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  1. I’ll be there Sunday. Front row (of the upper deck!) behind home plate. I look forward to being part of the first million folks to see a game there.
  2. Don't get me started about Wieters...
  3. Works for me. I’m not greedy...
  4. I had to stop listening to the game after he fanned Judge and popped-up Hicks. Two more innings of no-hit ball against the MFYs? Hell to the YES! Way to go, Mac!
  5. They will be no worse than .500 for the home opener! And I’m loving the exclusively left-handed hitting of Cedric Mullins.
  6. Rio dove to his left to spear a grounder. Certainly saved a base hit.
  7. Exactly what my Yankee fan boss said to me!
  8. I was working at the Capitol-Gazette newspapers in Annapolis. Throughout the open-air building, about a dozen of us were listening to the game on transistor radios while we "worked." When Cal hit the 3-run homer off Clemens in the sixth, twelve random dudes leapt from their seats! Must have looked quite bizarre to everyone else in the building. That was on April 3rd of 1989. Eleven years later to the day, I married the cute girl who was covering the work that I was supposed to be doing...
  9. I guess that's why we watch the games?
  10. I predict a slight uptick in the winning percentage turning into a 72 win season.
  11. Most jazzed about all four outfielders. I think they will shine in the game the O’s manage to win.
  12. Look for an announcement of a new deal in a couple hours. See: LeBlanc, Wade.
  13. Treza has Means, Akin, Kramer, Harvey and Lopez. https://www.mlb.com/news/orioles-pitching-staff-options-2021
  14. Elephants are afraid of mice. Just ask anyone who grew up watching Looney Tunes cartoons!
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