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  1. It's not as far down the road as you might think. Seriously, people are already starting to get frustrated and soon the money which has been pouring in from the boosters the last 5 years is gonna be severly decreased. When that happens, Gary isn't gonna have the leash many think he has right now. I'd say he has 2-3 years with this new batch of recruits along with whatever he can pull in the '08 class to get things turned around and headed in the right direction. If not he is gonna be feeling a lot of pressure to resign.
  2. No doubt he'll recruit better than Gary. Seriously though the biggest problem is talent. I still can't fathom why people still say the talent is there. It's not , it's really not there to challenge in the ACC. Our guards are probably middle of the pack but still in the lower half of talent in the conference but the post players are atrocious. Not one big man with a post move or the ability to be strong inside and finish and we run the flex offense where most often the first look is a big man. That combination is a recipe for disaster and has been a big contribution to our poor play the last 4 years. And that goes on Gary. He has to know the players he brings into the program and if your gonna go get big men who don't know how to play the post then you've got to be willing to accept change and play to those players strenths or your teams strenths and become more of a guard oriented team. Overall though I'll be glad when this senior group is gone and I can basically erase the last 4 years and the last two classes from my memory. You know I actually can handle the dissapointment the last two classes were on the talent level but what drives me crazy and why it has become so hard for me to watch the team the last few years has more to do with the poor basketball fundamentals, selfish play, and mental mistakes. Gary gets a do-over and the chance to right the ship with players that fit his style of play. The NC afforded him that. But I've said it before and I stand firm that if you want this program as an elite program, as a top 10 program that Gary isn't the guy. He doesn't get the talent and doesn't try to get the talent to consistently be a top tier program. Make no mistake the 2001-2002 teams were the anomalies in Gary's career. The bringing together of Juan,Lonny and Steve Blake were once in a lifetime deals. Three pretty lowely rated guys who overachieved and had great desire that drove the team to a NC. Every other team Gary has had whether it be an overachiving one like in '93 or '97 or an underachieving one like '94 or '99 has failed to get past the sweet 16. So is it possible Gary gets us "back"?? Yeah, as long as your definition of "back" is being a fairly consistant tourny team with a sweet 16 run here and there.
  3. ccbird

    World Cup

    As a casual fan who watches only National Soccer,qualifying and now the WC I can certainly understand why soccer doesn't catch on here. I love watching the skill of these World Class players but it's hard to respect a game where there is so much deception from players and influence by refs.
  4. Our strenth in the minors is pitching and OF. I like we are adding early rd talent to the Inf positions. Now lets find a good 1b power prospect in the next few rds.
  5. Yeah that was very ugly. There was no doubt you were watching two bad teams play a baseball game tonight.
  6. I knew people would ***** about Treblehorn and normally I would agree but have you seen what we have done the last 5 innings. You have to send him there and make Matthews make a good throw.
  7. First off I was watching on TV and I could tell that it was loud. I told my friend who I was watching the game with that it was the loudest I had ever heard Comcast. Yes, there was a lull in the crowd when we fell down by 8-9 in the second half but thats expected. That was the opposing team quieting our crowd but it got loud again when we made our run and in overtime. As far as the refs go I complained about them after Maryland won in Cameron, in fact it was the first thing I brought up. I think overall there is a Duke bias from the refs, no one will convience me otherwise. Once in awhile when a big game is played away from Cameron the refs will call the game straight up or even give the home team the benefit of calls that could go either way. Getting a little home cooking happens all the time and is something that should be expected by any visiting team.
  8. It is so crucial to hold serve at home in the ACC. Road wins are very hard to get. Even in places like Clemson, and Virgina. You have to do better than 4-4 at home if you plan on being in the NCAA tourny. They got real lucky last year that a 7-9 confrence record would have been good enough to get them in, although with the ACC tourny win it didn't matter.
  9. I was determined at the 2:00 min mark after Randolph took the phantom charge and then proceeded to push off and score the next time down that win or lose I was going to go off on the refs. They blatantly tried to give that game to Duke and no one will convince me otherwise. This game should be sent to the NCAA and those refs should be reprimanded, fined or whatever. This crap with K getting that many bogus calls or non calls has got to stop. Winning doesn't make it right and doesn't make it a non issue because its going to continue to happen and more times than not Duke is gonna win that game. The only other thing I'll say is Im sorry I doubted Maryland could win this game.
  10. He is playing in an opposing arena so of course he is being taunted. That is expected and its going to happen in every arena he goes into. You've got to be more mature and handle yourself better than to throw your middle finger up to every person who taunts you. Make your performance on the court the response to the fans.
  11. I don't see anyway we win this game. If we can slow down Williams inside,play good perimeter D, and actually shoot the ball fairly well I still think we lose a close game on the road to a good team. The more likely scenario is us losing by 15 or more.
  12. Well you do have Roy Williams as your coach so choking is certainly an option. No doubt it will happen at some point this year, probably in the NCAA tourny.
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