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  1. Good to see everyone here is in mid-season form. Might want to stop watching for a few weeks, it's gonna be a grind.
  2. Give him the rest of the month off and start again in March. Do all of us a world of good.
  3. And Frank Messer (before he left for NY).
  4. I know they've only been playing for 66 years, but you'd think the O's would have hired at least one African American announcer by now for more than occasional fill-in work. Have I missed someone?
  5. At least Davis would have a bench buddy. Also, they could bank together.
  6. That's when they'll move him to 3B.
  7. I like the way the bat comes out of his mouth.
  8. Because they can't be put in a stockade?
  9. O's should change his uniform number to 26, as in the 26th man.
  10. If Chris Davis puts up a .700 OPS with 30 HR he'll be the comeback player of the year ... and he'll still be terrible.
  11. Hope he was going somewhere other than to Sarasota.
  12. Players don't get paid for spring training. I guess he could be fined. I don't know how long he would have to not show up before they could put him on the inactive list (which would mean not paying him).
  13. Surprised his shadow didn't have him on "Ignore."
  14. I see we've made the inevitable transition from Shakespeare to Valentine Davies. I bet the Astros saw this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E777IQGlqQA
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