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  1. i think I'm going to shock you. I by no means am giving the coaching staff a pass today, the in game management was mediocre at best.. With that said, today was mostly about lack of execution and the talent, especially defensively. I thought the offense did a great job to answer the Skins twice in the 1st half and then take the lead into halftime. I felt like they came out feeling they had something to prove and did it in a lot of ways. Now, the 2nd half is where I'll put some blame on Cameron. I feel like Wash made some adjustments to blitz more and we didn;t counter. I'll also say that some of that is on my boy Flacco. He has to have a hot read and or get into pass protect on some of those plays where Wash brought more than we could block. Defensively though, it's just a mess. I fel like Pees isn;t a very good DC, but man is it unfair to be too critical with the talent he is working with out there. The LBs in particular are just horrible. We were gashed left and right and ultimately let Kirk Cousins drive for the scoring TD and 2 point conversion. And the sad thing was, it was very very easy. I mean we were never even close to stopping it. So, in some ways it's just a reality check. I felt like the offense came out to prove a point and did so in the game. Hell, they put up 350 yards and 28 points. I really believe the focus was there and we were ready, but got beat mostly because of talent defeceincy. That's the scary part of it all.
  2. So do we win another game or do we stay on the 9 win predicition I gave you earlier this year and was laughed at for 2 weeks ago. One thing is certain, IMO we just lost the two most winnable games we had left on our schedule. Doesn't mean we won't win another game, in fact I think we do win 1 more, just saying.
  3. I swear this is going to be my last Flacco post in regards to a contract. First let me say, the Ravens are going to sign him longterm. So I feel like I'm arguing for nothing. Once this gets done I'll still have to deal with talking about how good Flacco is or can be but at least I won;t have to deal with the ridiculous arguments and claims to let him walk. So here is the thing. You let Joe Flacco walk and you enter a complete rebuild. There is no doubt about that. How long it takes you to rebuild becomes a complete mystery. You search for a competant QB that could take you who knows how long. Ask Skins or or Lions or Browns or Raiders, or Chiefs, or Jags, or Dolphins fans how long it has taken or is still taking to find competant QB play. Sure, some of these teams have put up a solid year or two here and there and made the playoffs. Mostly a veteran solid type, not anybody looked at as a franchise QB. None of these teams have found any consistency. None have been real threats at a SB in at least a decade. What Joe gives you is a baseline of min wins. IMO, a Joe Flacco team is going to win 7 games a year. COuld there be one outlier year where you win less with some horrible luck I suppose but for the most part you're going to win 7 games a year with him as a QB. How many wins you go up from there depends on how much talent is put around him on the team in all areas. For reference, IMO, Brady, and Manning are like 9 win min Qbs. Again, an outlier may allow for one of their teams to win less in a year but in gereal you can count on their teams winning 9 games a year. If you bring in the next QB you have no idea what that number will be and it can vary so much from year to year. Take the '06 and '07 Ravens for example. There is a reason that team went from 13 wins to 5 wins. One reason. Because the Qb play variance was so high. That's where Flacco gives you consistency. People talk about his inconsistencies and he does have them within a game but from week to week year to year he is generally consistent. His numbers are going to look extremly consistent over the the last 4 years now. Somewhere in the 3600 yard passing yards, 20-25 TD range, with 10-12 Ints, and a Qb rating from 80-90. What resigning Joe Flacco does is give you the ability to retool vs rebuild. Thats huge and important. It gives you stability as a franchise for the next 5-8 years. Now, how far we go above that 7 win threshold is all dependent on the rest of the talent on the team. Sure, 8 and 9 win seasons could become the norm but it's not 3 -6 win seasons like the Lions and Browns, and Raiders have/had every year because they miss on QBs and consistently rebuild. With that I drop the mic and bow out on any further Flacco contract talks.
  4. Of course, who's next is the question the Flacco haters can't answer. Your options are to draft a QB. Ok, yeah lets draft a completely unproven player to be our QB. We are going to be drafted near the bottom of the 1st round. I have no idea what QB could potentially shoot into that range but the chances are they will suck. Here are the non top 10( there is no way we can get into the top 10 to take a QB from like 25th or lower) to have any kind of impact this decade. Andy Dalton, Josh Freeman, Joe Flacco, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Schaub. Ben and Cutler were drafted 11th. Odds are we don;t get up to 11 either. We're definitely not getting up to the top 5 where Barkley will be drafted and where you have your best shot to get a franchise QB. Now here are the top 2 round QBs who have pretty much bombed since '02. Carr, Harrington, Ramsey,Leftwich, Boller, Grossman,Losman, Jason Campbell, Tavaris Jackson, Kellen Clemens, Vince Young,Matt Leinart, Drew Stanton, John Beck, Brady Quinn, Jamarcus Russell, Kevin Kolb,Brian Brohm, Chad Henne,Mark Sanchez, Jimmy Clausen, Tim Tebow. I'll be nice and not even put Gabbert or Ponder in the bust category yet. Youre odds of missing are a good 4-5 times more likely to miss. The other option is to give a relatively big contract for completely unknown players. Sometimes giving up draft picks in the process. Look at the Cards or Chiefs who gave up early round picks for Kolb and Cassell and gave them pretty nice contracts. Kolb got 5/65 million, 12 mil guaranteed. Cassell got 63 million with 28 mil guaranteed. Matt Flynn just got 26 mil with 10 mil guarunteed to compete for a starting QB gig. On in which he'll probably never get. These guys had nowhere near any kind of track record like Joe has and cashed in. When was the last time a team made this type of a move, trading for a backup QB flashing some potential and having it work out. Matt Schaub in Atlanta to Houston. How bout before tha??t Brunnell to Jacksonville. You fret about giving Joe an 80-90 million contract with 25-30 guaranteed like thats some sort of stupid risk when the above is your alternatives?? Really?? Seriously, what are the alternatives that don't come with more risk. It's baffling that people can't figure out how tough it is to get even above average QB play in the NFL and then how much teams are willing to pay for just above average Qbs or ones they hope can be above average. Thats the thing here. The argument is two sided for the Flacco supporters. Not only is he better than what so many people make him out to be but the going rate for QBs are extremely inflated.You pay dearly just for potential.
  5. Well said. The problem Joe has is playing in an era with 5 or 6 HOF QBs. Peyton, Brees, Brady, Roethlisberger are lock HOFers. Then you have Eli and Rodgers who will likely be HOFers. I actually think Eli isn't on the same level as the other 5 but two and possibly more rings in NYC is going to get him there. Anyway, point is, people expect this consistent greatness out of their QBs in their cities every week. These QBs, especially Peyton, Brees, Brady, and Rodgers are just on a sick level. When people use the word elite, what they really mean is HOF level. Brady, Brees, and Manning could all go down as 3 of the top 5 or 6 Qbs of all time. Rodgers could end up being in that mix eventually as well. I wish people would just step back and realize how high that standard really is. Go back and look at someone like John Elway. Considered to be a top 5 Qb at this point in time. Look at his comp %, look at his TD/Int ratio, look at his QB rating. It wasn't always pretty but the guy won and he won consistently. Lets also remember that his ultimate success came at the end of his career, not when he was 27 yrs old.
  6. How anybody can think that after 80 games, 4+ almost 5 years, that an average run of the mill QB can win 70% of his games , average 11 wins a year is beyond me. I mean this is no small sample size. There is one team that has made the playoffs the last 4 years, and almost assuredly going to be 5. ONE team, yet that teams has an average, run of the mill QB. Really?? Joe Flacco is the luckiest QB in the history of the game of football apparently to be that mediocre, yet consistently win that many games. Thats the only explanation. I could buy a 2, maybe even 3, year stretch but mediocre QBs get exposed after awhile. Their teams falter when they have key injuries or face a bit of adversity. They can't overcome the parity, the small sample sizes that a short schedule brings and the luck that comes with it. You have to be consistent and good to do what Joe Flacco has done over this 5 year stretch. And here is the kicker, it's the first 5 years of his career. Maybe he doesn't get any better. It's certainly possible, but A. worst case scenario you know you got a guy even as is that is a winner and B. he's had one OC his career, one he doesn't really get a long with, and he is 27 years old with great throwing talent. There is reason to believe there is still untapped potential. Anyway, I challenge anyone to find me a generally considered average QB that has had a 5 year stretch like Joe has had. Go ahead. Find me a 5 year stretch like Joe's from an average or even "slightly above average" QB. I know this is going to go over the Flacco haters heads. They'll ignore it. But I'll keep pointing it out and asking the same questions. You are a fool if you think this is some fluke. That just anybody can step in and do what Joe has done the first 5 years of his career.
  7. ccbird

    Ravens Future

    The Ravens have to retool vs rebuild. The window has closed a bit in the sense that both Ray and Reed will likely be gone in the next two years. In that way an era will be ending. Certainly, our best chances to get to and win a SB were '10 and '11. People thought we were rebuilding heading into '08 and look what happened. There are still enough pure pieces defensively with Suggs, Ngata, Webb. Upshaw should be solid contributors. I still hold out some hope for Jimmy Smith. He certainly has talent. Art Jones has improved. All isn't lost. The key is adding one or two dynamic, quick, MLBs. That more than anything is where we have to improve. I can't tell you how poor our LB corp is right now. We need guys that can drop into coverage, tackle better in space, read plays. The middle of the field is the biggest problem on the team right now. Sure, I'd like to add another pure pass rusher as well, I'd love to add an interior guy that can create a push up the middle as well. They key though is getting faster and improving that LB corp. We are so slow as a defense. Still, its more of a retool than a rebuild. On the offensive side I think most of us agree that we can be better by just having a new voice and going in a different direction at OC. Obviously, the OL needs some help but that is something where once guys start working together for a few years they often play better. Yanda is legit, Birk is no plus anymore. I think the Ravens plan on putting Gradkowski there next year. They really liked him coming out of Delaware this year. They really like KO as well. Now whether he would be best served as a Guard or Tackle remains to be seen but the team likes him and you see why at times. He has his bad moments but he has his good ones too. The real question and IMO the biggest problem with the team is Oher at LT. He is a below average LT. He belongs on the right side. That was obvious after they tried him on the lieft side in '10 and he was bad enough that they went out and got McKinnie for '11 during training camp. If the Ravens could just somehow (its not easy)come up with a solid LT the OL would instantly be so much better. Kick Oher back to the right side, move KO inside where he was projected to play and I think you have a young, at least average OL, with upside. The only other thing offensively I would like to see is a smaller quick twitch, slot guy that can do somethings underneath of coverage, catch screens, get that catch and run YAC. That's a good compliment to this current WR corp. Boldin will also have to renegotiate or be cut. He's brings a lot of leadership to the offense but his skills are overrated at this point. No seperation. Just a physical WR. Pretty easy to cover. He has a role and a place on the team going forward but not at the price his '13 cap number says
  8. Some drama during the handshake at the end of the game. Not that big of a deal really. Just two high strung, hot headed coaches. Tomin was an jackass running by and sticking his hand out as his handshake and Harbaugh was a jackass to pull him back and admonish him. Both guys can be pretty big douchbags at times so it is what it is. http://www.usatoday.com/story/gameon/20 ... e/1741585/
  9. I won't pretent to know much either. You'll have to ask Cam. The point is, as Torrey said, it's brand new to him. It's not something other teams in the league do nearly as much as the Ravens. Now Torrey says here,(of course he isn't going to bash Cam and the offense)"it's faster". I'm not sure what that means exactly or if he even bleieves it. I guess it's faster in that you aren't breaking down and losing momentum. However, breaking down and the sudden change in direction off of breaking down or the ability to deke out of breaking down and accelerating on a double move would seem to be more effective. What's harder to stop more consistently, someone running fast in a straight line or cutting but not really slowing down much or someone that is cutting and breaking constantly. Think basketball and how offenses are built on cutting in half court offenses. Obviously, tighter spaces and smaller playing field, but you get the point. Obviously, this rounding off is a rarity in todays game of football at the highest levels. That's enough for me to believe it probably isn't optimal. And regardless I do think its a big reason why you don;t see a bunch of YAC like so many other teams. Welker or Harvin, or even an Edleman go 5-10 yards break down hard and cut hard. Yes, it's timing but with it used properly it allows for great YAC ability. It also allows the Qb to get the ball out quickly. Again, I'll repeat that, I believe Joe can be effective with more of these types of WRs and routes. People complain about his inaccuracy but a lot of it is putting balls against tight coverage in a place where he thinks only his WR can catch the ball. I see him put the ball on tightly guarded WRs enough in the 5-10 yard range to believe he would be able to consistently hit a Welker type of quick twitch WR who should be able to create more space and YAC than a slow footed Boldin. They aren't using that part of Joe's game enough. It's like taking a big chunk of potential away. Seriously, Joe has an arm, a gun. Teams have to respect his arm and his ability to go over the top of defenses and throwing to the outside. They also to have to respect the verticle down the seam route somewhat. What they really don't have to respect are the shallow crossing stuff, the zig routes, option inside/out routes, the quick short stuff. I truely believe this offense is like making Joe play chess without his rooks. Giving him 2/3 of a manual to put together a piece of furnature. And I think his biggest strength is what is causing it. His biggest strength is his arm. If he didn't have a big arm they would be forced to do more of the quick hitting shorter stuff. Cam is enamored with the arm and is overusing what a big arm allows you to do while not mixing in the other parts of what makes a lot of QBs good. Let me say that if the OC changes, the system changes, and Joe can't become better and find success with a more diverse playbook than I'll be the first to say I was wrong.
  10. Yes, they absolutely need another quick twitch WR. Someone to work the slot and middle with quickness. I really believe Joe can be better in a defense that is more suited to his style. It's the routes we run that are the biggest culprit along with the personell. I do think he can get the ball out quickly on time and with accuracy while worling the middle of the field if given the chance. He has proved that in some of his comebacks where the team was forced to put the ball in his hands. The spread it out, he gets in a rhthym and bam we are moving the ball up and down at will. See NE this year or last year, see Atl comeback, see Minn comeback, see Cincy this year, see Pitt first game last year. I thought Joe was brillant on the drive last week in SD that got us back in the game. used the middle of the field, used Torrey on some crossing routes. The problem is twofold. One, Joe is a rhythm QB. If he finds it he is usually very good. He needs to throw a good bit. The problem is with this Air Coryell system and it's deep strike attack and rounding of routes it makes the QB hold the ball longer and generally will lead to a lower completion % just by the nature of the offense. The next problem is Harbaugh is too quick to pull the rug out from under Joe. If we have two series where we are 3 and out or 6 and out he wants to sit on the ball, huddle up, go slow and take the air out of the ball. He either doesn' trust Joe enough or he doesn't trust Cam and his offense enough. I think the Ravens talk so much about changing the offense and being more aggressive and all this stuff but they've never truely commited to doing it. If they did they would get rid of the biggest handcuff of Joe Flacco which is Cameron. Again let me state that I agree with you that Joe has flaws, that he'll never be a QB that just picks teams apart but he can be better and they really need to give him that chance to be better. They pull the guy in too many different directions. Yes, you can run the no huddle up tempo style, no you can't run it, yes we'll let you run it again, no we're going to pull it out from under you after two series in San Diego. Just cut the cord with Cam already, fit this offense to Joe's strengths and see what happens. As an FYI.... I believe it was Torrey who said in an interview last week that the rounding off the routes is something he has never done before getting here, something he said he had never seen. It shows you how inferior a system it is. I mean sure there are routes that WRs run across the league that round their routes and yes our guys aren't always doing it but we do it at a much higher clip than anyone else. It's why you finally heard so many analysts who watch the game film finally start to criticize Cam and calling his system and gameplans archaic. Something so many of us around here have said for 3 years. WHy should I trust Harbaugh's decision on Cam Cameron when he's been wrong on a lot of other decisions before. He was wrong on what kicker to use before this year. He finally got it right with Tucker. He kept Mattison on an extra year when he was clearly over his head after '09. Thank goodness Mattison knew he wasn't cut out for the NFL and went back to the college game. It took him 4 years to put together a good ST unit. As a former ST coach our ST were some of the wrost coverage and return units from '08- '11. I mean clearly everyone knows keeping Cameron around this long has been a mistake, everyone but Harbaugh. Thats the problem. His loyalty and decision making skills have hurt this franchise over the last 4 years. He keeps the status quo and granted we've been close but a good coach knows when to make a tough decision and a change in spite of overall success.
  11. Of course, this was a team loss. Again, Ill ask what I asked earlier in the thread. Was there one person working for the Ravens today that you can point to and say" he did his job well today". Maybe Vonte Leech. Probably could have said it about Ray Rice with a few more touches though he basically only had two runs. Boldin put togethe rone good drive but stalled the first drive with a drop and ended another with a offensive PI. Torrey dropped a bal earlyl and IMO mistimes his jump on the one throw at the front of the endzone. The Oline was mediocre. Pitt rushed 4 all day and dropped a lot of guys. At times Joe held the ball too long but on a few others the pass protect didn;t do a good enough job against only 4 guys. Don't even get me started on how atrocious the defense was, especially the front 7. So yeah, Joe was poor today. So was everyone else. Joe almost always answers the bell following a stinker performance . I would't bet against him playing very well next week. Lord knows we will need it. I expect RG3 will tear this defense apart. His ability to extend plays is just a recipe for disaster aginast this defense.
  12. One last positive thought. Despite beating the Steelers twice last year and going 6-0 in the division we are still in much better shape to win the division and get a home playoff game than we were at this point last year. Last year, we pretty much had to win every game down the stretch to hold onto the division and the #2 seed. This year we essentially hae a 3 game lead with 4 to play. It's only 2 games but we hold the tiebreakers over both Cincy and Pittburgh so again essentially 3 with 4 to play. Also, while the next 4 games will be tough, the bottom line is we still control our own destiny for the #2 seed. We were highly unlikely to pass Hou for the #1 after they beat us. The goal for the last 5 or 6 weeks has been to win the division and get the #2 seed. Both of those things are still in our control. I know people will continue to flip their lids this week but just keep that in the back of your minds.
  13. BTW here is what golden boy Eli Manning did at home against this Steelers pass defense 10/24, 124 yards, 0TDs, 1 INT This is what the next stud superstar QB RG3 did against the Steelers 16/34, 177, 1 TD, 0 INts This is what Andy Dalton did at home against the Steelers 14/28, 105, 1 TD, I Int They are giving up 165 through thae air. They are by far the best pass defense in the league. Thats an insane number in today's pass heavy league. The only person to tear them apart this year was Peyton in Week 1 and it took the Broncos a whole half to figure out that they needed to let Peyton call the plays at the LOS and go no huddle to do it. He was on his way to putting up pedistrian numbers in that game until he said screw the OC. Point is, give the Steelers some credit and blame Cam for playing into their hands.
  14. Dude first let me say that you think Tyord Taylor is the answer. Really?? And yes, you pay Flacco the same kind of money Rivers got, the same kind of money Ryan got and will get with his next contract, the same kind of money Sam Bradford got(lol). The same kind of money Eli got for doing less than Joe as a reg season QB but won a SB because Asante Samuel can't catch an INT and David Tyree can make arguably the luckiest, hailmary grab ever. It's the going rate for the QBs in the same class as Flacco. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be rude but if you can't understand that Joe is a franchise QB we have nothing to talk about further. I told you to give me some ideas in the other thread should Flacco walk and you gave me nothing. Not one thing. The only thing I've seen is a vague 'No cnfidence in TT"?? i assume that means you think Tyrod Taylor can be a Qb who can win as many games as Flacco. Seriously, we can debate all day just how good Flacco is. That is something none of us will win one way or the other. The only thing that can be said is he isn't in the superstar HOF category like Manning, Brady, Brees, likely Rodgers and he is clearly above average. Where in the middle of that you want to argue I can accept. In so many ways it's subjective. But I refuse to argue Joe's merits any further with someone who thinks he's mediocre at best. That's just an absurd statement as I laid out in my last post in the postgame thread. Mediocre Qbs don;t win at the rate Joe has won over 5 years. He's the definition of a franchise QB when 2/3 of the league is always looking for a QB just like Joe Flacco. If Joe hit the open market this spring half of the league would be looking to sign him. That is the definition of a franchise QB.
  15. I encourage everyone to stop feeding the troll and his thread. He already got 2 pages out of it.
  16. Oh yeah, you're right with Ben the Steelers will kill us. I mean that happens everytime Ben plays the Ravens. it's never close, the Ravens never win. Surely, the Steelers will mop the floor with us should we meet in the playoffs. Oh and if Flacco had Wrs that could catch he would have beat Pitt two years ago. I really want the Ravens to get the Steelers this year in the playoffs just so we can end this foolish Flacco can't crap. First it was Flacco couldn;t beat the Steelers, then it was Flacco couldn't win in Pitt, the it wasn't Flacco couldn't beat Ben, then it was Flacco couldn't beat Ben in Pitt. The only thing Pitt has to hang their hats on is the playoffs. All two games worth of evidence where both games were played in Pittsburgh and came down to the wire. Just match us up with Pittsburgh this year and get this Flacco can't do this against the Steelers crap over with already. But it will just keep going with idiot Steeler fans. After the playoffs it will be Joe can't beat the Steelers in the playoffs in Pittsburgh, then it'll be Joe can't beat the Steelers in a Saturday playoff game, then it'll be Joe can't beat the Steelers anytime it's a full moon. It'll never stop. BTW.... I give you credit. You got almost 2 full pages out of your troll thread. Well done. You'll get no more from me. Good luck the rest of the year. Just make sure, you know, you actually make the playoffs. You're only 7-5 and the 6th seed right now. Don't screw it up with your savior coming back for the next 4 weeks.
  17. A. Fine be frustrated. I get frustrated, but everyone wants to lay everything on the QB. We all see his flaws and inconsistency but people harp and harp and harp on it and don;t recognize his strengths. Be frustrated, but don;t say things like wanting to run him out of town or calling him mediocre at best. Alex Smith is medicore at best. He might be out in SF after this year. Lets go bring him in to work with the inferior Harbaugh. Then you'll see the difference between medicore at best and Joe Flacco. B. I think Joe can be better in another system with another OC. I fully believe he and Cam don;t get along and Cam doesn't maximize his abilities. That said, I agree with most of your observations of Joe. New OC or not, he's never going to be elite. He's not going to control an offense at the LOS like Manning, Brees or Brady. He isn't going to be able to extend plays and make playground type plays like Ben or Rodgers. He isn't a playmaker at the position. Some Qbs are playmakers, Joe isn;t and never will be. With that said, I truely believe he is generally in the same class as Matt Ryan, Eli Manning, Rivers, Stafford, Romo. These guys put up better pure numbers but like Joe they also look terrible at times. How many 3 INT games has Ryan had this year. How awful does Eli look at times. People point to rings for ELi but his WRs have made some huge catches for him and he has had some luck in both playoff runs. I mean Samuel drops the Int in the SB against NE followed by the Tyree hailmary. Last year you had the fumble in OT on the KR that gave NY the win in SF. On the other hand dropded passes plagued Joe at the end of game drives the last two years they lost in playoffs. If Boldin hold onto the ball in Pitt two years ago we probably win. Who knows what happens if Houz doesn;t drop the pass on 4th and 20 at the end of the game. Last year we all know if Evans holds onto the ball we win the game. Who knows what happens if Cundiff can just make a 30 yrd FG. SO you tell me really on a week to week basis why Eli Manning is so much better than Joe. that is the perception but it isn;t the reality. Do I really need to explain why i don't have a Stafford, Romo, or Rivers in another class. These guys all have flaws and need the players around him to play well to succeed. None of them can single handidly win games and be as consistent as Brady, Brees, Manning or Rodgers and even those guys have their bad moments. I know Ravens fans want to think they are always perfect but those guys throw up stinkers too. Did you watch Brees this past Thurday, do you remember the game we played againt Brady in the playoffs 2 years ago. Do you remember how bad Peyton was in the playoffs the first 5 or 6 years of his career. The problem of course in football is the small sample size, you play once a week, only 16 games, so everything gets magnified and overanalysed. The truth is though, we have 5 years of Flacco evidence. Over 80 games to see what we have. SO yeah, it's unrealistic to think he'll take a big step going forward. It's also completely unacceptable for people to be doubting him and making him out to be a mediocre . A mediocre QB may be able to catch magic in a bottle with strong play around him and make the playoffs, even have deep drives into the playoffs but they can;t do it consistently. It's why Billick went away from Dilfer. He knew it wasn't sustainable to win with him long term. 4 years into Joes career he has the most wins ever after 4 years. He has 9 more already this year. He's averaqed 11 wins a year. Thast around the number he is going to have again this year. I mean seriously, 80+ games and you think this guy is smoke and mirrors. That he is winning in the pro sports league with the most parity, the league where only 1 team has made the playoffs the last 4 year and are about to make it 5 straight years(Ravens). That a mediocre at best is doing all of this winning. Please. This fan base needs some kind of reality check.
  18. Dont put this all ont he offense. They could have been better but they put up 20 points on the #1 defense.T hey gave their defense a 10 point lead near the end of the 2nd quarter. The defense let Pitt march down the field to end the 1st half with a FG. It should have been a TD. Horrible throw by Batch. Coming out of halftime, the defense let Batch march right down the field and put up a TD. On Pitt next possesion a wide open Sanders fumbled what was likely another TD. That had nothing to do with them being on the field too long or being tired at that point. We had controlled the game the whole first half. They made an adjustment and abused Pees and our defense. We put together a TD drive late in the 3rd quarter. The fourth quarter was them moving the ball all over us. Yes, the key play ended up being the strip fumble but we were lucky to even be up 7 at that point. Pitt has left a good 10 points on the board by then. The whole coaching staff was determined to be ultra conservative and make Batch beat them. Once he started to do that in the 2nd half it was all over. We were stuck trying to hold on. Coaching fail as the biggest culprit in this game followe by atrocious LB play. They overplayed the run leaving the middle of the field wide open. They suck dropping into coverage anyway and are mediocre tacklers. All of them, McClain, Upshaw, McClelon, Ellerbe, Ray Lewis are too alike. They all are run first stoppers who can't play in space. Slow, slow LBs. The front 4 provide no pressure either. We have to sell out too often to be successful on defense. Whether its selling out on the run or selling out on the blitz. Its not a defense where you can just play a lot of base an be successful. The front 7 just isnt good enough.
  19. What does that have to do with 2012. I mean if you were taalking about the 2010 or 2011 Steelers it might have some merit. That was 7 years ago. The Ravens were the 2nd wildcard team to ever win the SuperBowl. They won 2 games in a row against the #1 and #2 seed on the road 12 years ago. I guess that should give me hope that the Ravens can go into NE and Houston, as they are the likely #1 and #2 seeds this year, and win .
  20. Yes, clearly Flacco is the best ever. I call him that every week, I call him "elite" every week. I know Joe's flaws as well anyone. I also see what what half this spoiled fanbase apparently doesn't see as well, which is a good QB. I'm serious though, a part of me wants Joe to leave. Stick it to this fanbase. Lets see what your boy Harbaugh can do with the next man up at QB.
  21. Probably my final post for the week. We are still 9-3 and control our own destiny for the #2 seed. 4 tough games but win them all and we are the #2. Win 3 of the 4 and we still have a chance to be the #2 and are likely the #3. It's all right in front of us. We are lucky to be 9-3. Lucky to have won all of Dallas, KC, Pitt, and SD games. Take advatage of that. This game can be a wake up call for the coaching staff to get their heads out of their butts. Clearly this ultra conservative approach can't win. We got lucky to make it work the previous two weeks and it caught up with us this week. I think there was a false sense that this defense had returned and we could lean heavily on them again. That bit us in the butt as Batch abused us in the 2nd half. We have to get more aggressive on offense. I was shocked we were so conservative at home. I kind of understand it on the road but the reason we had been so good at home was the approach the offense as taken at home. We got away from that today. We were determined to make batch beat us and he did. Now, we play 4 pretty good teams to finish the year. Get this offense humming again. If you rely on this beat up, lacking in talent defense, we are in trouble.
  22. I really want our "mediocre at best "QB to leave after this season at this point.Would love to see how much fun Ravens fans have the next 5 years with the next man up at QB. I would love to see what this terrific coaching staff does. I'm serious at this point. Joe, go get your money elsewhere and let these intollerable Ravens fans suffer trying to find another good QB. Nothing is good enough for this fan base. They have an unattainable expectation level even after struggling for 12 years since coming to Baltimore to find a good QB. Nevermind the fact that 20 of the 30 teams around the league are constantly cycling in Qbs through FA, draft, trading high draft picks trying to find competant Qbs. Teams go years and years and years missing the playoffs and being mediocre to bad before finding a QB that consistently win games. We have that and people still want more. Just leave, go to New York or Philly, make them consistent playoff teams and laugh every single year at the fans of Baltimore. I'll always be a Ravens fan but some of the fans need a harsh reality check. Give it to them.
  23. The 2005 Steelers aren;t the '12 Steelers. Not even close to the same players. Also, Cincy, Indy, and Denver aren't Baltimore, NE, Denver, Houston. There is no way they get through 3 of those 4 teams. They had to beat 3 quarters of Cincy with Kitna, Manning, and Jake Plummer. That isn't the lineup they'll be facing this year. I'll give anyone tremendous odds Pittsburgh doesn't make the SB. Their Vegas odds are probably like 15-1 to 20-1 to win the AFC. I'll give anyone double that and happily take your money.
  24. Yeah, IM out for the rest of the week. No nore talk here, no listening to the stupid fans who clog horrible talk radio. ANyone want to bet Joe answers in a big way down the stretch. Pretty much everytime he played a bad game and lost he has answered the bell the next week. I'll take bets , real mone,y if someone wants to bet on his his performance over the last 4 games. No one will do it though. A lot of talk but no guts on these bandwagon Ravens fans.
  25. Does anyone outside of Pitt think they have a chance besides Cowherd. The Steelers are not going on the road and winning 3 straight games in some combination of Baltimore, Denver, NE, and Houston. It's not happening. Of course you prob believe they can. Pitt fans are just as dulisional after this win as Baltimore fans have been the last few weeks with all our lucky wins. BTW...congrats on finally beating us. We had only won 12 divisional games in a row. What 1 win will do for the Steelers trolls around thw world.
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