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  1. Tom Emanski would not approve of the display we are seeing out here tonight.
  2. That may have been worse than the Stewart error.
  3. Verdugo asking to get plunked.
  4. Should have seen this coming when it meant the Red Sox had a shot at a top 3 pick. Red Sox and Nats are clearly deserving of top-5 picks.
  5. Damn. I wonder if there will be a similar instructional league in Florida.
  6. Yeah, they probably thought the odds were better now to sneak him through than after the season when everyone is churning their 40-man rosters.
  7. Moves are being made to clear 40-man roster space. Carroll got through, Fulmer did not. At 37 players on 40-man roster now.
  8. Kline isn't up. He was up for the first game of the doubleheader and went down when Zimmermann came up. I am also surprised that Phillips is ahead of Kline in the pecking order, but I suspect it is ultimately meaningless. It is also possible that they are determining who will survive the offseason 40-man roster crunch and potentially giving Phillips a chance now, even if they favor Kline long term, just to get one final look at him. I would be surprised if Phillips entered a game where the outcome wasn't already decided.
  9. 8 games left and he is now at 92 at-bats after getting 3 at-bats in each of the last 3 games (11 plate appearances total). Helps keep the at-bats down when the team can't score any runs. Would need 38 at-bats over the final 8 games to lose rookie/prospect eligibility. Mountcastle has only had 5 at-bats in 3 games thus far this season, so the chances of him getting 5 at-bats in 6 of his final 8 games are pretty much non-existent.
  10. Can't blame Mountcastle for that strikeout. Robot umps now!
  11. Straight double, he dove for it. Can't really give him an error. Another RBI for Mountcastle.
  12. DJ "Wheels" Stewart. Ryan "Kit Keller" Mountcastle - he loves the high ones.
  13. Yeah, I am a little surprised that Pop and Wells haven't found their way to Bowie yet. Pop says he is healthy, recovered from the TJ surgery and is training in Canada. Would think those guys would merit a look with Rule 5 decisions upcoming.
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