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  1. The Ravens feel much more in control of this game, yet it's only a 3 point lead. They need to come out strong in the 2nd half and try to break this open.
  2. Inexcusable to have 12 men on the field coming out of a timeout there. Wow.
  3. Great stop by the D there. They were on their heels a bit with that hurry-up offense.
  4. Running the ball up the middle where they just had success would've worked for me. Hell, a QB sneak from the 1 foot line would've probably been an easy 6. Negate the LB's.
  5. That wasn't a power running attack. The sweep and QB draw were plays designed to trick and fool, not impose your will. Just sad.
  6. Props to the Niners, but Cameron was their 12th man on those last 3 plays.
  7. Cameron trying to be too cute. Just some real terrible play-calling right there.
  8. I use this: along with this: I never have any problems with razor burn or ingrown hairs. I swear by Aveeno, best shave gel I've ever used. I've also used the forearm trick to keep the blades sharp and it works like a charm.
  9. Honestly, I think the Boller years were better than Monday night! At least, I don't recall a Boller-led offense failing to get a 1st down for an entire half! Then again, I may have subconsciously erased that from my memory. Those years of going to a shrink may have actually paid off.
  10. Just a random thought, I work for a school system. Could they somehow be exempt from the paywall? It wouldn't explain my good fortune at home, but it's something.
  11. Well it's not like I'm going to just the Sun's main page and looking at it. Naturally I'm clicking on the articles and reading them. I'm mostly there for the Ravens stuff, but I'll read the local news occasionally as well. I'd say I'm good for at least 5-10 page views a day, yet no lockout for me.
  12. I visit BaltimoreSun.com every single day from both work and home as well, and have yet to see anything about subscribing or a paywall. Not that I'm complaining, but surely I've hit the 15-page limit by now. Not sure if there's some trick I'm doing, but I've been able to continually access the site without any issues whatsoever.
  13. Eh, I disagree. Heap was a lifetime Raven. Drafted here, devoloped here, played 10 seasons. Mason was a hired gun, playing 6 seasons for the Ravens. Essentially, half of Heap's career here. Not saying that Mason deserved to get booed on Sunday, but comparing Mason to Heap isn't a fair comparison at all.
  14. Refs are the only thing keeping the Steelers in the game.
  15. Crawford: .255 11 HR's 56 RBI's 18 SB's Werth: .232 20 HR's 58 RBI's 19 SB's They're damn near interchangable. It's hilarious to even bring it up. They're both albatrosses.
  16. Well, he was certainly better than Foxworth. And that's even if Foxworth had been 100% healthy, which he's obviously not. Had they cut Fox and given Wilson his money instead, the Ravens would be WAY better off.
  17. Ha, beat me to the punch! Great minds think alike...
  18. Wow, that's a pretty big surprise. You've got to consider this a mistake or miscalculation by Ozzie given Foxworth's cost this year. They could've easily cut him prior to the season and with that money re-signed Josh Wilson, who by all accounts is looking very solid for the Skins so far.
  19. That hot dog vendor has a hell of a voice.
  20. I'm getting dizzy from all the spin. Reynolds would be a MUCH better #4 hitter than Vlad. I'm not sure how this can really even be debatable.
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