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  1. My only issue with his write-up is, who doesn't mention AR is a run down of our farm? He can say we only have AR, DL and Grayson, and nothing else on the farm, but you don't rank us #24 and then forget to mention what is, most all of baseball a top 6-15 prospect. Almost like he copied and pasted an old write up on our farm.
  2. All that needs to happen is one ex Yankee to say publicly they cheated, and MLB would have to investigate. Hopefully Jacoby Ellsbury takes them down.
  3. We need to clear some dead weight at the bottom of it, if nothing else to be able to make waiver claims. The Cards just put an interesting OF on waivers today I believe.
  4. Why not. Can't hurt to try ever arm that is DFA'D. Can't be any worse than some of the pitchers we have on our 40 man, some who I feel confident would clear waivers without any issue.
  5. I predict we draft a RP/future potential SP in the Rule V and we will pick another SP up on waivers at the beginning of the season.
  6. There was a piece the other day, apologize I forget the source but think it was The Athletic, that said O's are shouting low minors (A-) for trade partners. Similar to the 2 DSL guys we got for Cashner and Villar. Wouldn't surprise me if the other 3 arms from LAA aren't very young.
  7. So let me get this straight. We put Villar on waivers so any team in the league could take him for free. No one does, so then we trade him to the Marlins for a prospect, regardless of how good of one. Am I missing something in the fact the the Marlins gave us a player when they didn't even have to?
  8. Also don't be surprised to see us DFA some folks off the 40 man between now and the Rule V. With teams adding players to their 40 man it lessens the chance a player we DFA gets taken.
  9. Problem is Padres don't have any room on their 40 man, so they either have to trade or DFA someone off the 40 man to add anyone eligible for Rule V. Easy to trade international bonus slots this time of year.
  10. We need to be targeting the Padres for trades. No 40 man space and good prospects they need to protect.
  11. Baseball America has the top 5 organizations with the hardest 40 man decisions to be the Rays, Yankees, Padres, Indians, and Rangers. Would definitely agree now we be a good time to use some of that excess International slot money we haven't used to trade for some Rule V eligible players that another team doesn't have room to protect.
  12. The NY Post had an interesting article about the Yankees trading for Villar/Givens. Would be interesting to see what ME could get from the Yanks in return if they truly are interested.
  13. Hopefully with all the trades that happened today, which I believe is 20+, it will create the need for some teams who acquired multiple players to DFA some folks we might be interested in picking up.
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