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  1. The Cowboys offense is the real deal, even without Terry Glenn. Romo, TO, Witten and the duo of Barber and Jones get it done. The problem is they will need to average 30 a game to have any chance. Losing Newman was a huge blow. They were able to leave him 1-on-1 without safety help and roll their coverage to Anthony Henry's side (he stinks). Now, they obviously cannot do that. Even if he comes back he will be a shell of himself all year (torn tissue in his heel). They are also without Greg Ellis (led them in sacks 6 of the last 8 years) and they lost NT Jason Ferguson for the year in the first half last night. Aside from being an excellent run defender, Ferguson was the only guy on the roster who is a legit NT. They will try using Jay Ratliff there, but he's 295 lbs and more of a pass rusher.
  2. I say with great pride that I have never seen so much as a scene of ER (I must be one of only a handful of Americans who can say that after like 20 years on the air), Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy and Lost. I am basically a "season" watcher. I like the Sopranos, Entourage, Rome, Curb Your Enthusiasm and South Park (which was better last Fall than it had been in years). Those shows are only on for a short rapid fire part of the year, hence the "season" tag. Aside from those, I do watch a couple "regular shows," with two being Scrubs and The Unit. But that's it. Lately I have started watching Friday Night Lights, and it is hit or miss with me. But I am still giving it a chance. I was a huge Arrested Development fan, but the network (abd people just not watching it!) took that away from me.
  3. http://www.usatoday.com/life/movies/news/2006-10-26-borat-main_x.htm
  4. I just cannot wait for this class to be done and off campus. I am sick of watching Hyphen turn the ball over, play no on-ball defense and take stupid ugly shot after shot. He stinks, and still has no clue how to play basketball. How you can be a 4 yr starter in the ACC and still have no concept of proper spacing and ball movement is beyond me. The only one who is worth a darn from the class is McCray. I find it hilarious (and consistent) that when we cut the lead to 10 in the first half with MJ in and Hyphen on the bench that GW would go back to Hyphen and immediately the lead was back to 20. We did not see MJ again until the end of the game. This team has no PG to speak of; I told all my friends after John G. left that if we are serious about DJ at PG then we may as well write off the season. It is a small problem if your "PG" cannot handle or pass. Oh well. I await the deaprture of this group and the arrival of Hayes. It will be nice to have a PG on the team again. Too bad Dupree is not a SR because if he was we could be very solid next yr. with Hayes, MJ, Dupree, Gist and Ibekwe.
  5. B.A. in Political Science (with English & History minors) in three years from UMBC (PBK). J.D. from the University of Maryland (H).
  6. So this was what you were doing at school Brian? Using your brain to come up with new scales relative to the talent...Its almsot like sabermetrics w/o the baseball. UMBC had the most hideous girls...I took a class at Towson my Sr. year and thought how I had wasted 3 years at UMBC! UM Law was no great shakes either until i was a third year and became the T.A. for a first year business law course. There was some nice talent in the class of 2004! The professor would actually whisper this to me during guest lectures ("psst, Mike-look at the one at the end of the 3rd row.")
  7. BL-I was actually going to write that it is possible, for the first time in many many years (that such a thing is even possible), for an ACC team to run the table in league play. I also felt sick about it and chickened out. SG must be loving this! While I agree that UNC will still have talent (their stud PF recruit will really have a chance to become their superstar as a Freshman, a rarity in UNC) being so young and so untested will present them with major hurdles to being anything more than a one and done tournament team. They are lucky that the league will be way down next yr so there will not be any 5-11 or 6-10 finishes. I agree Noel has talent but now he will not only have to be one of the "men" he will also do so w/o any of the players he had last season. That's a difficult challenge. I just wish UM had a solid team to take advantage of the down time in the conference. Oh well.
  8. If all goes as expected and May and Marv follow McCants and Felton out the door (Mike and Mike this morning quoted May as saying that he was told right now he's a top 20 pick) then UNC is in this kind of trouble: A worst-case postseason purge would leave junior David Noel (3.9 points) as the Tar Heels' top returning scorer, while reserves Reyshawn Terry and Quinton Thomas scored a combined 101 points this season. With Wake losing Paul and Williams (I don't see him going back), its a shame UM won't have a solid PG next yr (and that we WILL have Hyphen) or we'd have a chance to do well in a beat-up league. As of now, it appears that Duke should have very little trouble winning the conference next year.
  9. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=566&ncid=755&e=11&u=/ap/20050413/ap_on_sp_co_ne/bkc_north_carolina_going_pro
  10. So basically, if Sean is going to come back, he needs to be willing to shoot 500 3-pointers a day in the summer until he;s confident he can hit the 3-ball 40% of the time. If not, he's going to have wasted all the momentum he gained in the tournament this year. In today's college game, guards who have been shooting three's all through jr high, high school and college and hit 40% are considered very good shooters-what are the odds that a guy who has never spent time shooting three's will be able to hit that 40% mark or anywhere near it? I would say the odds are higher on May shooting 20%-25% from downtown then 40%. So, it would lead to my original premise-it would indeed waste all the momentum he generated this yr, and down the stretch specifically. Why stay if the two most likey outcomes-either playing the same style he did in yrs. 1-3 at UNC, or shooting more three's but at a low clip and hurting himself-are worse then what you are at draft-wise right now?
  11. I would say that none of those guys were close to as dominant down low as May except Perkins; and that none had the bodies for any success in the low block in the NBA except Perkins & Scott Williams but he had neither the hops nor the moves to play well down there. Perkins three ability was an invention he came up with late in his career so he could continue to pick up an NBA paycheck from a wheelchair. When the Mavs drafted him and when he was at his best, he was a PF who scored about 14 a game with a three not being any part of that avg. Derek Harper and Ro Blackman (with a little help from UM alum Brad Davis) provided the Mavs with their perimeter shooting as you well know Brian (I even followed the Mavs through the 11 win seasons-where were you?!). If Chilcut and Wolf had the ability to dominate like May did down low I am sure they would not have drifted toward the perimeter. But since they could not do it at the collegiate level I am sure they realized they couldn't do it down low at the NBA level. I would be very happy for May to take more 18 footers. In fact, I encourage it. Shooting 66% from the field is not a good thing in my book if the player does not play at UM! So go ahead and bomb away Sean.
  12. May's stock can only go down by staying. Is he going to grow another inch? Is he going to play as well in a tournament on the way to another title? So, unless he changes his college game to what the pro game looks for in a 4 (perimeter ability on both the offensive and defensive sides), which UNC would obviously not like, it makes no draft-sense to come back. Now, maybe he likes college and is not worried about his NBA future/money. If so, come back and enjoy the yr and more power to you. But, I do not see how he will enjoy it as much as he just did-they will not win another title next yr (sorry, if Marvin is told what I think he will be-top 3-he will go in the end. Its just too much risk to stay) and being the defending champs is tough-every team is up for you and you have the media pressure to defend. Plus, even teams that succeed in defending their sport's title always say it was not close to as much fun as the first (Troy Aikman stated how much fun winning the first title was compared to the 'relief' it was in winning numbers 2 and 3. Tom Brady has made similar remarks) Leave now while you are on top individually and as a team champion. Then UNC can struggle at the bottom with other powers UM and GT, while Duke rips up the league (again, if SW stays and McRoberts comes and plays unlike Burgess, Beard, Newton, Sanders, Thompson, Randolph et al...Sorry SG praising Duke means I must also make a snide comment)
  13. Its even more suspect because they list Hyphen boy. Having coached for four years and having watched every UM game thats been televised over three years (thank you TiVo) I can say that any GM who drafts him at all will be in big trouble. He sucks. Worse yet, he makes his team worse (pass? what's a pass? Spacing? What's proper floor spacing? Defense What's defense? Shots attempted that never hit the rim? What's a rim?). And that does not even include the pain he inflicts on those who wish to watch the team play. He can stick to lighting up UMES like Exree Hipp did.
  14. Or like Maryland's 2002 NC which lost starters Dixon, LB, Mouton and Wilcox (soph early draft entry) leaving Blake the lone returnee (and we know now he seriously considered leaving to test the waters but did not because of an injury that needed to heal). I think nowadays that's just the way it is going to be. The sr.'s will obviously be gone and the underclassmen contributors will bolt. If Duke's recruits show up they really should run away with it in a down yr for the conference (not that Duke won;t be derserving if SW returns). GT is in trouble next yr as is UNC and UM (please do not tell me that a lineup of SL[just not an ACC caliber starter, sorry], CM, Hyphen [yuck], TG and Bowers is a good lineup) and NC State. I agree with SG that a lesser valued program can storm to the top tier for a yr because of the structure of the league next yr.
  15. I agree with you SG. I think we all assumed Felton and McCants were pretty much gone. I have been a big proponent of May leaving since he is the most dominating factor in UNC's success and the fact that his stock can go no higher. M Williams was always the X factor. In my mind he was gone since he would likely be the highest pick amongst all of the players but I was starting to think ND had it right with all Marv's protestations that he will return for a soph season. Not so anymore. Its at best 50-50 now. http://sports.yahoo.com/ncaab/news;_ylc=X3oDMTBpc2RicmIxBF9TAzk1ODYyMjM4BHNlYwN0aA--?slug=ap-ncaachampionship-notebook&prov=ap&type=lgns There's a chance it could be one season and done for North Carolina sixth man Marvin Williams. The freshman forward, whom coach Roy Williams referred to as his sixth starter throughout the Final Four, left his options wide open after the national championship game. He played 24 minutes in the title game, getting eight points and five rebounds. ``I'll sit down and talk to Coach about it here pretty soon,'' Marvin Williams said. ``I've got to do what's best for me. If it's best for me and my family to stay here, then I'll do that, but if I have to leave I'll do that, too.''
  16. I have always been a M. Williams is the best UNC guy. I honestly feel that as committed as he is to the program that after the season if he asks for the personnel evaluation and it comes back as ND and I think (top 5 pick) then he will go. I also believe Felton is history, and if McCant's family has continued health problems he may go for money reasons. As I have previously said, I think May will gain no help in his draft position by staying another year (and he also risks injury and since he missed a good chunk of his freshman yr with an injury he could consider that in his decision). That does not mean he will go, but it also means he may (no pun intended). At the end of the day I expect 2 of the 4 to go-if not 3. Money talks and exams suck. SG-I agree with the comparison of May and Boozer in the sense that staying for the sr. yr. would/will not change the draft positioning. I think May was the better college player but that May can be what Boozer is in the NBA if given a chance-15 and 10. My biggest cocnern with May is his defense (his 15 footer will come with time). S. Williams has no such defensive issues and with time he can get a better face up game.
  17. The deal with May is an odd one-the reason we all think he'll stay is because he'll be a 6'8 PF in the NBA without the outside game or quickness to guard NBA PF's on the perimeter. Yet, even if he stays for his SR. yr that won't change. Plus, with Felton (and possibly others) gone will he have as good a yr next yr? The way he has been playing down the stretch may get his stock as high as it ever will be, and so he may seriously think of bolting. I'd be happy to encourage him if he wishes. Marvin Williams, in my opinion, would be the highest drafted of all the Tar -Heels if he entered this yr's draft. The NBA loves 6'9 guys who are fast, quick and athletic. Plus, he doesn't seem to be a jerk (which may actually be the best chance UNC has of keeping him-he actually cares about the program a lot). But, if your a lock to go top 7, why stay and risk injury? I know he didn't start, but so what? Neither did Magette and he went lottery and has a 60 million dollar deal. My point regarding May almost seems to fit S. Williams as well, although he doesn't get as many scoring opportunities as May. The NBA does like to find players who are good defenders.
  18. Bogut is history (story today, quoting his coach, I believe, across the AP wire) I think C. Paul is also gone with many others on the list after him.
  19. So many to pick from but I'll go with: Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever (Just brutally horrible) 13 Ghosts Batman & Robin
  20. I believe Newman was 5E. The tune was from the theme song of the Greatest American Hero-Believe It Or Not
  21. Having sex on his parents bed (they found the condom wrapper-'I can't sleep there now. I can't, I can't!!') What apartments did Jerry, Kramer and Newman live in (Number and letter)?
  22. La Cocina is correct! The answer to Kramer's friends are Lomez and Bob Sackamano (speling)
  23. I believe the name of the Chinese Rest. was "The Hunan." What was the name of the off-broadway play that George told NBC he did?
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