10. No it is not all on Jake. A big part of player development is getting the most out of a players ability. The Orioles were far too rigid in messing with his delivery and using their mechanics. it is not a one size fits all process. Scott McGregor was a good pitcher and is probably a nice guy, but he was a minor league pitcher instructor for years and did very little to distinguish himself in my opinion.
  11. This is very true. Andrew Vaughn is in High A and a couple high school players from the 2019 draft are in full season ball already.
  12. Rodriguez could certainly be a late bloomer who is benefiting from the new Orioles regime. However, Rodriguez had a lot of buzz about him in spring training 2018 and was expected to open in Delmarva and he sill has not made it. To me is is telling that Stauffer was promoted to Delmarva and Rodriguez has not. In general there are a bunch of advanced 21 year old mid round 2019 draft picks who are only in the NY Penn League because they already threw a full college season and are just throwing a few pro innings to get their feet wet. On a similar topic, who is the better prospect between Robert Neustrom and Jomar Reyes? Neustrom is a actually few months older but was a 2018 draft pick who just got promoted to Frederick on July 24th. Reyes is in his 4th year with the Keys and has made little progress. While I don't think either are likely to emerge as a top prospect, Neustrom clearly has a better chance.
  13. POR

    DL Hall 2019

    Hall had one more strikeout than Kyle Johnston when Johnston got traded earlier this week. According to my calculations there are only 11 pitchers in the Carolina League that have been in the starting rotation in the Carolina League the whole season Especially at the beginning of the season, Hall was very inefficient and threw a lot of pitches per inning. I have had Hall as the best pitching prospect in the Carolina League all year. With Brady Singer and Jackson Kowar promoted and Daniel Lynch injured, Hall is clearly the best pitching prospect among active players now. Kris Bubic is next. Lynch should be back soon, but I have Hall a bit higher. My choice for pitcher of the year in the Carolina League is Noah Zavolas, who has been more consistent. I am not a fan of promoting pitching prospects late in the season. See Matt Riley.
  14. Tucker is an elite prospect that has already played 200 games at AAA. He would be playing everyday in the majors for most teams. Houston is far too smart to trade a big package for Mancini with Tucker in the minors, while at the same time they need pitching.
  15. The Yankees already have a 1st basemen on their team that has 30 homers. Houston has no room for Kyle Tucker and Yordan Alvarez is a similar defensive player to Mancini. Both teams need pitching. The Yankees might pick up someone like cheap like Justin Smoak if they are concerned about Encarnacion's defense. I would be shocked if either are going to spend a lot to get 1B / DH type.
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