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  1. Hanhold, incidentally, was DFA'd in order for the Mets to clear a spot for the return of old friend Donnie Hart.
  2. Michael King was previously reported as the game 4 starter for Trenton, but he ended up piggy-backing yesterday and got the win, pitching four shutout innings. Instead, Rony Garcia will get the start against Tyler Herb. Garcia is a 21 year-old Dominican prospect who has had a tough go this year as one of the younger players in the Eastern League. He has pitched to a 4.44 ERA in 20 starts in a league where the average ERA is 3.54. He has pitched better recently, in his last four appearances, he has gone 18 and a third innings, allowed 3 runs on 12 hits with 21 strikeouts on 6 walks. 2080 has him as a 50 FV, describing him as having the body of a future workhorse, but with a 90-94 MPH fastball his only pitch that is even average at this point. Hope the Baysox can get some runs and knock him around. I really want to go to game 5 tomorrow!
  3. Incredibly, the Tigers don't have a single player with an OPS+ of 100 or better, the Orioles have 6. That is pretty impressive.
  4. Big Sports Illustrated article on Lew's long career.
  5. MurphDogg

    Alex Wells 2019

    Me too, it isn't like he needs the work. The biggest thing preventing him from being a sure-fire MLB starter is that his fastball sits at 90 MPH, and that is something that throwing additional innings isn't going to help. I don't see how he would really benefit from additional innings. I guess it will be nice to see whether his curveball looks as good against more advanced hitters, but I would be fine waiting until next season for that. I would rather see him in a strength program and see if he can add 1-2 MPH to his fastball.
  6. MurphDogg

    Alex Wells 2019

    Don't forget, Wells is on the Arizona Fall League roster, so his year isn't over yet.
  7. Wells didn't look over the whole time the bases were loaded (Wells loaded the bases with nobody out and got the next two batters out before getting two strikes on the third batter). The runner was dancing the whole at-bat, I saw him break for the plate a couple times either in that at-bat or the previous at-bat and he was completely ignored, the third baseman was playing well off the bag. Nobody gave Wells the heads up when he took off. Palmeiro finally yelled from first but it was far too late.
  8. Mullins with a clean single to right to tie the game at 1 and chase Schmidt in the bottom of the fifth. Schmidt looked good but the Baysox were patient and got the pitch count up. Mullins had the only two hits off of him. Time to feast on the bullpen.
  9. McKenna with a great throw to cut down a runner trying to extend a single into a double. The arm definitely plays.
  10. If by begin 2020, you mean 2-4 weeks into 2020, then I agree. Norfolk should be fun to follow next year as well.
  11. I think he should be based on his performance. Over the last 90 days (including the 5 playoff games) he has hit to a .259/.350/.412 line in a league with a .677 average OPS, at the age of 22 (2.0 years younger than league average) with 70 speed and and while playing a solid defensive centerfield.
  12. I was just using WAR as a shorthand for "he hasn't accomplished anything at the Major League level" by the age of 28. Sure, invite him to spring training, but with Mullins and McKenna probably getting the bulk of the time in centerfield at Norfolk, he may find a team willing to pencil him in as the AAA centerfielder AND give him a shot to make the Majors as a fourth outfielder. I think Williams is just a guy, and I wouldn't use a 40-man roster spot on him over the winter.
  13. Mason Williams is 3+ years older than Mullins and finally hit in AAA for the first time last year. Williams is fine as a place holder and I would be happy if they brought him back on a minor league deal with the chance to compete for a fourth outfielder spot in Spring Trainings, but I wouldn't use a 40-man roster spot over the winter on a 28 year-old with a negative WAR.
  14. A pitcher's duel tonight with Clarke Schmidt going against Alex Wells. Schmidt is the Yankees #5 prospect per MLB Pipeline, Fangraphs ranks him at #12. Schmidt was the Yankees first round pick (16th overall) out of South Carolina in 2017. He had Tommy John surgery and didn't pitch professionally that year, and only made it as far as the NY Penn League last year as he recovered from Tommy John. This season, Schmidt started the season in Tampa in high-A ball, he missed 5+ weeks with injury between May 20th and June 27th and pitched three games in the GCL before rejoining Tampa on July 10th. Overall he made 13 appearances with Tampa (12 starts) before being promoted to Trenton and making his final 3 starts of the regular season there. His ERA at Tampa was 3.84 (although it was 2.98 prior to his last start there which saw him allow 7 runs on three innings). In his first start with Trenton he allowed 5 runs over 5 and a third innings, but over the 3 starts since, including one in the last round of the playoffs, he has thrown 19 and 2/3rds innings of shutout baseball allowing 7 hits and 1 walk while striking out 18. Game 4's scheduled starters are Tyler Herb for the Baysox and Michael King for the Thunder. King is the Yankees #37 prospect, per Fangraphs and has had something of a lost season, bouncing all over and making only 11 appearances (8 starts) on the season between the GCL, A+, AA and AAA, pitching to a 5.48 ERA. Excited for the game tonight. Hope some other Hangouters will make it out, there are tons of good seats available, the crowd at the game I went to last week against Harrisburg was small but passionate, not like a typical minor league crowd which tends to be more casual. Not sure whether I will make it tomorrow or not. If there is a Game 5 on Saturday, I will almost definitely be there.
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