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  1. First we have to see if there are any players at high risk due to underlying conditions who shouldn't play. That might narrow the field by one or two players.
  2. IMHO, if the owners and players don't come to terms on a short season this year, a lot of people will write off baseball for good.
  3. That assumes full social distancing. Religious institutions in Florida are exempt from the stay at home order.
  4. I'm imagining Pete Rose playing this game with friends and betting on everything.
  5. Digital Cobb stays a lot healthier than physical Cobb.
  6. That model was based on applying US data to the Chinese curve. But in China they implemented a full lockdown. We still have 12 states with no stay-at-home measures in place.
  7. As I am 66 and have several underlying conditions, I haven't been in a room with another person in nearly three weeks. I don't leave my condo except to go to the laundry room, the mail room and to take out the garbage. All my food is delivered by Amazon Fresh, which drops off at my door and emails me that the order has been delivered. So, I wouldn't call you callous, @weams, I'd say you're cautious. And rightfully so. Stay safe. Stay home. Slow the spread.
  8. The last time I played I was an emergency fill-in on my son's fall ball team in Harford County. Only 8 guys showed up and they dragged me out to right field, where I made the most embarrassing attempt at catching a fly ball in athletic history. I made up for it somewhat in my first at bat. There was a huge hole between first and second and I aimed a dribbler over there. Still don't understand how the first-baseman never got to it, but I ended up with a single. Somehow, I made it to second base, where I had to dive back to the bag to avoid being picked off. Wow, did that hurt. I shortened my lead so I wouldn't have to do that again and then scored on a solid single. I was 43-years old and hadn't played ball since my softball days in Central Park 20 years earlier (I was a very good 3B). I needed oxygen. My next at bat the first pitch was right at my head. I got out of the way and, after striking out, found someone to take my place. So ended my "career."
  9. 162 games. 81 double headers, all five inning games. Every ticket is a two for the price of one bargain. Easy peasy.
  10. Tito Landrum. Didn't do much, but the home run he hit against the White Sox in the '83 ALCS made him a hero for a day.
  11. Palmer's complete game shutout in game 2 of the '66 World Series was the greatest and most important pitching performance in Orioles history (IMHO). Aside from the fact that he became the youngest pitcher to throw a shutout in World Series history, he was facing the best pitcher in the game, Sandy Koufax, in his home park in his farewell game. The Orioles weren't supposed to have a chance against the Dodgers. This game showed they were legit. It set the stage for shutouts by Bunker in Game 3 and McNally in Game 4. Compared to these "intangibles," the game score doesn't mean hooey.
  12. There aren't nearly enough college baseball scholarships to take care of all the kids who will be pushed there by the decline in minor-league opportunities. Some talented high school baseball players may opt to play other sports in college.
  13. Just keep hitting them in the head with a 2x4 until they change their mind.
  14. That's fast, considering the reported complexity of making ventilators. The sooner the better.
  15. He was outrighted to Norfolk just before spring training started.
  16. I'm hoping they can pick up spring training the last week in May and start the season in mid-June. They could allow extra pitchers on each team for the first two or three weeks while pitchers get stretched out. Play a 72-game season of 18 games with each of the other four teams in the division. The "regular" season would end at the end of August. There would be no wildcard teams. Each league would have a 3-team round-robin tournament, three losses and you're out. Winners would face each other in the World Series. The season would end in late September, hopefully before the second wave of the virus hits. This is all probably just wishful thinking on my part. It's just as likely (perhaps more so) that some major league cities will be so devastated by the first wave of the virus that the idea of playing baseball is unimaginable this year.
  17. For the same reasons the sheriff in Jaws didn't close the beach right away.
  18. Damn. Guess you quoted me before I deleted it.
  19. When I was taking Plaquenil the primary manufacturing source for it was in India. One year that factory flunked its FDA test, so there was a shortage and the price (on my insurance) went from $12/mo. to $75. My point is that any drugs that work will need to be sourced in the US so there is a stable supply.
  20. I took plaquenil for eight years for rheumatoid arthritis and experienced no side effects. But the dosage as a coronavirus treatment could be radically different from what I took. Plaquenil users must have their eyes tested before usage and during sustained usage as it can cause a type of retinopathy. After eight years my retina specialist suggested that I stop using plaquenil or risk going blind. Too bad, because it was the best RA treatment I've taken.
  21. So trucks carrying emergency medical equipment can carry more. It doesn't apply to all freight, just emergency shipments. Maryland raised the limit on vehicle shipping weight by 15%.
  22. The number of cases will likely explode as testing is expanded, plus, there will be new cases. Given how slow we have been to test, it could be 6-8 weeks before we have anything approaching a realistic picture of what's going on. Right now, with only the worst cases being tested, no one knows how bad it is. In Vo, Italy they tested everyone, isolated all who tested positive, and then tested them again two weeks later. When they did the retests they found six people who were still positive and yet never had any symptoms. By isolating all the carriers they quickly ended the epidemic in their town. But, as we so often say in baseball, it was a SSS - small town.
  23. If the estimates that we can expect somewhere from 40%-70% of the total population to become infected over the next 18 months are accurate, normal will never be the same again. Hopefully, they will develop some drugs to treat the virus while creating and testing a vaccine.
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