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  1. Arizona State's website and d1baseball list Tork at 6'1 205. Cal's website and d1baseball list Vaughn at 6'0 214. Here are the links: https://d1baseball.com/player/SMIcwFdg/spencer-torkelson/ https://thesundevils.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=8386 https://d1baseball.com/player/lG5tPbWe/andrew-vaughn/ https://calbears.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=13662
  2. Here are Torkleson's stats over the last two seasons: 2018: .320/.440/.743 25 HR 38 Walks 44 Strikeouts 2019: .353/.449/.702 22 HR 41 Walks 43 Strikeouts Here are Vaughn's stats over the same two season period: 2018: .402/.531/.819 23 HR 44 Walks 18 Strikeouts 2019: .374/.539/.704 15 HR 60 Walks 33 Strikeouts Vaughn hit for a higher average (.389 v. .338), walked more (about 25% more) and struck out less (about 58% of the frequency that Tork k'd). Torkelson, obviously, hit more homers (47 v. 38).
  3. Austin Martin really stands out to me. In SEC games, he hit .424. Some players run up huge stats before conference play and then their numbers take a hit when conference games start. Not Martin. He destroyed SEC pitching and I think many would argue that the SEC was the best conference in the country in 2019. As a comparison, Bleday hit .304 in SEC games (.347 overall). Martin also improved as the year went along, especially from a power perspective. We'll see how he does at SS this year (he played 3rd in 2019), but in even if he doesn't project as an everyday MLB SS, his bat, speed (22 steals as a freshman and 18 as a sophomore), strike zone judgment (40 walks 36 K's and a.486 OBP) and ability to play 3B, 2B or CF (he played CF for Team USA) have me very interested.
  4. Obviously watching O's games is brutal and not for the faint of heart. One thing I have noticed that I like is the black and grey t-shirt that our coaches and players wear. Unfortunately, I cant find it anywhere. I've searched the team store, MLB store, fansedge, majestic etc. without success. I have long arms and like t-shirts with the "longer" short-sleeves. This t-shirt looks perfect. In these times of woeful baseball, it's the little pleasures that sustain us! Any help finding it would be greatly appreciated. Here's what it looks like:
  5. https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2019/5/30/18645138/mlb-draft-andrew-vaughn-first-baseman-cal
  6. Vaughn went 7-13 with 4 HR this weekend, including an opposite field grand slam. On the season, Vaughn is 18-34, .529/.680/.1.176 (1.856 OPS) with seven home runs, 18 RBI, 15 walks, a HBP and five strikeouts.
  7. Thanks. I forgot to add that Vaughn did go to the Cape Cod League last summer before joining Team USA. He was really solid there with the wood bat. In 14 games, he hit .308 with 5 HR with a 1.022 OPS. One of his teammates was Bryson Stott, the SS from UNLV who will likely be a first round pick as well. In 12 games, Stott was .275 with a .708 OPS. Rutschman did not play in the Cape Cod League last year (if I recall it was due to his long season after winning the CWS), but he did in 2017. In 2017, in 20 games, he hit .164 with a .461 OPS. Admittedly these are small sample sizes and Rutschman has clearly grown as a player since 2017. It's just more food for thought on Vaughn and trying to put his numbers into perspective relative to his peers. If Rutschman continues to hit as he has at the start of this season, and as he did last year for OSU, who can complain if we draft him 1-1? My concerns with him are (i) how he struck out 40 times last year in 250 AB while Vaughn only struck out 18 times in the same conference, and (ii) he's a catcher and, to me, catchers are somewhat similar to RB's in that you know their prime is a short window of time and you likely don't want to sign them to a large contract when they get to free agency. By the time we are ready to win, how many years will we have left with Rutschman? The scouting reports that I have read on Vaughn are that his numbers are legit in that he is the best hitter in the draft, but I will leave it to guys like Luke who watch endless amounts of tape and know what they are talking about to weigh in on Vaughn's (and Rutschman's) hitting mechanics and swing plane. I just know that if someone told me we could draft Joey Votto or Paul Goldschmidt at 1-1, I'd say "sign me up."
  8. Just wanted to point out what Andrew Vaughn, the 1B from Cal (the Pac-12, same conference as Rutschman) has accomplished and is currently doing. In 2017, as a freshman, Vaughn stats were: .349, .414 OBP and .555 SLG (.969 OPS.] Last year, Vaughn won the Golden Spikes award. His stats were insane. .402 average, .531 OBP and. 819 SLG (1.350 OPS). Oh, he also had 23 HR 44 Walks and 18 K's. That's right, he not only walked almost 2.5 times for each K, he also had more HR's than K's. This season, Vaughn is putting up even better numbers. In 11 games, he's 11-21 (.524), 3 HR, 9 RBI, 14 walks and 3 K's. .714 OBP and 1.000 SLG (1.714 OPS). His college numbers dwarf those of Kris Bryant and Paul Goldschmidt. I understand that C has more value than 1B, but C also has a shorter life span. Vaughn deserves consideration at 1-1.
  9. This article in today's Sun makes it appear that Bowman is not coming to Maryland (nor would he qualify if there was room and/or he wanted to be here). Also, this says that Mosley has yet to gain a qualifying SAT/ACT score. Is this something that's well-known? http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/college/basketball/mens/bal-sp.terpshoop11apr11,0,285546.story
  10. Bowman to come to MD afterall? From an entry by Matt Bracken in the Sun's Recruiting Report on March 29th: Here’s an interesting development in the Ken Bowman recruitment. The Topeka (Kan.) Journal-Capital spoke with the head coach at Hutchinson (Kan.) C.C., and he had this to say about Bowman’s status. Hutchinson coach Ryan Swanson said K-State remains in the mix for Bowman, even though the 6-foot-8 forward gave a verbal commitment to Maryland. "He had verbally committed," Swanson said. "He said it, but he still wanted to visit K-State, so I’m not sure how solid of a commitment it was."
  11. Amen, John. I don't know if I can take watching this team with him at point for much longer. I don't know if it's because I played point or what, but he is everything a PG should not be. Awful decision making that can longer be considred "brain farts" (this is who he is and will be) and just as bad in my book, a shoot first mentality. Turnover problems and wanting to score instead of set-up your teammates are fatal point guard flaws to me. A team will never have sustained and consistent success with a PG like that. And before everyone jumps on me about bashing GV, please let me state that I am happy he is on the team and think he can really contribute much. Just not at the point. Way too unstable and does not have the right mindset. He can be a good 2 (great at the Dixon curl and hitting the midrange floater when going right) who fills up the stat sheet. The quicker he is moved there the better off he, and all of us (I might not have any hair left if he keeps playing the position), will be.
  12. http://www.usatoday.com/sports/baseball/2008-02-03-tejada-caribbean-series_N.htm?csp=1
  13. It doesn't make sense to keep playing GV as the primary PG. Aside from what our eyes tell us, the stats evidence that Hayes should be the PG. Hayes has a 2.77 assist/TO ratio. Vasquez has a 1.48. That's a huge difference. I know the argument that since Hayes is the better 3-point shooter he must be the 2. I don't get it. Playing point means he won't shoot 3's anymore? PG's have been the best 3-point shooters on teams before. It has happeend. And as it stands now (with Hayes at the 2), GV is averaging 13 shots per game; Hayes is at 8.4 a game. The move will also play to GV's strength running the curl and hitting the FT floater (which he does very well). I simply think that GV is too unstable and make too many poor decisions (aside from all the TO's, that foul on Singletary during the in-bounds with less than a minute left v UVA might have been the dumbest foul I have ever seen in college basketball) to be the point over Hayes. And please don't think I am bashing GV. I think he would make a very good SG and he provides a variety of plusses as a player on this team. He just currently happens to be playing the wrong position which exposes his weaknesses. I don't want a player as unstable in his decision making and shot selection playing the point. Especially when you have such a capable and calm guy like Hayes waiting in the wings.
  14. I will be at the game, too, but the Cowboys won't be playing their starters much, if at all. TO is out, Pro Bowl C Andre Gurode will be held out as will Pro Bowl CB Terence Newman. Romo is most likely going to go for at most one quarter and then Brad Johnson is taking over. Pro Bowl RB Marion Barber is playing only until he gets 19 yards (for 1,000...as a backup). Pro Bowl TE Jason Witten will try and get the necessary receptions to become the 2nd TE in history with 100 catches. NT Jay Ratliff (just signed to a 5 year extension for big money) wil not not be suiting up. Basically, anybody with any sort of injury is not going to play. Terry Glenn will be making his season debut, however, Wade Phillips has made clear that he won't be playing a full game. The Cowboys will of course be playing to win. But, they won't be playing the players who have helped them win 13 so far. The names you will hear are Miles Austin, Sam Hurd, Anthony Fasano, Nate Jones, Courtney Brown, Brad Johnson and Pat McQuistan.
  15. I believe it was their first rounder in last April's draft (28th overall). The 49ers used it to take Joe Staley.
  16. Cowboys are playing NE in week 6, I believe. We still won't have Terry Glenn back, but maybe a miracle can happen and Greg Ellis can return by then (he has not gone through a regular practice since the first day of training camp). As for last night's game, just very happy! I never doubted Romo. My concern was, and is, with the defense. Nice to get Newman back, even if it was only as the nickel CB (he was not ready for full-time duty). If he can healthy it would really help things greatly. I just love Barber and have since his rookie year. If I have any criticism of Jason Garrett it's that, contrary to Parcells, he does not take out Jones for Barber inside the red zone--he keeps Jones in if it's "his" series. I think that by the end of the year that decision could cost the Cowboys 3-4 TD's. Barber just smells the end zone (16 TD's last year and 5 this year) and does not let any defender(s) stop him from getting in. I dream of McFadden joining him in the backfield next year (via Cleveland since the Cowboys have their first rounder). Romo, Barber, McFadden, TO and Witten. That would be sweet.
  17. And the Cowboys have the Browns first round pick next year.
  18. Last year, Barber led the NFC with 16 TD's (also had 654 rushing at a 4.8 avg) and Jones had over 1,000 yards. Last night Barber had 11 carries for 65 yards (5.9 avg) and an awesome TD run. He also had a 29 yard catch. Jones had 66 yards and an 11 yard catch.
  19. The Cowboys offense is the real deal, even without Terry Glenn. Romo, TO, Witten and the duo of Barber and Jones get it done. The problem is they will need to average 30 a game to have any chance. Losing Newman was a huge blow. They were able to leave him 1-on-1 without safety help and roll their coverage to Anthony Henry's side (he stinks). Now, they obviously cannot do that. Even if he comes back he will be a shell of himself all year (torn tissue in his heel). They are also without Greg Ellis (led them in sacks 6 of the last 8 years) and they lost NT Jason Ferguson for the year in the first half last night. Aside from being an excellent run defender, Ferguson was the only guy on the roster who is a legit NT. They will try using Jay Ratliff there, but he's 295 lbs and more of a pass rusher.
  20. I say with great pride that I have never seen so much as a scene of ER (I must be one of only a handful of Americans who can say that after like 20 years on the air), Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy and Lost. I am basically a "season" watcher. I like the Sopranos, Entourage, Rome, Curb Your Enthusiasm and South Park (which was better last Fall than it had been in years). Those shows are only on for a short rapid fire part of the year, hence the "season" tag. Aside from those, I do watch a couple "regular shows," with two being Scrubs and The Unit. But that's it. Lately I have started watching Friday Night Lights, and it is hit or miss with me. But I am still giving it a chance. I was a huge Arrested Development fan, but the network (abd people just not watching it!) took that away from me.
  21. http://www.usatoday.com/life/movies/news/2006-10-26-borat-main_x.htm
  22. I just cannot wait for this class to be done and off campus. I am sick of watching Hyphen turn the ball over, play no on-ball defense and take stupid ugly shot after shot. He stinks, and still has no clue how to play basketball. How you can be a 4 yr starter in the ACC and still have no concept of proper spacing and ball movement is beyond me. The only one who is worth a darn from the class is McCray. I find it hilarious (and consistent) that when we cut the lead to 10 in the first half with MJ in and Hyphen on the bench that GW would go back to Hyphen and immediately the lead was back to 20. We did not see MJ again until the end of the game. This team has no PG to speak of; I told all my friends after John G. left that if we are serious about DJ at PG then we may as well write off the season. It is a small problem if your "PG" cannot handle or pass. Oh well. I await the deaprture of this group and the arrival of Hayes. It will be nice to have a PG on the team again. Too bad Dupree is not a SR because if he was we could be very solid next yr. with Hayes, MJ, Dupree, Gist and Ibekwe.
  23. B.A. in Political Science (with English & History minors) in three years from UMBC (PBK). J.D. from the University of Maryland (H).
  24. So this was what you were doing at school Brian? Using your brain to come up with new scales relative to the talent...Its almsot like sabermetrics w/o the baseball. UMBC had the most hideous girls...I took a class at Towson my Sr. year and thought how I had wasted 3 years at UMBC! UM Law was no great shakes either until i was a third year and became the T.A. for a first year business law course. There was some nice talent in the class of 2004! The professor would actually whisper this to me during guest lectures ("psst, Mike-look at the one at the end of the 3rd row.")
  25. BL-I was actually going to write that it is possible, for the first time in many many years (that such a thing is even possible), for an ACC team to run the table in league play. I also felt sick about it and chickened out. SG must be loving this! While I agree that UNC will still have talent (their stud PF recruit will really have a chance to become their superstar as a Freshman, a rarity in UNC) being so young and so untested will present them with major hurdles to being anything more than a one and done tournament team. They are lucky that the league will be way down next yr so there will not be any 5-11 or 6-10 finishes. I agree Noel has talent but now he will not only have to be one of the "men" he will also do so w/o any of the players he had last season. That's a difficult challenge. I just wish UM had a solid team to take advantage of the down time in the conference. Oh well.
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