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  1. Is getting MASN standalone possible in the region?
  2. I have always hated April Fools Day.
  3. The thing is we could be regretting it in June. There's no guarantee Chris can replicate last year. It could be two years ago all over again.
  4. I love Chris Davis but this is foolish. I'd much rather have Cespedes.
  5. I've read more posts on this site than minutes I've lived. Might be hyperbole, might not be!
  6. @CrushD19 what a day it is. Wanna meet in the middle of Texas and hug. Adam breaking some news?
  7. I wanted to laugh when I saw that corner, well, either laugh or cry. That was brutal.
  8. I once logged in from the Yigal Alon Museum, home of the "Jesus Boat", in Kibbutz Ginosar, Israel in 2009.
  9. Overreaction Station, the last stop on this line.
  10. I feel like it's the 6th inning already
  11. Why am I subjecting myself to this?
  12. The replay even looks like it hit the bottom of the warehouse.
  13. Jay Buhner fits that mold. He was jacked.
  14. Replaced with a MILF in blue, Scott.
  15. That shows my reading comprehension - or lack thereof. I automatically assumed the ads would be on the uniforms. I would have selected yes otherwise.
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