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  1. Ah, the "Three True Outcomes" for a pitching prospect...
  2. This is a family message board!
  3. Sure did. Then returned to LF while still wearing his infielders glove! He’s a mad man!
  4. Patty Barrels has been fun to watch. I like guys who can produce a bit at the plate and wear three gloves in the same game. Has he pitched yet?
  5. But he can still play a position. Had he played 1B in the first game Friday night, the O's would have swept the Yankees. No way does he make the error Nunez made. Okay, let me have it!
  6. I agree. I imagine Akin and Kremer will get to pitch in the Bronx this week, so let’s see how they fare the second time around. I’m hopeful, because that’s my nature.
  7. Guys, there was no way he was being “punished” six innings later with the game on the line. Maybe we will hear something tomorrow...
  8. If the Jays had tied the game, the O's would have had to bat their pitcher in the 12th. All the hitters were used up. That was only his 2nd error all year. Stupid error, I'll agree, but...
  9. I watched a good amount of Australian Baseball last season. They play a 40 game regular season over ten weeks which determines playoff seeding for a couple quick three-game playoff rounds. If MLB played 4 per week for 26 weeks, that would be almost 2/3rds of a "normal" season. I'd miss the darn-near-every-day aspect, but I might get a few more things accomplished. Or, I might just invest more time into developing a West Coast-based NL team to be my #2 favorite. It would depend on how the powers that be set the schedule.
  10. In the 11th inning, Sisco moved from DH to C, Holaday from C to 1B, Nunez to 3rd and Ruiz to 2nd. Was Alberto injured? What did I miss?
  11. That's the exact play that came to mind...
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