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  1. Feel free to bumb this if the Steelers make the Super Bowl.Can we please move or delete this troll thread.
  2. LOL, its Sunday night 8 PM. Let the week of Flacco bashing begin. What a bunch of horrible fans we have in this town. A little part of me wants Joe to stick it to this fanbase and leave this offseason. Lets see how well this great organization and coaching staff do with next man up at QB. Can I put all my life savings on the fact that the next guy doesn;t win nearly the amount of games that Joe has over the next 5 years.And to the person above who mentions Flacco needing to scramble more, I completely agree. I've been saying that for years. Again, I'll say that not feeling the blindside pressure is something Joe isn't good at though he stands tall and gets the ball otu when the pressure is right in his face for the most part. He isn't afraid to take a hit. But back to the blindside pressure, the opposite of that is feeling pressure that isn;t there and or starting to watch the rush instead of keeping your eyes downfield. That is a recipe for disaster as well. You get skiddish and start feeling pressure that isn;t there your not going to make any plays and or also make a mistake. Instead of it being a sack or fumble it'll be incompletions and INts.
  3. Um yeah, didn't need a thread of its own. Edit: And clearly a Steelers troll. This guy has never made a post in the Ravens forum before. BTW...The point has some merit but the post doesn;t need its own thread. Please move to the postgame thoughts thread. Oh and finally to the Steelers troll, good luck going on the road and winning 3 straight games in some combination of Baltimore, New England, Denver, and Houston. The Steelers are not going to win the Super Bowl.
  4. Of course they will because people love to get on Joe Flacco and Baltimore fans in general are really stupid. Joe didn;t play well but the players around him didn;t play well. Thats always going to be the key for Joe. His OC is a bad game caller and schemer to boot.This was the definition of a team loss from the coaches down to every single player. I mean seriously did one player stand out in this game as being good for the Ravens???
  5. Pitt picked us apart in the 2nd half. Certainly if Joe doesn;t fumble we have a better chance to win but I wouldn't have bet against the Steelers driving down the field and scoring anyway. If anything this loss might help this coaching staff realize they were being too conservative relying heavily on a defense that is nowhere near as good as they've looked the last few weeks. They have to lean on the offense more. The offensive gameplan the last 3 weeks has been horrible. Shocking, I know, but it's true.
  6. When you play not to lose you're eventually going to lose. We got away with it for two weeks in a row and it caught up with us this week. The flaw was relying too much on this defense which got overrated while playing a some very suspect QBs. Pitt came in and gameplanned it perfectly and beat us. I mean they dominated the 2nd half. Without some lucky breaks they put up about 10-14 more on us in the 2nd half.
  7. We've been lucky to be 9-2 anyway plus we have the tiebreaker with the Steelers so it sucks but we still completely control the division. What it does is expose this team and coaching staff. They thought this game was over once they got up 10. They got ultra conservative along with some bad in game coaching led to this loss.
  8. LOL. Nice bump. His pocket awareness isn't great but it isn't bad either. It's usually blind pressure that gets him like most Qbs. From the right side or fro behind. The opposite of that is getting skittish and throwing the ball too soon or when pressure isn;t there. That's just as bad as when he gets sacked, stripped, etc.
  9. No, no we aren't lucky. It's great coaching.
  10. So you want to give up at least a 2nd round pick for a QB who is not better than Flacco. Plus, while I don;t know exactly where he ranks, I know Rivers has one of the highest QB salaries in the game. Joe will not get a salary higher than Rivers.
  11. Entertain me. What's the plan if we let Flacco walk after this year??
  12. Plus Ryan plas more than half his games a year in a dome which helps his pure numbers and has a better WR corp. Anyway, while I'll admit I still get drawn into defending Flacco at times but I mostly try to ignore the Flacco hate. Ultimately, all that matters is that Biscuit, Ozzie, and Harbaugh believe they have a franchise QB and I'm certain they do.
  13. BS. There has been plenty of criticism about his play long before he made his comment about being the best QB.
  14. A. He was heavily scrutinized before he made the "best QB "comment. B. To that point, his first 3 plus years in the league all I heard was he wasn't fiery enough. He was too passive, too quiet, wasn't a leader,blah blah, blah. Just in the last year or so he has stood up and been more vocal about the team, his role, his confidence and now that is used against him. This is a man that can't win no matter what he says or does in a lot of peoples eyes. If he has or develops a huge chip on his shoulder I certainly understand why.
  15. It really is quite remarkable. I think you nailed it though. He's won the most games ever to start an NFL career. The fact that he wasn't a big college name, he isn't flashy or arrogant, and basically a reg dude hurts him in that regard. I think people have a hard time in some ways accepting that this unassuming "average Joe" from the Univeristy of Delaware has had the success he has had.
  16. I'm convinced Joe is too conservative at times, especially on the road. I don't know if that has been something pounded in him by the coaching staff or if it's natural. The one thing we've noted is that Joe is generally very good at taking care of the ball. He rarely has a really bad INT. What I've noticed, and it's not just this past weeks San Diego game but many of times over the years is that when he has to "just do it", when he has too make a tight window throw thats a bit risky he is often successful. But he only pulls the trigger on them in desperation times or when it's absolutely neccessary. Just off the top of my head, i remember the game in Atlanta from '09 where he did nothing in the 1st half. Atlanta got up by I believe 13 with about 13 min left and Joe puts together two straight TD drives against the same defense. I remember thinking at that time that Joe is just letting it go. He was making some really tight, tough throws but it was because it was neccessary. Same thing after a brutal 1st half in Minnesota in '08. He went into a 30 min funk about halfway through the Pitt game @ Pitt last year allowing Pitt to come back and take the lead before putting together a terrific 2 min 90 yrd drive to win the game. There are plenty of other times that when Joe just needs one big drive to either get the team back into a game or retake the lead where he does it and looks very good doing it . I really believe it is confidence and being overly conservative in a lot of ways. He won't make riskier throws even though with his arm he is one of the guys who is more likely to be successful on tight window throws. When his back is against the wall and there is no other choice he attempts the throws and often fairs well. Again, just listening to Joe it seems like he's pretty confident overall. What is interesting is to see if that is just Joe being too conservative on his own or if it's handcuffs being put on him and an offensive phillosophy to take extra special care of the football and not turn it over.
  17. I can't remember if I read one of the articles where DD said MOO bat.I really thought I read something where he alluded to a middle of the lineup bat but I could be wrong. However, If you read the articles that have been posted numerous times, you've heard that he has made his desire for LF, 1b, or DH a priority on the trade market. Now if you're trying to trade for a 1B or DH they are most likely going to be a MOO bat.
  18. Both Clemens and Bonds should be first ballot guys despite their suspected(lol) PED use. I know they won't get in this year but they should. Also, whenever they decide to eventually let PED users in, Clemens and Bonds should head the class. Each were the best position player and pitcher of the steroid era. An era in which I believe the majority of all ML players were using PEDs.
  19. My gut tells me DD and Buck would prefer to go in a different direction. I think both sides will "play the field" so to speak. They might come back to each other eventually but the O's want to see if they can diversify the lineup a bit. I don't think they like both Reynolds and Davis in the everyday lineup. Their similiar players with the same flaws. I think Reynolds is likely better than Davis but Davis is younger and much cheaper. On the other side, Reynolds probably believes he can get 2 years at 15 or 16 mil on the open market. A number Baltimore clearly doesn;t want to pay. If they were willing to give him 7.5 or 8 mil a year they would just offer him arb and pay the extra million in '13. If Reynolds returns it'll be at DD's price which is probably in the 1/6 range, maybe with a 2nd year option. I think the O's really prefer to replace Reynolds with this MOO bat you're hearing DD is trying to trade for this winter. Whether it's Willingham, Butler, etc while likely handing the 1b job to Davis.
  20. Yeah, Jaws just did the analysis of the film on Monday night Countdown. The WRs were obviously all covered down field but you could see that everyone was beyond the sticks. So Ray definitely had a lot of open field to work. Like you said, there was at least 20 yards between Rice and the defenders downfield. It certainly was something where in that split moment of time Joe could have seen that and realistically thought Ray had a better chance than throwing up a jumpball.
  21. Of course people would be slamming Joe if Rice didn't get the 1st. IMO you have to throw the ball past the sticks but what the play ultimately proved is that there was a chance to get the 1st down without throwing it to the sticks. I do think throwing the ball past the sticks is higher % but whatever. The bigger point is the Flacco hating media which I've decided to avoid. I think it's laughable that people really believe a QB in the middle of a play has the ability to think I'm not going to throw this ball down the field for any other reason that what he is seeing on the field at that moment. Really, a QB copped out checking down to his RB for fear of what exactly??/ Throwing a game ending INT on 4th and 29?? Are you serious. I hate people who have no ability to think logically. Maybe if you know he wasn't looking downfield the whole time and dumped it off to Rice right away you could question some other motive. He bounced around in the pocket for a good 4-5 sec looking downfield before dropping it off. I don't even think Rice was supposed to go out on the play. He stayed in and blocked and released late. O
  22. IMO, Harbaugh mismanaged the game twice. Once was the decision to go for it on 4th down early in the 4th quarter. We had started to get momentum, that FG would have made it a 4 point game and continued our momentum. I know this sounds like it's in hindsight but I was saying it at the time. I also will concede it was tough decision. There was definitely an argument to go for it. I just happened to disagree with it. Of course the playcalling on both 3rd and 4th down were horrible but that's on Cameron. The end of the game was mismanaged not because he ran down the clock. That was the obvious move. You cant leave 1:40 with a TO left in San Diego's pocket should Tucker miss it. The mismanagement was the decision to knell the ball 3 times instead of calling 3 normal, very conservative run plays. What he did was lose 3 yards and ice his own kicker. If you have foresight, you should realize that SD is going to call their T.O.s there. So why are we kneeling the ball. Tucker started to run out after 1st down, then stood here for a min or so before going back to kick a few more times before coming on the field. I really was concerned that may have effected him. Just run 3 normal hand offs to Rice and now you most likely aren't losing yards, you're potentially getting closer, and you're not icing your kicker. It's something that nobody is going to point out because Tucker made the kick but it doesn't mean it was handled optimally.
  23. Only you could find a way to pat this coaching staff on the back after today's game. This game was won by the will of the players on the field in spite of their coaches. Without this team falling down by double digits and going back to the no huddle this team would have lost. Thank God Habaugh and Cameron were forced to take the handcuffs back off of Joe and go back to the offense that works best for this team. Really, from the 8 min mark on the team was put on the back of the players, especially the offense. The less involvement Harbaugh and Cameron have on philosophy and playcalling the better they play. Yeah, how crazy of me to think we could have lost to both SD and Pitt. Boy, did this team prove me wrong. All they needed was Big Ben out and Leftwich playing hurt to beat the Steelers by 3 and a 4th and 29 conversion on 4th downto beat the Chargers by 3. How impressive!!! This team is exactly who I thought they were. I said we'd be 9-7 but I also predicted we'd lose a good many tight games to solid teams. That's been the Ravens M.O. in the Harbaugh era. The difference is they are finding ways to win a lot of close games this year. If you don't want to concede they've caught some huge breaks this year be my guest but youre only fooling yourself. Go listen to every single national or local analyst who has been saying for weeks now that we're a weak 7,8, and now 9 win team. That can't be denied. But I hate feeling like I have to defend myself here, or worse, bad mouth the Ravens. Ultimately, I could care less how they win as long as they win. The realist in me knows how lucky we've been but the fan in me doesn't care. I feel like you're making me be too objective here with this team. SO screw this debate you're trying to pull me into every week. I don't care anymore. I'm just going to enjoy every win we get the rest of the year no matter how they come.
  24. The thing on the Rice play is Joe would have got killed for not throwing past the sticks had Ray not got the 1st. Now, in general I agree that you have to throw past the sticks. Throw a jump ball. You could see on the replay that San Diego had like 8 past the sticks and had our WRs covered so Joe said screw it maybe Ray can make something happen. If it isn't Ray Rice I think Joe just throws a jump ball and prays which he probably should have done. Anyway, the play shows you how much of a playmaker Rice is and how he is a player well worth a big contract. I know we had that debate back when he was holding out but he is truely a difference maker on the field. Besides that play, there were also a few runs that Pierce had where I'm convinced Ray would have had a decent bit more. I don;t even think Pierce is a bad back. I think he is a very solid backup and probably an averge to above average league back. What it does is show the difference between an average RB and a great one and the difference they can make in a game.
  25. -Once the Oline played better in the 2nd half Joe took off and played well. As the Oline goes so goes Flacco and the passing game. it's that simple. I've said it a million times. When people do their job around Joe well he does his well. it's as simple as that. What Joe doesn't get enough credit for besides generally taking care of the ball is putting the ball on WRs that are tightly guarded. Yes, he'll sometimes throw high and people harp on that. But he put like 4 or 5 balls comined on Pitta and Boldin today when the CB had air tight coverage. Put in a place where only the receiver could catch it. Same thing with the deciding play to Torrey. Just a perfectly thrown back shoulder pass. Absolute money connection. in general though the two biggest problems for the offense are the inconsistency of the Oline and WRs getting no seperation. -A horribly coached game. Maybe the worst all year despite the win. How do you get away from the up tempo no huddle style after the first two drives. The only reason those drives stalled was because of dropped passes. Once we started huddling up and playing that conservative style we were playing right into their hands. They pinned their ears back, attacked and killed us for most of the 2nd and early 3rd quarter. The best thing that happened was Harbaugh/Cam were forced to go back to that up tempo no huddle style with 8 min left and down 10. If we would have only been down 7 I fully believe we would have lost continuing to play too conservative. They were forced to go back to the no huddle and Joe marched the team down the field on consecutive drives. Laughably, what happens as soon as Rice gets the first down. With 1:30 left and a TO instead of going for the win we pack it back in and get ultra conservative again. We play to tie the game which we do and then get ultra conservative again in OT even after getting out of danger near our own endzone. Luckily, Joe made a couple of big throws and catches to his WRs on 3rd and long. How can you expect an offense to be consistent when a coach changes the philosophy in game plan two series into the game. The overall game managemt was horrible as well. The 3rd and 4th down decisions on 3rd and 1 and 4th and inches. The end of overtime was mismanaged as well. This team won in spite of their coaches. Good for them. - The defense is starting to show life. The pressure on Rivers was huge and honestly something I wasn't expecting. It made the difference. Still give up too many yards on the ground but the pass rush has definitely taken strides. -Ultimately, all I can say is that this team finsa ways to win games. There is no question they have been lucky in a lot of ways but it's ultimately a good thing that this team believes that there is something special going on and that they will find a way to win games. It gives you a mental edge. We've been remarkably fortunate to have 2 franchises like that in Baltimore this year. Now, hopefully, like the O's down the stretch in August and Sept when they proved they were a legit team and not getting lucky, I hope the Ravens can round into form and do the same thing. If they do, and can finish with a #2 or even #3 seed I think they can make a real run. The 2 most important games at this point are next week against Pitt which would virtually lock up the division and the game against Denver which is likely to be for the #2 or #3 seed.
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