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  1. These guys are stroking the ball with authority.
  2. Rangers announcers: Worst call of the year
  3. I forgot the "winky" thing....
  4. That was Texiera's first HR off of LH pitching all year. what a drag.....
  5. That ball was smoked.... Rangers annouincers are saying that Sidney will definately start tomorrow's game, but they don't know for which team....
  6. At least you still have the guitar to fall back on.
  7. I live in the "land of Lance"... I'm tired of those silly things.
  8. When things are going right, they make it look so easy....
  9. Rangers announcers are saying that Mazilli took BP today... are we hurting for hitting that bad?
  10. G-Mat is getting on my nerves....
  11. I was just saying the same thing to the Mrs... You see it so many times where the SS/2B looks up to the umpire instead of staying with the tag. What do these guys get paid to do?
  12. Mel, let's wear this guy out! Hello, everyone!
  13. Rene "RC" Gonzales got my vote, but Jose "JJ" Buatista ran a close second. Both of these guys changed their "official" names twice during their Orioles tenures. (Must have driven Rex Barney nuts, rest his soul). Gonzo was a friend of a friend of a friend, so I got to use his tickets a few times, which is just about all it takes to win me over as a fan for life; I'm that easy. I worked at the Capital newspaper in Annapolis during the Why Not? season and on two occassions I got to correct photo captions where the editor tried to give credit to that "number 8" guy when my man Rene (who wore 88) was the one making the play. Justice served.
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