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  1. His command is MUCH better. Everything thus far has been on the corners. Not a single mistake pitch yet that I can recall.
  2. The A's have 3 runs and 7 hits, and I'm not sure any of them were hit all that well. Very frustrating.
  3. I have a feeling I won't be able to force myself to stay up for this one...
  4. Seeing eye grounders all over the place. Ugh.
  5. Walks are ALWAYS bad, regardless of what happens immediately following them.
  6. Born and raised in the suburbs of Baltimore, Perry Hall to be exact. Now living in Canton, and I can see Camden Yards from my deck. I love the city life.
  7. I'm assuming you work out at Merritt, Mac?
  8. I always liked Corey too, and I hope he is able to keep this up with the Reds. If it weren't for Jay Payton, I wouldn't have minded having Corey here as a 4th OF/pinch runner.
  9. That's an awesome pitch count so far. It'd be a huge boost if we could get 7 innings or more out of him today.
  10. Hmm, Markakis in the two hole? Interesting...
  11. True! But I did purchase plenty of alcohol while I was there. That has to count for something!
  12. Well hey, at least I did my part! I was at the stadium freezing my butt off until the very last out. But in all seriousness, the crowd size was ridiculous. In a bad way. I doubt there were more than 6,000 in the house tonight. But I think we did a pretty decent job of making noise. Or was that my drunken imagination?
  13. I'll be there again tonight. Free tix from work, score! Anyone else going?
  14. Look for me at Pickles around noon. I'll be with a large group of drunken friends.
  15. That is a very ugly line. Given Loewen's history (both performance and injury), this is very disconcerting news. I wouldn't be shocked if he started the season on the DL.
  16. We don't know anything about his side sessions, and I'm willing to overlook his AFL campaign due to it being his first action coming back from injury. I just don't see how you can state with any certainty that he doesn't look good right now. IMO, 5 IP in spring training is not enough to make a solid judgment on Penn. However, I'm not heartbroken that he'll be getting some work in down in Norfolk. I just hope he forces the O's hand, and will be back with the big club sometime in the next couple of months.
  17. Shack, I'm confused as to what your argument is all about. Is this because people have been advocating trading Brian Roberts? You do understand that it's not simply because he'll be over the age 30 by 2010, right? This has much more to do with his current value, along with the fact that he is very unlikely to resign once eligible for free agency. If anything, I would argue that his age has the least to do with the desire to trade him. I just get the feeling you're pigeon-holing a good number of posters here with some supposed "obsession" with age.
  18. You're already in midseason form, Mike!
  19. Ugh, talk about Murderer's Row...
  20. I have no problem with people leaving their dogs outside all of the time. If the dog is happier that way, then awesome. The only time it becomes an issue for me is if said dog barks CONSTANTLY. Living in the city, I think this happens way too often. When the weather is nice, I love to leave the windows open. There is nothing more annoying than the neighbor behind me leaving their dog outside for hours at a time, and subsequently being forced to listen to that racket. Especially when I'm trying to read!
  21. Dude, small sample size alert!! Of all the reasons to advocate keeping Sherrill, this is pretty poor.
  22. If they were intelligent GM's/managers, they shouldn't lend much creedence to which arm a pitchers throws with. I would hope they would look for the best arms overall, regardless of which hand releases the ball.
  23. Moore's on fire during ST so far.
  24. Thanks for the updates beardbr.
  25. When Ben Davis is your DH and you've got guys like Redman/Quiroz/Fahey filling out the order, you know you have a crummy line-up.
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