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  1. That's just embarrassing.
  2. Way too many pitches, but Guthrie looks like he has his good stuff today.
  3. Guthrie just hit 98 MPH, where did this velocity come from?
  4. Can anyone describe what this is? It's blocked at work and I'm curious now.
  5. "Disco Stu doesn't advertise."
  6. Because it fits Trea's argument. It doesn't have to actually make any sense.
  7. *Random miscellaneous positive thoughts* Boy was I wrong! (about just about everything, sigh)
  8. I think I need some of what you're drinking! Must be some pretty good stuff to have you in a good mood while watching this mess.
  9. I already gave up on that guy. A brick wall would be more enjoyable to talk to (and would probably have a better variety of things to say as well).
  10. Is there an echo in here? We get it, you don't like Andy MacPhail. Maybe you and JTrea can enjoy some private time together.
  11. Nice camera work MASN! Glad Vladdy got the hit, let's build on this.
  12. Honestly, I would've been okay with leaving Britton in there. He looked comfortable in his 2 AB's at least.
  13. Who wants to bet the O's bats go completely silent now for the rest of the game? I've seen this story before...
  14. And just like that, the lead is gone. But hey, at least the O's are still outhitting the Nats 10-4.
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