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  1. Hell of a play there.
  2. Alex Morgan is a million times hotter than Hope Solo. It's no contest for me.
  3. That's a filthy sinker.
  4. I swear the Orioles hate me. I just want to go to bed now, yet here comes a rally that I now have to watch.
  5. This guy pitches like an Oriole.
  6. Yes, but the results are the same regardless.
  7. Wow. And I thought Gonzo's delivery was weird. WTF?
  8. Thank you. Although I have no idea how to feel about Worrell.
  9. Please yank him soon.
  10. His move to first base is embarrassing for a lefty.
  11. Gonzo is painful to watch. Good lord.
  12. That pitch was wayyyy outside.
  13. Name one game that the Steelers weigh heavier than the Ravens. I'd love to know the answer to this.
  14. And I just hate silly arguments like this. You can only beat who you play. Are Ravens fans supposed to yawn and feel dissatisfied after defeating the Steelers IN Pittsburgh, albeit with Charlie Batch at QB? Do you think Steelers fans didn't talk trash about beating a Kyle Boller-led Ravens team?
  15. Sounds like something a Steeler fan would say. So then, who is the Steelers rival? According to your definition, it can't be the Browns. I'm guessing the Patriots? Although they seem to own the Steelers lately too. So then their fans wouldn't consider it a rivalry. I guess in Floater's mind, no true rivalry can ever exist.
  16. And that's just the Orioles luck. Could not have hit that ball any harder.
  17. I seriously felt that one coming. It was only a matter of time.
  18. Was that an 84 MPH fastball?
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