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  1. MurphDogg

    Nunez DFA

    Yeah, I think the odds no more than 50/50 that Shaw even makes it through the off-season on the 40-man roster, let alone ever plays for the team.
  2. Doesn't make a ton of sense to me, assuming Mancini is actually ready to go. Mancini/Santander/Mountcastle/Stewart would seemingly be penciled in for 1B/LF/RF/DH with Diaz on deck by mid-season. Puig may well be an improvement on Stewart or even Santander/Mancini, but this is hardly the season to be focusing on marginal win improvements at the cost of short-term free agent signings. Maybe a L/R platoon situation with Stewart, plus filling in for Mancini once or twice a week and Santander and Mountcastle whenever they need a day off. I assume Mancini won't be playing 155 games. Puig is only 30 (in two weeks), but I'm not sure how he could get a multi-year deal now considering he couldn't get one last off-season.
  3. I don't expect him to be on the roster for much of this season. If he has another decent spring training maybe he can crack the opening day roster, but I see several parking lot pothole ankle injuries in his future. I do think it makes sense to roster him through the offseason on the off-chance that the COVID situation results in fewer games being played next year and players being paid pro-rated salaries again.
  4. MurphDogg

    Nunez DFA

    I guess. Though Stewart hit better against lefties than righties in the minors in 2018 and 2019. I have more faith in Stewart against lefties, than Cedric Mullins for instance.
  5. Wasn't sure where to put this, figured this thread was as good as any since it is a BA article. Hope Adley is ready, would be nice to be watching him at the big league level by May/June.
  6. MurphDogg

    Nunez DFA

    Fortunately there is a hitter that can be "designated" to not play the field. I would rather have Stewart in the lineup at DH with Hays in centerfield rather than Mullins in center and Hays in a corner outfield spot with Santander or Mountcastle DHing. Regardless of whether you think Mullins or Hays should be the starting centerfielder, it seems clear that having another positionless bat in Nunez is superfluous with Stewart on the roster.
  7. MurphDogg

    Nunez DFA

    Stewart will provide approximately the same level of production for the league minimum salary that Nunez would have provided and with Diaz on the way, Stewart should be fighting for regular at-bats by midway through the season. Since he is making the minimum, Ruiz gets one more year to show that he can be a 2 WAR-ish type player, if not he will be DFA'd at this time next year and Bannon, Nevin or a free agent will get a shot.
  8. Alvarado signed with the A's yesterday.
  9. This had been simmering for a couple years. Peter was clearly not making any decisions, but had still been listed as the primary contact for league matters. The article also mentions the recent talk about selling the team and how it would benefit the Angelos family to wait until Peter passes away to sell the team so that the sons get a stepped up basis and don't pay capital gains taxes on the increased value of the team (compared to when Peter bought it) when they sell it. The bigger issue is whether the sons will be forced by estate tax considerations to sell the team when Peter dies. The family's full financial picture is not publicly known.
  10. Former 2019 Gold Glove winner at 2B. Was non-tendered by White Sox in 2019 after winning a Gold Glove, signed a minor league deal with the Giants in January 2020, didn't break with the team, was released in August, re-signed with White Sox and played in 13 games. Curious what he gets in arbitration. Would think he would be penciled in as the everyday 2B and Alberto either goes to third or is non-tendered.
  11. Prestige, working with the top level pitchers in the organization using MLB quality equipment and tools, not driving by yourself all around the Eastern seaboard to second rate ballparks and staying in third rate hotel rooms to work with 5 different staffs. I wuld much rather be on home for half of a six month season and flying and staying in nice hotels the other half instead of being on the road and driving for an entire six month season.
  12. Sounds like they didn't want to lose Chris Holt to another team and they wanted to go from 8 to 7 uniformed coaches (which is what they had had for years before Showalter). Hopefully Holt is as effective a pitching coach as he seemed to be as director of pitching for the organization.
  13. Definitely, all prospects are flawed and no pitching prospect can be counted on. I would be very pleased to get a 3, a 4, a 5, and a late inning reliever (Castro or Givens quality) out of the Akin, Kremer, Baumann, Zimmermann, Wells, Bradish, and Smith crowd. A lot of quantity and reasonable quality. If we can get a #2 out of Hall and Rodriguez, I would be pleased. Tough to ever expect even 50 percent of pitching prospects to pan out. Obviously I hope they both become top of the rotation starters, but you can't rely on it. I would have been pleased to get a reasonable 6th inning reliever out of David Hess. Of course, occasionally a John Means comes along and blows your expectations out of the water, but that is much more rare than the other way around.
  14. This is overstating things somewhat. Pretty much every pitcher listed in the opening post is more interesting than David Hess ever was. Hess had 4.54 ERA at Bowie over 52 starts with a 6.8 K/9 and a 3.0 BB/9. Nothing about Hess made him look like a potential solid MLB contributor, certainly not in the rotation. Likewise, Brooks never struck anyone out in the minors which is a major red flag even with his low walk rate, nor was his ERA particularly good. Similarly, Blach was a pitch to contact type who didn't strike guys out in the minors and didn't have great minor league results. The only player similar to those three is Alex Wells, in that he is a soft tossing control guy, but Wells at least has a minor league ERA more than a run better than any of those guys and a K/BB ratio of 4.86. I doubt that Wells will find much success in the majors, but even he is more interesting than Hess, Brooks and Blach, and he is the least interesting (to me) of the guys who have reached AA.
  15. If it weren't for the 7 inning double-headers and the new extra innings rule, Mountcastle might have gotten those 4 extra ABs.
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