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  1. I “taped” that game due to work. Turned it on when I got home, and thought, “Wow! That was masterful!” Kept the tape for years, and watched it at least a half dozen times. (I wouldn’t be surprised to find out I still have the tape somewhere. Wonder how I would play it?). One for the ages!
  2. He's a radio announcer for Texas Longhorns sports. I think of 1989 every time I hear him work. Ugh.
  3. Thank you, Mr. Cervelli!
  4. Dave Schmidt, still throwing the palm ball. Nice!
  5. Infield: Davis Alberto Iglesias Ruiz Nunez Rondon Outfield: Hays Mancini Santander Smith Mason Williams Catcher: Severino Sysco Pitchers: LeBlanc Cobb Means Wojo Milone Bailey Hess Bleier Scott Givens Castro Fry Harvey I don’t see them signing more pitching at this point.
  6. I'd like to see them take a flyer on Josh Collmenter. He's been out of the majors for a couple years, but has looked pretty good pitching for the Auckland Tuatara in the Australian Baseball League. He'll be 34 going into the 2020 season.
  7. I can't see them paying Villar that kind of dough. Looks to me like Richie Martin is the favorite to open the season at SS. I like Villar, and appreciate his energy and talent, but I can't see them paying that much on a team that's not expected to win.
  8. Have a feeling this meeting of last-place teams is destined for 20 innings!
  9. No one playing out of position!
  10. Is this the best outfield trio we've seen this year? I think so.
  11. That was a masterful performance against the Rangers. Amazing game!
  12. I've diverted some of my baseball to MiLB playoff games of late. Bowie, of course, and the Amarillo Sod Puppies, who are playing for the Texas League crown in their inaugural season, and Round Rock, who have made it to the PCL finals.
  13. Eades has thrown half the number of pitches in two innings as Means did in 7.
  14. You can't walk the pitcher!!!
  15. Doesn't look like he's going to finish it. What the hell?
  16. Which position player will pitch the 9th for KC?
  17. Is it considered stealing for the cycle when it happens over multiple innings? Either way, I think it's great! https://www.sbnation.com/hot-corner/2013/9/6/4702708/stealing-for-the-cycle
  18. Alvarado closes it out. Bowie wins,; magic number is 1, I believe.
  19. Bowie goes 1-2-3 in top of the 9th. Still lead 5-3.
  20. I'm striking out tonight, the wife tells me. At least there's baseball!
  21. Alberto is one step slower than he thinks he is. Kinda like me!
  22. Palmeiro plates two. Bowie leads 5-3, top 8.
  23. Bowie and Richmond tied 3-3, top 8.
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