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  1. The schadenfreude I'm experiencing by reading the game thread over at SOSH is too divine for words.
  2. And he's won as many NFL games as I have! (hint: that's zero) Seriously though, what Cam has done is certainly impressive thus far. But I'd wait to let the season play out a bit first before taking the praise too far. The hype machine is already getting out of control.
  3. You just know Gregg is gonna give up a walk-off grand slam to Big Poopy of all people. How fitting would that be?
  4. A total letdown game. Very disappointing after last week. Not much positive to take from this unfortunately.
  5. They're really beating these bubble screens to death right now. WVU is obviously well-prepared for them, it's time to try something different.
  6. Off our ol' buddy, Rodrigo Lopez! I seriously can't believe he's still pitching. What's next? A Willis Roberts sighting?
  7. They were doing it at the Dolphins game last night too. It's hard to get too excited about something like this if it's going to be happening all over the place. (the Miami crowd was extremely lame though)
  8. It's because those cities/areas had a home game currently going on at the same time. The Jacksonville territory is the area in FLA that had the Fox early game blacked out. I suppose the idea is they want to encourage going to the local game as much as possible.
  9. Ouch. It must suck to be a Chiefs fan right now. One week and their season is essentially over.
  10. Seriously, just release Gregg. He is worthless.
  11. It'll be close (of course), but the Ravens will prevail. Both offenses struggle to put up points. I say Ravens 17-13.
  12. Hyperbole much? Ozzie's legend is already pretty high, but signing David Garrard of all people isn't really going to change that for better or worse.
  13. I think JJ Hardy just yawned.
  14. It's seriously pouring again. Really, what in the HELL are they thinking??
  15. I think I have an illness.
  16. Yankee Stadium looks like OPACY in late September! There has to be less than 100 people still there.
  17. Game is getting ready to start, yet it's still pouring. What in the hell are they thinking?
  18. I don't even know why I'm staying up for this. What's wrong with me?
  19. Insanity. By the time they get the tarp off the field and have it in playing condition, it's going to be raining again! What's the point??
  20. Good god, they somehow found a way to win it. Happy for Ryan Adams though, good for him.
  21. What a goofy mess of a game.
  22. Andino is a joke. He simply cannot bunt.
  23. Why is Wieters still running? Isn't there anyone left on the bench who's faster than a turtle? Even a pitcher?
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