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  1. Profiled on Foolish Baseball. Good stuff!
  2. They once signed Brooks Kieschnick to a minor league deal, but he chose to retire a few months later. BK is one of my all-time favorite Texas Longhorn players. https://www.milb.com/player/brooks-kieschnick-117044
  3. He should retire tomorrow with his 0.00 ERA and 1.000 winning percentage.
  4. I read that he credited discovering Pilates during the off-season before joining the Cubs. Not sure if Pilates is still a part of his workout regimen these days…
  5. Or go completely bonkers when #500 comes as a pinch hitter…
  6. I watch a bunch of Giants games, based mostly on the quality of their announcers. All four of the main guys are first rate. The fact that they are playing well adds to it.
  7. My wife likes to play the Lotto. I told her that if those six numbers were to hit on the same night, it would be the biggest split pot in history, because I bet there are dozens of people in Baltimore who play them every week!
  8. Was I the only one who thought the cat on the field was a harbinger of doom? What a game for the. O’s!
  9. Or, it means that all lips are sealed in the warehouse. That would be impressive.
  10. He's been putting on a defensive clinic this evening in Memphis. A couple of far-ranging stops on sharply hit balls. (Along with a double & a dinger at the plate!)
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