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  1. Oh the horror! That poor, poor team. They'll probably just end up trading for some stud closer from a non-contending team (Huston Street/Joel Hanrahan/K-Rod) and make him their new 7th inning guy.
  2. Eh, I see Lex's point. He's a middle reliever with a career 3.70 ERA. If he were on any other team, this would barely qualify as notable news. I doubt anyone outside of NY really gives two craps about Joba Chamberlain.
  3. Haha, wow! So is this how you connect to the internet?
  4. Haha, wow. I haven't seen an excite.com link in years! I had no idea that domain was even still around. Just a little internet history... Excite CEO George Bell once had the opportunity to purchase Google's search engine for $750,000, and turned it down. If you're bored, here's the fun story: http://www.minyanville.com/special-features/articles/excite-google-microsoft-yahoo-apple-bankruptcy/4/23/2010/id/27013
  5. Yikes, you aren't kidding. With David it seems like he's either really good, or completely off his game. This is the 2nd outing over the past few weeks in which he wasn't able to retire a single batter while allowing 5 straight guys to reach. Not good. His walk rate is also a bit high.
  6. A total team effort, very enjoyable!
  7. Is Luke finally going to get hot?
  8. Gutty performance. I'm eating my words.
  9. Hey man, this was the highlight of my day. Don't ruin it for me.
  10. I'm liking Hardy in the leadoff spot. Jakubauskas as the starting pitcher though? Not so much.
  11. Yeah, that's pretty terrible. I'm losing a little bit of faith with each start like this.
  12. Nice piece of hitting by Nick right there.
  13. Southern Tier is another good choice that I haven't seen mentioned yet. Their pumpkin ale this past fall was to die for.
  14. ChrisAF79

    Good Bye

    I hope not! Good riddance, as far as I'm concerned...
  15. With Gregg's "control", I'm not sure how you can walk the bases loaded like this.
  16. Confused as to why Tatum was allowed to hit. Any ideas?
  17. Now let's do the damn thing and get this over with! I wouldn't mind seeing a pinch hit, walk off jack from Wieters. Just sayin...
  18. I don't know why so few people agreed with me in the thread from the other day. It's painfully obvious that Andino is clueless when it comes to bunting. Yet while this is crystal clear to anyone with two eyes, Buck seems clueless and still puts on the bunt play. It's mind-numbing.
  19. Andino failing to get down a proper bunt? This seems familiar... Seriously though, this still comes down on Buck for me. You know Andino can't bunt. Until you are certain he can, don't call for a bunt!
  20. I caught a batting practice homer off the bat of Harold Baines on the flag court at Camden Yards (this was when he was with the White Sox, '97 maybe?). Sounds like a great story so far, right? Well, it also broke my right index finger. That hurt like hell, but I still held onto the ball!
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