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  1. This team can be so frustrating to watch at times. Edit: Most of the time.
  2. I just got here to see the team imploding. Perhaps I should just focus on my work and ignore the game like I was earlier?
  3. That's how the original Dutch version is set up, which is what this series is based on.
  4. Only one non-AL East player amongst the starters. And that doesn't even include anyone from the reigning AL East champion Rays. And we wonder why we can't get out of the cellar of this division?
  5. So if you "get it" as you say, then why do you feel the need to post some sort of snarky comment in every Jeter thread like this? You're on an Orioles message board, you obviously know the drill by now. And I think everyone here already knows your thoughts on the subject too. We're no longer beating a dead horse anymore, we're smacking around bottles of glue for pete's sake.
  6. I was purposely trying to forget about Andino. Now I'm going to have nightmares of his horrendous AB's. Thanks!
  7. This loss is more on the shoulders of the offense and their horrid inability to do anything with runners in scoring position. So many terrible AB's. Mark Reynolds, Adam Jones. I'm looking at you...
  8. Koji's still my boy, but he's homer prone and that spells trouble especially against this team.
  9. Of course. I felt that one coming too.
  10. Dang, thought that was gonna drop...
  11. I hate seeing Andino up in these situations.
  12. My guess is Gwen. I'm kinda mad at myself for not thinking about that particular angle sooner.
  13. Can't believe they didn't give him an error. It hit off of his glove.
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    He's missing so much fun!
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