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  1. My nerdy self deserves (and appreciates) the ribbing
  2. I don't want to derail a hilarious thread with a very minor nitpick, but it's foreword. Not forward. Considering every single person has made the same mistake in this thread, I just had to say something. Anyway, back to the funnies. Carry on!
  3. Yet another outing in which he can't even retire one hitter and gives up 4 runs. Man when he's off, he's really off.
  4. JJ Hardy is such a pleasure to watch.
  5. Buck's gonna get tossed.
  6. Come on crowd, do your damn job.
  7. That strike call was horrendous.
  8. O's just trying to give away the game.
  9. This is Orioles baseball.
  10. Why would you say that?
  11. Great minds think alike! It really is horrible lately.
  12. P.S.- Camera man sucks at following HR balls. I mean, it's ridiculously bad. You can barely tell where the balls lands sometimes.
  13. What a jack! Ball is flying today!
  14. The Orioles are making it too easy on Homer Bailey.
  15. I can't believe Vlad swung at that. That wasn't remotely close to the plate.
  16. Good job getting out of it.
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