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  1. Yep, their first pick was in the 20s every year from 2013-17 and was 11 (Grayson Rodriguez) in 2018 (with no first rounder in 2014). Those first round picks produced Hunter Harvey, DJ Stewart, Mountcastle and DL Hall. Cody Sedlock in 2016 was the only bust, but he could still turn things around and produce a little bit. They have had a pretty good hit rate on first rounders, but the lack of international players is what has killed them, not having produced a regular besides Jonathan Schoop since Sidney Ponson.
  2. List will be released tomorrow at 3 PM. Adley Rutschman is one of the four players "in the mix" for the #1 spot, which would seem to indicate he will at least be in the top 4.
  3. Melewski recaps yesterday's show. Apparently he is trying to "add bulk". As I mentioned in this post above, Davis actually had a couple stretches of productivity last year. Unfortunately he had other stretches where he hit worse than a pitcher. That makes me think that at least some of the issue is mental.
  4. Right, but they do say that there are special events. No reason to publicize where the special events are, especially since they are typically at venues that are open to the public.
  5. Why publicly promote something that isn't open to the public? The Orioles season ticket marketing references special events for season ticket holders, seems like that should be sufficient public facing marketing.
  6. It is a season ticketholder event. No reason for it to show up on Google results.
  7. Decent event tonight, Q&A with Branden Kline and John Means. Better questions than normal, both players avoided cliches and actually responded to the questions. Passed food included sliders, crab balls and sweet potato soup. There was also crudite. Free flowing good liquor and cheap beer and wine.
  8. I would have chosen that one since I can walk there and it is a cooler spot, but my wife and I are having our baby shower tomorrow. A MurphPup is due in about a month.
  9. Anybody else going to this event tonight? I will be there and will pass on my impressions. I really enjoyed the event last year at Sagamore. Everyone in attendance got an autographed Jonathan Villar baseball.
  10. They lost Pat Valaika on the last waiver churn. I think he has more upside than Wynns.
  11. AAA bullpen depth and a camp catcher who may hang on as a backup in AA or AAA. With all these fungible catchers the Orioles have, it is silly that Wynns still holds a spot on the 40-man roster.
  12. According to 2080, he was opening games at 92-93 before settling in at 88-91. If he could sit at 93-96 a big jump would be warranted, but it is more likely that is max effort, and where he might sit as a reliever, not a starter. It would definitely be nice if he could get to where he could sit at 93 though.
  13. Yeah, I would go to that one if my wife wasn't 8 and a half months pregnant. Kinda irritating they don't have one in Baltimore though. We have breweries too! One of the breweries even makes a beer honoring Eddie Murray!
  14. Bobby Witt is #24, Andrew Vaughn is #30 and Adley is #5. If our 2020 pick is 50ish, I would be pretty disappointed.
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