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  1. Great coach. Extremely sore loser.
  2. One or both will have to restructure. Too much money owed them both bring them back at their current salaries.
  3. Luckily we had the greatest postseason QB performance ever. I'll take John Harbaugh all day as long as Joe is by his side. BTW......... I love you xKHx.
  4. It said it came from outside the building. That to me lends more credibility that something suspicious happened. I'm not saying it was sabotage, but I wouldn't completely rule it out.
  5. ccbird

    Thank you Joe

    For arguably the greatest postseason ever for a QB. 11 Tds, 0 Ints. Cumulative QB rating of 118 and QBR of 82 over the 4 games. Beat Brady and Manning on the road. All the haters will be along soon to apologize in this thread. Or not, but who cares. Your legacy is set in stone.
  6. A. There is a reason San Fran is favored. B. To go deeper, look up the advanced stats that sites like Football Outsiders do that show San Fran is the more talented/better team. As far as Jim vs John, obviously thats much harder to give you hard evidence. Especially, this relatively early in both of their NFL coaching careers. However, I'm confident that in about 10 years it'll be pretty easy to determine who's the better coach.
  7. When it's not that debatable. Abybody who is unbiased understands their roster is better top to bottom and that Jim is the better Harbaugh. Now, that doesn't guarantee a victory, but it's my biggest concern.
  8. I'm worried by the fact that San Fran has the more talented roster and coach. How often does that combo lose??
  9. Yes, Turg wanted Faust and I agree that there is some hope for Faust. There were some people here that wanted to give Gary all the credit for Faust awhile back when recruiting was discussed. Listen, I'm not excusing Turg here. I have issues with the way he has handled some things but I don't think his coaching will be an issue once he gets better players, particularly a PG. Bottom line is this.....It looks like we are headed for a .500 ish ACC record, 20+ wins, and hoping to be a bubble team. So Turg's 2nd year is no different than a lot of Gary's last 6 or 7 years.
  10. Its a shame Turg still has to work with Gary's garbage at Guard. Howard isn't a ACC player, Faust is flawed( I saw earlier people wanted to give Gary credit for Faust so take him on now that he can't shoot worth a crap). Allen, Turge's guy, has shown the most flashes. You can tell he's going to be a quality player in the future but he's not a PG. The key is going to be getting a PG. Right now we have guards who can't do anything guards need to do. Can't shoot, can't ball handle, can't pass, can't drive and dish or drive and pop the mid range shot. One guy who can do some of those things, that can play with a little bit of basketball IQ and you would see a big change.
  11. I think this is definitely only a story because it's Ray Lewis. In particular, because Ray's run has been glorified the last 4 weeks and he's gone overboard with the "preaching". People outsde of Baltimore are rolling their eyes at him and generally want to see him exposed. That said, he apparently has put himself in this position by having contact with a quack. I think Ray is generally a good guy, and he's been a hell of a leader and great football player, but I'm not naive enough to think he's a saint.
  12. Oh, I totally believe he wrote at the Sun. Hensley is not very good at what he does, never has been.
  13. http://www.thepostgame.com/blog/slant/201101/latest-ped-gives-sports-deer-headlights-look Sounds like a lot of NFL players, and undoubtedly a lot of other pro athletes where there isn't blood testing, use this substance. The bottom line is considering Ray has been linked to it before it's probably true that he used it. It makes sense that he would have used it. Still, clearly this is an orchastrated and planned attack on Ray. I think it's clear that with the general public being outraged at Ray over the last few weeks that someone has decided to go ahead and put this out there to try and disgrace or embarrass him. I mean clearly he hasn't failed a drug test and he'll be able to play in the game Sunday. So whats the point of calling him out on something a lot of players use other than to disgrace him and cause a distraction.
  14. Len gets doubled pretty much everytime he touches the ball. They just collapse on him, as they should. He would be much better if he had players around him that could space the floor and be a threat to shoot. A big man is going to have trouble succeeding if his teammates aren't respected. He's 100% a lottery pick this year which means he's gone. Sure, he still has flaws ,but it's irrelevant because he's gonna get payed. People need to just move on from the thought of Len being here another year.
  15. We don't even attempt a mid range game. I mean its one thing to be poor 3 point shooters but we got a bunch of guys who dribble too far and try to get every single point at the rim. No stop and pop, if we catch the ball open inside the arc we put our head down and drive. You can't win in this league trying to get everything at the rim. Teams just collapse, they don't have to play anyone on this team outside of the paint. Not a good team. You can't magically become good shooters, you can't magically give yourself a higher basketball IQ, you can't magically give yourself good ball handling skills. When this team does have the occasional good shooting night they'll likely win because they generally play defense well but they're too inconsistent and simply not well rounded enough to be a tourny team this year. They beat up on weaker, shorter, inferior teams because they could get to the rim at will and outrebound them. Not going to cut it most nights in the ACC. I'll be surprised if they finish over .500 in the conference.
  16. How bitter it must be to be a Steelers fan. To know that you've not only failed to make the playoffs but your bitter rival has just gone into Denver and knocked off the team you couldn't knock off last year. Oh did I forget to mention, they lost to Tim Tebow and we beat Peyton Manning. :rofl:
  17. I don't know what games you've been watching but they haven't been lackluster on defense over the last 3 games. The defense is ramping up. I still have questions about the offense and how legit the NYG performance was, but I've got confidence in the defense right now. My gut feeling on this game is trending upwards. At first I was thinking a really tight almost 50/50 game. Now, I'm pretty confident the Ravens win. While I'm not going to bet on the game, if I had to bet I would take the Ravens -6.5. They're just the better team. Indy has one of the worst defenses in the league and we know the Ravens offense is much better at home than away. I think the defense plays well and it's a pretty darn good matchup for our inconsistent offense. Ravens-27 Colts-17
  18. NorV has a great history as OC but I agree that his system isn't neccessarily the best system for Joe. ON the other hand, if the Norm is truely a better playcaller than Cam, has a better feel for the game and could build a good relationship with Joe I think it could really work. Caldwell is still a relative unknown as an OC in the league but I think he is doing a lot of things that would better suit Joe's strengths and thats still working within Cam's system. There is no doubt he would overhaul the system in the offseason if given the chance. \Will be really interesting to see if Baltimore stays with Caldwell or chases someone like Norv. To me you do only drop Caldwell if it's someone with the history of a Norv Turner. BTW...I was pretty impressed with the game Caldwell called against Cincy this past week working with Tyrod. Clearly, Tyrod is limited with his throwing ability but he misses on some relatively easy throws plus the running game was pretty effective even without Leach. I got a good gut feeling about Caldwell as an OC in this league. I think he knows what he is doing and has a good feel for the game.
  19. Absolutely. Take Machado off the table and tell the Marlins to have at it with any of our prospects and or the "calvary" .
  20. BTW I don't know how anybody could let anything today factor into their thought process regarding next week. Despite the bluster we in fact did play this like it was the 4th preseason game. Hell, Harbaugh even threw in the fake punt when it was obvious we were going to try it for craps and giggles. If there was anything at all you could take away from today it should be pretty positive. As I stated above, the 2nd string defense held Cincy's 1st string offense down for pretty much the 1st half. Also, its clear that Kruger and Ellerbe have stepped up their games in recent weeks. Add that to a returning Ray and hopefully a healthier Ngata and Suggs and I think we are on to something defensively.
  21. I stil have concerns about the offense but the defense has revved it up the last 3 weeks. Really played quite well against Peyton, dominated Eli, and with half of their 2nd string guys on the field held the 1st string Bengals offense to a late 1st half TD. That coming on a very short field. The Colts are very one demisional and Luck is turnover prone. My guess is it's relatively tight but we have a chance to win quite comfortably too depending on how things play out over the first 20 min or so of the game. I mean losing is certainly possible, the Colts are solid, but I like the matchup. I think it's one of the better ones we could have drawn all things considered. Would have been much more weary of the Bengals or Steelers. I'm far from the biggest DVOA fan but it's noteworthy that Indy ranks 28th in the league.
  22. Congrats to all the non douchebag Skin fans. The better team won tonight. Skins have a legit running game which usually plays well in the playoffs. If they don't turn the ball over and the defense can play close to the way they played tonight they'll be a very tough out.
  23. I'd do Bundy, Tillman, Arrieta or Matusz and Schoop. I don;t think we should or would have to trade both Bundy and Machado.S eriously, your talking about 2 of the top 10 prospects in all of baseball. I know technically Machado isn;t a prospect anymore but you get the point. He would be top 10 if not graduating late last year. SOmeone tell me the last time two top 10 prospects in all of baseball were traded in the same deal for a player??
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