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  1. Solution, Pena "sleeps wrong," wakes up with back spasms - 10 DL with a rehab stint. Call up an arm.
  2. Time will tell if this was "the start of something," or a bad week. I think the pen has come down with a case of the yips (Brach and Givens especially).
  3. Cal played half his career in Memorial Stadium and retired before the stadium celebrated its tenth birthday. Jones will play his entire career in Camden and will hold many MANY Camden Yards records. Jones has also been the public face of the team in an era of social media and connection that Cal never really had a chance to be (and given his personality, more Markakis than Jones) and probably wouldn't have been huge on. Maybe someone like Manny will take that mantle in the future, but there is a puncher's chance that he doesn't stay beyond FA. Jones is the first tru
  4. The Orioles need to address pen concerns. I am assuming a trade will be made of more permanent call up. The next couple of weeks might be harrowing. So long as we keep winning 5-7 of our 10 game chunks, we will be fine. We have gotten off to a great start, that is what this affords the team.
  5. It is becoming apparent: Adam Jones is demonstrably the best Oriole of the Camden Yards era.
  6. Have I been ranting? I thought I basically said the Nats were meh and Harper was fun? I mean DC is a fantastic museum and a land of history. But it is essentially a strip mall devoid of character and NOVA is basically a collection of overpriced suburbs. Yeah I live and work in the setting of the Wire, but at least a map of my town makes sense and one can still buy a house with a yard in a quiet corner and live a respectable life.
  7. Also sports radio is, and always has been, total garbage.
  8. It must be rough being around a collective of trash fans. I bet they all had Gonzaga shirts on preorder during the final four and LOVE them some Warriors
  9. I don't hate them - I mean what's to hate? My "hate," for them is more like a old high-school rival hate, like yeah it feels great to beat them, and there is the ribbing and jabs but - come on, they're the Nats they don't have any impact on me. Derek Jeter ruined most of my baseball youth - F the Yankees. The Nats, feh. Harper is too fun to watch.
  10. In all fairness, Nats fans really REALLY hate the Orioles. Go troll over to Nats fan forum, there is a genuine acrimony. It is rather off-putting.
  11. I'd be perpetually grumpy and inhospitable too if I had been stuck in traffic for three days just to go to the Olive Garden.
  12. We also have John Waters, so their point is inherently moot from the beginning.
  13. The Baltimore Inferiority Complex is real. Own it. DC sports fans are a bunch of whiners and apologists trying to convince themselves that something that is objectively bad isn't. Yeah, Baltimore has problems, we won it and keep working. People still making art, people still writing books, people still working hard and living lives. Most DC sports fans are from Northern Virginia - i bet that lady from the Reston TJ's has a Harper jersey.
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