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  1. That stinks. I have tickets for Monday night and was really looking forward to being there when Means ties Vander Meer.
  2. My son and I attended the games yesterday - lots of fun at the Yard! I figured we'd stay for the first game and see how things went for game two. But both games were tight and entertaining so we stuck around for Urias's heroics. The atmosphere is unique but we had a great time, spending nearly 7 hours out in the bleachers. I like that they've tied off the seats that aren't being sold. Since we were in the front row, I was concerned that fans would eventually crowd in around us, but the organization has effectively blocked off those seats to prevent such tomfoolery. It was nice to see
  3. So what was the O’s best 60-game stretch last year? I figure a shorter season helps bad teams since any team can get hot over a brief stretch.
  4. “I feel like everybody over there needs a beating.” Wow, how do you really feel, Nick? I'm not sure MLB can continue to try to downplay players' reactions to this as spring training progresses. The Astros are going to be public enemies number one everywhere they go this season, not just with fans but with opposing players. I'm not sure what Manfred should do - I'm just certain that what he has done hasn't been enough. And Markakis clearly feels the same...
  5. Ruiz is at first tonight, so Davis probably won't be getting that elusive first hit tonight. Or maybe he'll hit a game-winning pinch-hit home run in the ninth...!?
  6. Wright was the cure for what ailed the Yankees' lineup. He is sooooooo bad at pitching.
  7. I know I should be fuming but I find this hilarious.
  8. Could be a "fun" discussion at year's end, which team was worse? That '88 was historically bad, also, finishing last in the AL in both batting average and ERA. This team is also last in BA but 14th out of 15 in ERA - watch out, KC, we're past Bundy's spot in the rotation, so we'll have you in our sights by the weekend!
  9. Why did I even watch this mess?
  10. Break up the Birds! Two straight! This offense is offensive.
  11. Too bad he didn't get the record. But that was quite a performance!
  12. Mussina and Bedard struck out 15 in a single game. Will Bundy get a shot at tying the O's record? (That is the O's record, right?)
  13. Well, we knew one run wasn't going to be enough today... Just hold 'em down, Cash, and maybe the offense will wake up.
  14. 12-3... Weren't the Tigers having as much trouble scoring as Baltimore was, when the Birds came to town? What an embarrassment. I have tickets to tomorrow night's game (mostly for the awesome UMBC hat). Too soon to consider wearing a bag over my head?
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