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  1. My first thought was this guy was the Steelers troll from a few months back who said Flacco would never win a SB and then got himself banned. Forgot his name. Anyway, regardless, a lot of people here need to stop feeding the troll. He's succeeding in what he came in the thread to do.
  2. Ah..... I remember the days when the Ravens section of this board used to be really, really good. Ravens fans, at least most of them, understand Joe's value. Most outsiders, who don't watch him play every week but are in fantasy football leagues, do not. That and people hate to admit they are wrong. So people who had the preconceived notion that Flacco was not very good, couldn't win a big game, etc, instead of manning up they still find a way to discredit him. Even some Ravens fans fall into that category. Someone earlier said it best, one of the top 2-3 organizations in the NFL, are the ones who made the decision to pay Joe what they paid Joe. That is enough for me.
  3. FilmStudy, who posts here occasionaly, pretty regularly gave Oher mediocre- poor grades throughout the year. It looks like he hasn't done his OL season evaluation yet but I would bet on Oher getting a poor grade. Also, I can't find anything through google but I believe I remember reading somewhere that Oher was one of the lower graded LT this year from one of those sites like PFF or FO. http://russellstreetreport.com/author/ken_mckusick/
  4. I like Art Brown. Another name i'll throw out is Margus Hunt. Could be an immediate Kruger replacement.
  5. He's a headcase and he's not an ideal 3-4 ILB. He' not a great Ravens fit on either of those levels. Again, I don't think the Ravens draft any of these guys at 32 but of the three(Ogleetree, Minter, Te'o) I actually think he's the least likely to end up a Raven. He's got the speed that the other two don't which is his only advantage. The other two are smarter, better leaders, and better tacklers.
  6. To a point. Still, QB rating minimize that difference a decent amount. Yes, it's much more likely to see 4000+ passing and 30+ TD passes now than 20-30 yrs ago. But QB ratings factor in more than just fantasy passing numers. I'll also point to the same playoff record through 13 games. Now, again, Montana had an extra ring on his finger and ended up being brillant from that point on, particularly in the playoffs. Montana actually had a stretch in the mid 80s where he didn't play well in the playoffs losing twice to the Giants and once to the Vikings and playing poorly in those games. It was really the second 2 SB runs and late 80's/ early 90s where Montana cemented his legacy as the GOAT. Again, I have no expectations of Flacco playing like Joe Montana from this point on in his career, though like a lot of other Qbs as they get older, he'll start to put up better pure stats. Ala Roethlisberger, Eli, and even Brady. Brady over his first 6 years, btw when he's won all of his titles, wasn't a great fantasy style QB. His first 6 years the most TD passes he threw was 28 and his QB rating mostly in the mid to high 80's.
  7. And it's a good analogy. My first instinct was to use Elway instead of Montana as the second part of the analogy but really Flacco stacks up with Montana better than Elway. Granted, different eras here but Joe's stats match up better with Montana than Elways. Elway turned the ball over at a much higher rate than Montana or Joe to this point in his career. If Elway doesn't completely turn around his playoff fate with the last 2 years in '97 and '98 his legacy really is quite different. I never realized how overall "meh" his stats were. Sub 80 Qb rating for his reg season and postseason career with a ton of turnovers. Also, I was surprised to see that Montana only threw for 30TDs once in his career and never threw for 4000 yards. In particular, Montana's first 5 years, also through his 27 yr old season, consisted of solid but not spectacular stats. ALso, through their first 13 playoff games they each have a 9-4 record and similar QB ratings. Flacco had a 19/8 TD to INT ratio while Montana was 23/16. The big differnce was Montana had already won 2 SBs. Now, from that point on Montana was brillant. He won 2 more SBs. Had a TD/INt ratio of 22/5 and a QB rating around 110. I have no expectations of Joe Flacco producing close to those pure playoff numbers the rest of his career even if he does win more SBs. So yes, Joe Montana is the greatest QB of all time but the comparison of Joe Montana to Joe Flacco through 5 seasons or 13 playoff games isn't that crazy. More to the point, it's a fair analogy of say Dan Marino/Montana as it is Matt Ryan to Joe Flacco.
  8. A couple of things: 1. Austin absolutely will not be there at 32. He'll be a top 20 pick. 2. I don;t think the Ravens will draft an inside linebacker at 32, especially if they get Ellerbe resigned. Don;t see them drafting any of the guys linked to them at 32. Ogleetree, Te'o or Minter. Now, I think it's possible they trade down from 32 and draft one of them in the 2nd round and or come up from 64 if one of them drops into the mid 50's but I don't think they have any of them as a top 32 player on their board. I think the odds are they draft n ILB in the middle rounds (2-4). 3. Fluker absolutely can't play LT. he's not good in Pass protection at all. We need a pass protector on that left side even if he's below average in run blocking. Fluker is a very good RT prospect but Oher absolutely can't play LT. If this were a year later, when IMO Oher is likely gone( I don;t think we resign him) I would be all for drafting Fluker as our RT but not this year. Not when we have greater needs than a future RT. 4. Again, I think the Ravens will be versatile enough to go many different directions come 1st round of the draft. Could see them moving up into the top 25, could see them dropping back into the 2nd round. Could see them taking any number of positions should a player fall. However, if I were to make a prediction about a position combined with players around the area expected to be available I would bet heaviest on them drafting either a DT or S if they stay at 32.
  9. From a pure throwing standpoint Joe is one of the top 2-3 guys in the league. But unlike say Cutler or Stafford who also has great pure throwing skills Joe also is a better decision maker. Joe is the ultimate threat in that he can make any throw in any condition or situation. It's why he is always going to give his team a chance late in the season and playoffs, especially if it's outdoors when elements come into play. The bottom line is he'll never have the overall consistency of Peyton, or Rodgers, or Brady, or Brees. Those guys and others will put up better pure passing numbers. However, when playoff football begins Joe it's often a different story. When elements start to come into play, when refs start to let the players play a little more, when big strike plays become that much bigger it brings out the strength of Joe Flacco. Brady or Manning, or take a guy like Matt Ryan. Those guys can be effected by playoff football. Ryan and Manning in particular can be effected by the elements if they are playing outdoors. The just don;t have the ability to make all the throws. Smart defenses should take advantage of that. IN the case of Brady, Manning as well, the rely on efficient, long drive offenses. One drop here, one sack there, an incomplete pass and they are in trouble because they are unlikely to hit you with a big play. It's all built on efficiency and playoff football often minimizes that style of play. Without question Joe has proven to be a top 5 playoff QB. You can use all the stats you wanna use and take 10, hell 12, other QBs, for your team if you want fantasy numbers . There isn't 5 other guys I would take for playoff football. It's why despite their reg season record, no matter if they have to go on the road or not, you always believe guys like Roethlisberger, Eli, Joe have a chance in the playoffs. People obviously didn't put Joe in that class before this year but he showed you the signs he could play on the road starting his rookie year when he knocked off the #1 seed Titans. It only continued in Pitt in '10, NE in '11. It just all came together this year. People making snide remarks thanking Rahim Moore are conveniently forgetting the Boldin and Houz drops in '10 and the Evans drop and Cundiff miss in '11. Just as unlucky those years as he was lucky this year in Denver. How you want to judge QBs is up to you. However, if you are smart and are drafting a QB to win one big game for you'll have Joe Flacco near the top of the list. In the "elite" category.
  10. This is a really bad take. On a few different levels. Joe will always have his haters. I can't wait to see how bad it is once he misses the playoffs. It's inevitable, it happens to everyone. Oh well, so happy this got done. We have our franchise QB locked up for what should be the prime of his career.
  11. He'll go in the top 20.Would not surprise me to see him pass Patterson and Allen as the #1 WR off the board.
  12. BTW....people need to stop laying Boller at Billick's feet. The Ravens had a deal in place and wanted Leftwich. Ozzie got desperate and pulled the trigger on Boller after Minnesota screwed us over. Now, I don't doubt that Billick was in on the decision to trade up for Boller but thats ultimately on Ozzie and his panicking, something he rarely does, after the Leftwich deal fell through. Now, Leftwich wasn't a difference maker at QB either, something people would have undoubtedly blamed Billick for had he played in Baltimore, but he was better than Boller. He likely would have got the Ravens into the playoffs from '03-'05.
  13. The Billick hate absolutely baffles me. I'm not the biggest John Harbaugh fan in the world, but he's clearly already done enough to get in the ROH no matter what happens from this point forward.This is such a spoiled fanbase. Will be interesting to see if there is revisionist history on him and his ROH resume should he struggle the rest of his career.
  14. He deserves to be in and he will be in one day. Bottom line....Billick has more right to be in than Byner and as much right as McCrary. The precedent has been set on what the min requirments should be. I don't think this should be an Orioles HOF thing where everybody in their brother gets in. The standards should be relatively high and besides Byner they have been. Billick fits the standard. As someone else said, he set the tone for the turn of this organization. If you wanna say he only carried the ball so far before handing it off to let Harbaugh take us further and higher thats fine. I won't argue. But he ran it an awfully long way before handing it off. I think you could make a strong argument for him even without the SB title. The title puts it over the top.
  15. With all the bravado I've heard you spill over time, I'm shocked that you choose to play the victim card.
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