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  1. Great article by Dan Connolly in The Athletic, Kriske is in fact named after Brooks Robinson, who became a family friend.
  2. That is high, but not out of the realm of normalcy for that time period unfortunately. College and high school coaches really did a number on pitchers arms, although there is a lot more awareness now, so fewer get away with it.
  3. Gotcha, yeah he was a one-year starter for Illinois and he threw 101 and a third innings over 14 starts, which seems pretty wild. Curious to see the pitch counts on those 9 and 9+ inning games.
  4. I don't remember that, hopefully someone else does. Sedlock mostly had injury issues, strained flexor mass in 2017 and Thoracic outlet syndrome in 2018 which is often a career ender but he bounced back to have a great 2019 without surgery. He has just given up a ton of home runs this season, he had never really been homer prone before. I wonder whether he has been fully healthy this year.
  5. There were 14 players selected after Sedlock through the end of the supplemental round. Of the 28 players selected near Sedlock (14 before and 14 after), 18 have made the Majors. 12 of them have accrued positive rWAR with a single player accruing more than 3 rWAR (Dodgers catcher Will Smith). Sedlock may well eventually see some time in a big league bullpen, but at the end of the first round, Major League success is hardly expected, let alone guaranteed. Definitely been something of a lost year for Sedlock, I am curious what kind of numbers he would have as a reliever, it seems
  6. Also, you are still selling tickets for Major League prices. You need to have a few actual Major Leaguers on your roster.
  7. Yeah, but it is nice to have one guy that you know you can count on. I wouldn't seek a trade for Means until they reach the point that they know Baumann, Grayson, and/or DL Hall can be that type of guy. I think Lowther, Akin, Kremer, Wells, Zimmermann, and Ellis will all be competing for spots 2-5 in the rotation in spring training along with next year's version of Matt Harvey and Felix Hernandez. Would be nice if Baumann, Grayson and Hall could all be ready by the All Star Break. Bradish and Drew Rom could be in the conversation by then, too. Kind of a lost year for Kevin Smith, but
  8. Gotta fill the 2022 innings somehow. I don't expect a Means trade until the All-Star Break when hopefully Baumann and Grayson Rodriguez are in the rotation.
  9. He'll be 28 to start next season and has been blown up in his 12 MLB games. Decent numbers in the minors, but I would be surprised if he survives the off-season 40-man roster shuffle. Could see a few appearances over these last two and a half weeks though.
  10. Yeah, if both Neustrom and Stowers look good midway through next season and Santander and Mancini are having decent years, I could so both being traded at the deadline (if neither is extended).
  11. I definitely think he is on the radar for a corner outfield/1B/DH spot at some point next season and could well be penciled in as the starter in 2023 if Mancini and/or Santander don't come back in 2023. He may well outplay Santander and take his spot next year.
  12. Gunnar is out of the lineup tonight after going 0/4 with three strikeouts last night.
  13. Per Baseball Reference, Jeff Ballard, Pete Stanicek and someone named Brian Sackinsky, among draftees. Among non-draftees, the most notable Orioles that were Cardinals are Jeremy Guthrie and Rick Helling.
  14. The game is a lot different from when Gallo was in the minors. A 30 percent strikeout rate raises an eyebrow, but when it is paired with a 15 percent walk rate, it isn't necessarily a huge problem. If he has a good batting eye, and still gets on base, there is nothing wrong with strikeouts being a part of his game. Stowers has hit for a higher average this year than Gallo did in the minors. If there is a hole in his swing or something that can be attacked by pitchers, that is a separate issue, but that stat line in and of itself isn't scary for me, it is just indicative of the
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