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  1. There is no doubt that the circumstances were different. Comparing apples and oranges. That said, if I were a true Wash sports fan I would be upset at Angelos trying to keep baseball out of DC. I can't be a hypocrite in that regard.
  2. I completely understand why any Wash sports fans are/were bitter towards Angelos and his desire to keep baseball out of DC.
  3. Funny thing is, I have some long suffering SKins fans and if you win tonight I'll give them a congratulatory text and be happy for them personally. But they all know where I stand. The thing is I'm not going to be a dick and rub it in their face if you do lose.
  4. No sour grapes. I never said a word before or after the Ravens-Skins game even though there was clearly bait put out there on this board by a Skins fan. I heard all of the talking leading upto and after the game both here, other message boards, and even from the DC media. I took it all in and kept my mouth shut. I'm not one to trash talk, but it definitely makes me root against a team or it's fanbase. But really it's deeper than this year. I've always held a grudge against the Skins and JKC for the expansion thing and having the Skins pushed down BMore's throat. Everything this year just adds to it.
  5. Point blank, I'm rooting against the Skins and I think a loss would be what a lot of SKins fans deserve. No posts during or after the game. That would be trolling.
  6. WIn or go home for both teams. Love it. Lets go Cowboys.
  7. BTW...Tyrod is arguably our most explosive offensive player with the ball in his hands outside of Rice. I would like to see him somehow get a few touches a game. That said, today showed why he's not an NFL QB. His throwing skills and ability to read defenses are pretty bad. He can only be effective as a "playground" QB.
  8. Good to see Tucker bounce back and hit that 49 yarder at the end. He's a pretty cool customer. Harbaugh played this game the right way getting his key starters out early. At least the ones that suited up. I like the way this defense has tepped up the last few weeks. Consider we held the Cin offense to nothing for most of the first half with a lot of key guys out. Ellerbe and Kruger in particular have really stepped up their games.
  9. Dalton is worse than Luck. I'll always take my chances with the inferior QB.
  10. Which is fine. Indy is better.
  11. We need to not give a crap about this weeks game. If anybody remembers the '03 season you'll remember that Billick played the starters all game against a tough divisional opponent in Pitt the last game of the season. A lot of people believe we payed the price the next week in our game against Tenn in the playoffs. Anybody who isn't healthy needs to be rested. Beyond that the key starters shouldn;t play more than a half of football. It's a completely irrelevant game and hpefully Harbaugh treats it as such. I know the NFL or any sports league doesn;t like teams essentially giving up on games but you have to do what you have to do.
  12. ccbird


    I just said this in the other thread but I'll say it here too. I wish more Ravens fans in general would appreciate how tough it is to make the playoffs 5 straight years. No, it's not looking like we are a legit contender this year but we've put ourselves in the dance and given ourselves a chance, even if it is extremely small. The Steelers, our hated rivals, and a franchise that a lot of BMore fans have an inferiority complex towards are on the verge of missing the playoffs for the 2nd time in 4 years. We've made it 5 in a row. Ravens fans need to take a step back once in awhile.
  13. This is the worst 3 game stretch of Joe's career. At least as far as turning the ball over and costly turnovers. The INT return was arguably the worst throw of his whole career. He's pressing. I have no doubt that really for the first time ever, he's letting some pressure get to him. I still think he'll ultimately be fine. He has to stop trying to do too much. As far as Harbaugh goes, I've been saying for years how generally mediocre he is as a coach. In particular, his in game coaching is poor. To let this Cameron situation go on as long as it did was clearly a big mistake as well. All that said, the biggest issue with this team right now is the lack of talent caused mainly by all the injuries. We're just lining up and getting beat mano a mano. When that happens it's very tough to win games. I can't put much of that on Harbaugh. Harbaugh has rope and his job is safe unless things are really bad in the lockerroom. If he doesn't have the respect of his players and or there is another near mutiny thats when I think Bischotti has to seriously consider making a HC move. This has just been one of those years and it's why I was prediciting 9-7 from the start. I never was way down on the team, but I thought we were more vulnerable than we had been in awhile. I realized how tough it is to be consistently good every single year. Injuries catch up with you, small sample sizes with only 16 games, games that go down to the wire and hinge on 1 or 2 crucial plays. It's tough to overcome that and win 10+ games a year every year. I wish more people would appreciate how tough it is to make the playoffs 5 straight years and enjoy it, even though it looks like we aren't a legit contender this year. Let's keep this in mind, Pittsburgh, our hated rival, the team a lot of BMore fans have an inferiority complex towards, is on the cusp of missing the playoffs twice in the last 4 years.
  14. Ca we start an all things Flacco thread already. That way every thread doesn't get bogged down with the same general discussions.
  15. Only unrealistic, fairweather fans are debating it. Miller already told you the FO isn't debating it. Everyone who has good a good football IQ knows that Flacco is the longterm QB here.
  16. BTW.....if you listened to the audio link primetime posted last week that was an interview with a guy who watches game film of every game every week he noted that a big reason for the inaccuracy was A. Joe trying to put balls in really tight spaces because of tight coverage and B. routes that are just generally low % routes. Longer downfield routes that naturally lower comp %. That is a big reason for Joe's low comp %. I would venture to guess he is throwing balls 15 yrds past the LOS more than anyone else in the league. At least in the top 3 as far as "downfield" throws. Now, Joe isn't the most accurate passer in the league but his accuracy is solid. I see him put more than enough balls right on WRs in tight coverage to know that. Find a way to get WRs running open a bit and he won't have to try and be so percise. Another factor in his accuracy is the Oline. When he has a clean pocket and steps up into his throws he is very accurate. Sometimes he has a tendency to get sloppy with his footwork which hurts him but most of the time that is when he is hurrying or isn't stepping up because the line is being pushed back into the pocket. Flash is right in that Joe has to go back to working on mechanics, mainly stepping up into the pocket. It's key to his accuracy and to helping alleviate that DE edge pressure. But thats only part of it. He also needs a good C and LG that aren't consistently being pushed back into his face. He needs space to work with in the pocket.
  17. LOL. Someone really just said you'd be stupid not to take Newton or or Jay Cutler over Joe. That's almost as laughable as calling for TT to start or to bring Troy Smith back from his couch. BTW...the other thing that is funny about that is there were threads 2 or 3 years ago that had Sanchez, and Bradford, and Rivers, Carson Plamer, and Stafford,etc ahead of Joe. What happened to all of those guys?? And 3 years from now it will be some other fantasy football QB stud who can't win games in the NFL being listedand some of the guys on the list will be off. Flash is right, this stupid arbitrary rankings of QBs has got to stop.
  18. I don't think he's regressed. I think the Oline plays a part in it. It's the worst pass blocking Oline we've put together in his career. That is on Harbaugh as well because I've said all year playing Oher at LT over McKinnie and therefore KO at RT and whatever crap we put at LG is not the best alignment. Harbaugh's doghouse strikes again and it has hurt the offense. I 100% believe that. Also, I think he's pressing a bit. Trying to do too much. I've always said that Joe is mentally tough and handles pressure well but I think things are getting to him. Contract year, not getting a long with his OC and not being a fan of the system, the outside criticism. He's says he doesn't hear it, or pay attention to it, but he does. This is why I think the contract gets done this offseason. It takes a lot of that added pressure away .He'll have security. From what I understand, Joe prefered to get something worked out last offseason and it was his agent pushing for him to holdout for more. I think Joe puts an end to that this offseason and takes the long term security.
  19. ccbird

    Ravens Future

    Do people never learn from the past. The pistol option read is a gimmick that will get figured out with time just like evey other gimmick offense. Now, I think the read/option will always be in the playbook but it won;t be the primary formation or one that run a high % of the time. Thats when you'll see just how good RG3 can be. He's so effective now because of the read/option which opens up big passing lanes. From what i've seen, when he's put in regular passing formations he hasn't been anything spectacular. The other thing to note of course is exactly what the Redskins are going through now and what Vick went through for much of his career. You get a QB that runs as much as these guys do and it's a matter of time til they get hurt. Good luck keeping an option QB healthy all 16 games in a season.
  20. The defense still couldn't stop the run. Teams can run the ball against us which will set up the pass. All that needs to be said is the 8 min drive they went on to start the 4th quarter where they threw the ball 1 time. Went like 60 yards with 8 men in the box. We knew it was coming and couldn't stop it. Speaks volumes about how far this once great run defense has fallen.
  21. It was 100% designed to get the ball out quicker. I seriously dont remember on 7 step drop. Clearly the gameplan was right. We saw some screen attempts, we saw some middle of the field quick hitting throws. Loved seeing the little short square in Torrey ran to get us down to the 4 yrd line. Where has that play bee all year. The idea was right to stop this tremendous Bronco pass rush but the execution was horrible.
  22. ccbird

    Ravens Future

    People need a reality check. This team is severly depleted. Severly depleted. Ray is out, Webb is out, Ngata is out of shape and less than 100%, Suggs is out of shape and less than 100%. Pollard was out. McClain was out. Ellerbe is less than 100%. Offensively, the Yanda injury single handedly made a subpar line a bad line. You saw the difference in line play yesterday just by losing their one really good offensive lineman. Rice was questionable all week with a hip pointer. I think that contributed to his lack of touches and struggles yesterday. I mean this might be the worst rash of injuries I can ever remember. It's made a team that had lost a step but still had top 10 team talent into mediocre to below average across the board. It's hard to win games when the other team is just better and more talented. I guess the point I'm trying to make is what I said earlier in the thread. We don;t need a rebuild. People don;t understand what they're asking for when they say rebuild. We need to retool. We have enough talent already in lace for '13 to retool. It's not as bad as people are making it out to be longterm. Yes, short term it seems this season is for all intents and purposes over. I mean I can't see us getting healthy enough in time to make even a token run.
  23. First I'll say that, as a Joe fan, the turnovers the last 3 weeks have been unacceptable. They have been huge factors to why we have lost all 3 games. That said, this isn't the norm for Joe. This the MO for Tony Romo or Jay Cutler. This type of continued performance is what would make me worry. This type of continued performance is worthy of heavy criticism. I don;t think it will continue. it's a bad stretch that he's never really had before. Now, to biriefly interupt all the Flacco bashing for just a moment. Let me just point out how atrocious the Oline was yesterday. No surprise that wasn't mentioned yet since yesterday. I think Flacco's name has been mentoned in every single post but the Oline not once. Let me point out that Joe was hurried 20+ times on 40 dropback passes. Over half of his drops. He was hit 9 times. Almost 1/4 of his dropbacks. And here is the kicker. You can't blame it on long developing plays, 7 step drops, or Joe holding the ball too long. The majority of the passes yesterday were quick hitting plays designed to get the ball out quick. I dont think there was one 7 step drop all day. Not many 5 step drops. The pressure was immediate. Joe was scrambling before he even reached the top of his drop. He was getting the ball out quick ans still getting hit. No QB would have had a good day yesterday playing in front of that line. Ok, now back to your reg scheduled Flacco bashing.
  24. Yes, very late with the throw. That was the issue. He said he was looking for Torrey first and came down to Boldin. Just a really bad decision to throw it there late. That should have either been the first read or throw it away. You don;t have time to come back to that route there. A dagger type Int that Joe rarely throws. I can't remember him really ever throwing a long pick 6 return like that. He generally takes good care of the ball in the redzone.
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