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  1. I personally think she looks pretty good in either picture. A physically attractive woman who has some intelligence to boot is very "hot" to me.
  2. How about Danielle Fishel? I always had a thing for her for some reason...
  3. Agreed. I would... but only for the story.
  4. Hmm...tough call. But I would say no. I've turned down better
  5. Yeah, not a fan of Fergie. Butterface to the extreme.
  6. That's a tough one, but I'm gonna go with hot.
  7. Minnie Driver...mmm. Definitely HOT. How about Mandy Moore?
  8. This VP is so deliciously evil...I love it.
  9. To me, this says it all right here. I still can't understand why anyone would have a problem with this.
  10. The point is, there ARE laws in place against drinking and driving. Just because something is harmful and can cause death in extreme cases, doesn't mean you should ban it altogether.
  11. I'm sorry, but this is somewhat of a silly argument. Alcohol, when abused, is certainly more harmful than smoking. I won't disagree with that. However, smoking is harmful in ALL cases.
  12. Again, this depends on the amount of alcohol being consumed. Alcohol in moderation (1-3 drinks/day) has actually been proven to have positive health effects. You certainly cannot say this for smoking. I just don't understand how people can simply shrug off or deny the adverse health risks created by secondhand smoke.
  13. Let me guess...you're a smoker, right? The only people I ever see or hear disputing claims of the risks of secondhand smoke are smokers themselves. Seriously, read this: http://areyouokwiththat.com/documents/CWM_FactSheet1.pdf It's very comprehensive, and hopefully will sway your stubborn mind back to reality.
  14. This is wonderful news. As a single non-smoking guy who enjoys going to bars often, I couldn't be any happier. There is nothing worse than coming home after a night out reeking of smoke and feeling congested. I've been to bars in NYC and Montgomery County and the non-smoking atmosphere is amazingly refreshing. I can't wait to have that feeling in Baltimore bars as well. As for the smokers, I feel your pain. However, if you really must smoke, simply go outside and do it there.
  15. Sorry, I was just being a drunken idiot when I posted that...haha. Nick just seemed very cool and unapproachable. Like he was more important than anyone else there, and he acted that way. No big thing. I'd probably feel the same way if I were him.
  16. I'm drunk and just saw Nick Markakis out on the town. He's kind of an azz.
  17. Smooth stuff man, you handled it as well as possible. Being a single guy can be rough nowadays. I know first-hand. No offense to our older (more mature) folks on here, but courtship and dating are just not the same as they used to be!
  18. Best of luck to you man! Keep us posted on what happens.
  19. There's a Jesse Orosco plaque in the bullpen? Seriously?!? I honestly did not know this. And I agree with you. It's pitiful that they did nothing to memorialize Elrod when he gave 37 years of his life to this organization. The '44' on the jersey sleeve was a nice gesture, but there should be something permanent out in the bullpen to further honor a truly great man.
  20. Exactly, that's pretty much been my point all along. Most DC-area fans simply do not care about the issue of "Baltimore" on the jerseys. So why the worry about alienating those fans? As for me personally, I agree that it's not all that relevant to the big picture. But I do think it would make a lot of people happy. And again, it would be a sign of management listening to the fans. That's never a bad thing.
  21. I see what you're saying, but I honestly find it hard to believe that it would affect the DC area fans in that way. If you're a fan of the Orioles living in or around DC and have not already switched allegiances to the Nationals, you're not going to do it now just because "Baltimore" was put back on the jerseys. IMHO, I think if someone were to do a poll amongst ALL O's fans, the results would be very favorable to the addition of "Baltimore" to the away jerseys.
  22. I can agree with that. At the same time, will putting Baltimore back on the away jerseys convert those die-hard O's supporters in Washington into Nats fans? I highly doubt it. My point is, why not do something so simple that it would appease many people? In the grand scheme of things, it's not really a huge deal. But it would be a sign that management is actually listening to the fans for a change. It would no doubt be a great boost in PR, don't you think?
  23. The Colorado example is a poor one in my opinion, because it's always been the "Colorado Rockies". It's not like there was any precedent back in the 70's. There is no tradition there. Also, as much as Peter Angelos would like to believe, the Orioles are NOT a regional market team. Leaving "Baltimore" off of everything related to the team does not change that fact. When you've got the Nats 40 minutes to the South, and the Phillies a couple hours to the North, Baltimore and its surrounding areas are basically your target. Don't ignore us.
  24. ChrisAF79


    Just because Perlozzo is a major league manager doesn't mean he is impervious to criticism. Bunting with Markakis in that particular situation was so foolish, it shouldn't even be necessary to discuss the reasons.
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