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  1. Hope he is alright, tough with scarce details. No real sense of how long he will be gone, not even confirming whether he will even miss Opening Day yet. Roch's article
  2. The website has been updated, July 25th is John Means Bobblehead giveaway. The only other addition is a fanny pack giveaway on May 27th.
  3. Pat Valaika with his third homer. Clearly he and Chris Davis are both going to hit 50 homers this year.
  4. I went back to work today, my cold has subsided somewhat. Listened during my lunch break.
  5. Interesting that Elias came to the booth, can't imagine more than a couple dozen people are listening.
  6. Yeah, he is playable in center in a pinch, certainly moreso than Stevie Wilkerson. But he has only played 11 games in center with Bowie, compared to 82 games in right.
  7. Really odd to have Mason Williams in right and Diaz in center. Feels like a mistake, wouldn't be surprised if that was swapped. Especially with Mountcastle in left.
  8. Players like that get a courtesy bonus year of consideration. They could bounce back like Sedlock and Fenter have. They have the pedigree anyway.
  9. Opening Day tickets available starting at $40, mostly lousy upper reserve seats. Supposedly only til 2:00 PM today. Use code: OPENINGDAY
  10. I would add in Brandon Snyder as well, drafted as a HS catcher, but who was thought to be an eventual 3rd baseman or 1st baseman. By his first full season at Delmarva he was pretty much a full-time first baseman.
  11. I am ready for the Yusniel Diaz era to begin soon.
  12. Even longer than Miltiades Papastergios.
  13. Sure looked that way. He does not look like a big league outfielder.
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