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  1. Hopefully with all the trades that happened today, which I believe is 20+, it will create the need for some teams who acquired multiple players to DFA some folks we might be interested in picking up.
  2. Trammell from the Reds included too. Big 3 team deal. Sure other names to drop as deal finalized.
  3. You can tell it's the trade deadline when Roch says Mancini is staying, and Morosi says that his market is heating up. Mixed information here we come!
  4. Reliever market heating up!
  5. Positive is, most of these prospects, save Mountcastle, probably won't graduate to the majors, add another group of highly drafted prospects next June, add in continued improvement by specs like Baumann, and you could easily see us move into the Top 3-5 in next July's farm rankings.
  6. Not sure when this came out, but just saw BA has Adley as the 5th best prospect in MLB on their new top 100
  7. Hopefully he reports to the Red Sox and pitches really well for them. Represented the Orioles really well this year.
  8. Bleacher Report just ran an article on what trade package it would take to get NYY CF Clint Frazier. One of the suggested package was Bundy for Frazier straight up. If this package would get offered, what would your response be?
  9. I think after this season ends, and ME can hire some additional scouts that he has worked with/like, we will see a lot more geographic diversity in our draft classes.
  10. For those of you more knowledge than me, if ME decides to move Trey, what would be a reasonable package we could expect to get back for him?
  11. I just saw this. I would definitely snap him up. Would think he would be an upgrade to Severino. Hope would be change of scenery helps Swihart and Severino clears waiver and we keep him in the system.
  12. I honestly think, before today, we could have gotten Hays to sign for less. He pretty much missed all of last year and hasn't put up the numbers at AAA yet. The Eloy deal probably killed that chance though.
  13. I'm not entirely on board with Law's views on our minor league farm. When most everyone else agrees that Diaz, Mountcastle and Hall are top 100-110, I feel like he is trying to take one last shot at Duq/PA whonhe made no attempt to hide his dismay from.
  14. Even a team non tenders a player, they can still go back and sign them to a contract. Not sure if that’s what happened to Cron or not?
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