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  1. Brian, I believe the picks after Manny in the first round then included Rondell White and Aaron Sele just to name two. Seems we have the rare distinction of being a horrible drafting team that spans many different administrations!
  2. I was very happy with the switch to Bowers and MJ. I, for one, have been a big "Bowers sucks" crowd member and now I want him starting! He still cannot rebound and looks pretty horrible offensively, but against low-post scoring big men he should start. His size just makes these 6-9 265 pound guys have to change their games. Anyone notice how Williams had to be a face-up man when Bowers was in? I thought Boweres did a very nice job on him before tiring noticeably. Also, I think it helps Ekene's energy level to come off the bench right now. My game highlight was when Ekene hit the right-handed jump hook to take the lead at 1:21-I have yelling at the TV all yr for him to take shots like that-he's long, quick and can jump so no one will block that. He's got to take it more often. If we face a team w/o a low-post scorer I would go back to the usual lineup, but when we face the Williams' and Elton Browns' of the game Bowers should start and play at least 20 minutes. McCray did a fantastic job on JJ R. Really. I was very pleased with his lock-up on him. And JG did a good job on Ewing, I have rarely seen JG play that well in his on-ball defense. Let us all remember once again how highly rated Dockery was coming out of HS-what a worthless player he is! Talk about non-threat--NCK and MJ played 10 feet off him and he still could not hit a shot. Great win and great effort.
  3. Brian, With your hint and his height it must be Tim Stoddard!! I do wonder where APBA got all the nicknames. I mean did they make them up? I do not see too many people calling McGwire "Agent Orange" and living! And I don't think Vince Coleman would liked to have gone through his baseball life known as "Pickles." Some seemed real others seemed farfetched! Because of APBA I always call Cal "Edwin" after his middle name (Calvin Edwin Jr.).
  4. Brian, I knew I recognized the name 'Nuclear Dish' I just could not remember from where?? I like the irony of you choosing Billy's 'handle.' Oh, those APBA days (clearly superior to Strat-o-matic) with nicknames like Mark "Agent Orange" McGwire and Vincent "Pickles" Coleman. I still remember when we played using the all-time greatest cards-it was hard going wrong with Mordecai Three Fingers Brown, Ted Williams, Al ("Aliwicious (spelling)") Simmons, Rogers Hornsby and the Babe! FYI-ND used to tell me all these stories as we grew up together but they are just as interesting now as they were then! I remember the Billy and Moose stories and can still see the smile on ND's face as he told of the reaction to his retort of 'well, I am graduating in three years with an econ. degree from Hopkins.' Priceless. Moose had finally met his match. But ND also knew that Moose was our ace and star and was sad, like the rest of us, to lose him after the 2000 season. I was at his last home game (I knew we would ot get the deal done!) and did not want to miss it. ND was also kind enough to take his friends on tours of the press box and stats area. We appreciated every one of those insiders guides!
  5. Brian, I meant JamesOn (our favorite criminal) Curry not Eddy! You're right that they both (Curry and Smith) could've been nice to have this year but way more important for next year's team depending on departures. Lebron never was a consideration for college so I didn't worry about him going to UNC (Like Odom for a year from now). Garnett on the other hand scared the hell out of me. I was abroad that year and followed his situation his sr. year very closely-you can imagine how happy I was when he decided to go pro. It was the same way the next yr when Kobe decided he did not have time for Duke (maybe now Jellybean wishes he had sent him)
  6. Brian and BL do you ever have what if moments about Curry and JR Smith?? Next yr could be difficult for UNC too, if McCants, May and Marv go early. They'd be losing 6 guys in the rotation (Scoot, Jawad and Manuel as well) Not easy to recover from even with a stellar freshman class (unless its the equivalent of either the fab 5 or Duk'e class of Brand, Battier, Avery et al...)
  7. Brian you are exactly right in the 'star' comment. I did not mean to say that none of the players you recruit should be the Shaun Livingston's or Deng's or Marv Williams-I just meant that if you have 4 scholarships available go after 3 very solid players (May's, Gilchrists, Wayne Simien...) and one true superstar who most likely will bolt after one yr (2 tops) Wilcox worked out perfectly for UM by giving Juan and LB that one missing piece-a big guy with such superior natural ability that he can push them through the final 4. (By the way when we got Chris I was laughed at by other fans when I said he was a true stud and that Scooter Sherril was absolutely nothing compared to him!!) Where UM has gone wrong is that in a class of 4 players we have 3 guys like NCM who aren't cut out for a starting role on a final 4 team. If the other 3 were all recruits like JG then fine. But if they are all DJ and McCray types then trouble will ensue. That happy balance is tough but it must be met. No longer can we classes of multiple players all of whom are mediocre 60-80 type players. You do not need 4 top 20 guys, but you do need 2-3 20-35 types if you have a class of 4 players to be signed. I fear more trouble ahead. JG will most likely leave after the season leaving us with the same team minus our only true difference maker. Our class for next yr includes one player-Clark. Again, a guy who can be ok but not a 17-18 point 9 rebound guy. Certainly he does not play PG! I am more optimistic about the current Jr.'s year but that remains to be seen. BL-you are right about this board. The O's board is depressing (how could it not be? my brother and I still cry remembering Cal's catch in 83' since we fear it'll never happen again!). This area is the way to rationally talk about sports-and amongst UM-UNC fans makes it more surprising! We do not have our eyes closed to reality here yet we can do so constructively. BL and ND are really assets to this discussion. But Duke fans allowed
  8. BL-I agree with you 100%. Gary must get on the recruiting horse. I think Gary has expressed disdain more than once about the kowtowing that must be done to 17 year olds (I have seen Gary do it with a player I helped coach once and you could tell Gary hated that crap, not that I blame him).It is sad that a respected coach like Gary with a national title must do that crap-but it is a must. I did not disagree with the recruitment of some of the players on that list-MJ was the number 2 rated SG 2 years back and has loads of talent both in his shooting and his leaping ability. He just needs a legit game chnace to show it; Ebekwe has size and great athleticism and played a tough schedule; TG was a MCD-AA at Dematha and DJ was known as a hard nosed player with a great attitude and good hops. I knew TG would not be a star-I saw him play and knew his lack of athleticism would be a hinderance in the ACC but I felt (and still do) that he can be very solid. We are playing him out of position defensively-having him guard opposing 5's and its taking a lot out of him physically. He is a good shooter and solid position defender-we need more like him. What he is not, though, is a good help defender. He simply lacks the lateral footspeed to recover if UM is beat on the perimeter (an all too frequent occurence at the three, unfortunately) and he is located on the weakside. I was a big fan of the recruitment of JG. At the time I was in the minority who thought he was clearly superior to our other target-Marshall Strickland. I had seen Strickland play and just didnt think he was cut out for PG duty. JG, on the other hand, was a tough SOB who put it all on the line and made some real tough shots. I love him. I think the perfect player to recruit is a guy like Sean May. To me he is an advanced Baxter-undersized for the pro's but with better athleticism than LB. You just knew May would be at least a 3 year player. I would stay away from recruiting the "top of the top" because at best you would get a year. Its the May's of the world that should be aggressively pursued-top college talent but who will stay for at least a few years. NCM types should be avoided except as role players-the lack of athleticism and initial burst at such an athletic spot (the 3) is a killer in the ACC, as is the lack of competition he faced in HS. Combining those two attributes just made him what he is today and that aint good. Appreciate your perspective BL-you do seem to know your stuff.
  9. Gary must be respected for resurrecting a dead program; taking it from the ashes to respectability and then to the level we all dreamed of-national champions. Along that route his stubborness was an asset-refusing to accept that UM could not be among the elite of the ACC (and ipso facto the nation). That we BELONGED at the top with Duke, UCONN, Kansas, Kentucky et al...However the last year and a half really has ticked me off. His stubborn refusal to see what is plain before him in game after game against ACC (and that caliber of competition) competition has made me so frustrated that I find myself having to walk away from watching the game. Why, oh why, after the crap he has put up there for 3 years does he still start NCM? Why?? I try and go back and watch some tapes of games from the last few years and I see the same crap then that NCM does now-his refusal to pass, his shoot a 3 or drive against 4 defenders offensive game and, for me, the worst aspects of his game-his utter lack of anything resembling defense and his inability to rebound. Watching Hodge go by him time after last yr, watching him have 0 and 7 Turnovers against Wake convinced me that Gary would see the light and remove him from the lineup. It never happened BUT after the Wake game Gary did cut his minutes back and starting giving MJ a chnace to play. We ended up with an ACC Title that way. Yet here we are in the new year and once again Gary is back to starting and playing NMC. He simply cannot play at the ACC level as a starter. His defense is too atrocious and his unwillingness to learn a mid-range game leads him to be a liability. He must be replaced. Not with DJ-Gary is too in love with DJ to see he not only cannot shoot but he has a very bad handle as well. Anything more than 18-20 a night for DJ is too much. Give MJ a chance-putting him when we are down and he hasn't played all game and then yanking him after missing his first shot is not a chance. Start him for three games and see how he performs and how we do as a team. If after that he has done no better than NCM-fine. I can live with that. But until then my frustration will remain. Johnny G. simply has no help offensively. MJ can ameliorate that situation. McCray too often passes up wide open shots and is too timid to drive. A SG who refuses to shoot (forget his 17 shots saturday-most were taken when he was in with the bench as we were down by 30) is not a good thing. Travis is so busy guarding opposing centers who are 2 inches taller and 30 pounds heavier that he rarely looks for offense. Ekene has angered by settling all too often for 18 footers and not playing defense with his feet, but rather with his hands and this has lead to constant foul trouble. DJ-see above. Gist-hopeful. He needs a little time (freshaman are freshman) but at least he exhibits a post game with his little turnaround in the lane. I have hope for him. Until a change is made Gilchrist will be the only threat and that will lead to oppnents doubling him and frustration in JG and all of us who are fans. By the way to all who are apologists for all teams that they love regardless of the circumstances and wish to see no criticism at all-I am not advocating firing Gary. Thats not the point of the post. By the way, congratulations to the UNC fans on this board. They have a good team, a good coach and a good right to trash our team/program-which they have not taken. I appreciate the lack of gloating. Good luck whenever it is that you play Puke.
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