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  1. Gregg has to be the worst "closer" in all of MLB.
  2. The strike zone is as wide as Colon's ass.
  3. Really wish they would come back and say something. The only reason I watched this all the way to the end was to hear some reaction, a tribute, just something. Not 7 minutes of commercials.
  4. It makes me sick to think that they are intentionally withholding information from Hunter and Palmer. This goes well beyond the sanctity of a broadcast. Let them know what has happened. Give them an opportunity to address it on air if they so desire. Or air the game in silence if they do not. To broadcast this game and act as though nothing has happened is borderline disgraceful.
  5. Gregg really blows. I can't get over this guy.
  6. When you're reduced to using Ozzie freakin' Gullen of all people to support your position, perhaps it may be time to rethink some things. Good lord, it was a walk-off win. And yet you STILL find something to b!tch and moan about. Your negativity truly knows no bounds. And I like you dude, but this is absurd.
  7. Craziness. A true living legend. This place wouldn't be nearly as exciting or interesting without SG and his contributions. Congratulations on 100K!
  8. Still not good enough. Only 1 K against AAA competition? Disappointing. Also, is his velocity improving? That's the key for me.
  9. It's legit. From the official site.
  10. Chatwood has issued a walk in EVERY game he has started this season. In fact, he's allowed one walk just ONE time. Every other start he's walked at least 2 hitters. Who wants to wager that the O's become the first team to not walk against him?
  11. That was terrible. This ump's zone is a postage stamp for Guthrie, yet he calls a ball at the ankles a strike for walkin' Tyler Chatwood?
  12. Did someone just say something about poor situational hitting?
  13. Oh yeah, and a no-name pitcher shutting us out.
  14. This just feels like one of those all too typical O's games. GIDP's. Poor situational hitting. Umpire squeezing our pitcher. Our pitcher not doing himself any favors either. Bad bounces, bad breaks, etc...
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