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  1. I don't think that is a big factor, the electronic eye is only in that one stadium.
  2. Bannon and McCoy each got three hits yesterday, including a home run for Bannon and a double for McCoy. McCoy's line is now .343/.452/.457. Bannon's is .236/.259/.309. McCoy and Kremer will represent the O's at the Fall Stars game on Saturday.
  3. Harvey definitely has not graduated. Pitchers exceed rookie eligibility with 50 innings or 45 days on the active roster excluding the period of roster expansion following September 1st. Harvey pitched 6 and a third innings and was called up in mid-August, accruing around 15 days prior to September 1st.
  4. Callis has the Orioles taking Hancock, with Torkelson going first and Martin going third.
  5. According to Roch, looks like Wasdin, Clark and Beyeler will be the only coaches who won't return.
  6. Stewart struggled in his first 10 games, but over his last 31 games, he batted .280/.370/.473. Smith's OPS was decent in mid-May, but it was driven by power that he had never shown at any level of professional baseball. From May 15th onward, Smith hit .210/.272/.343 in 233 plate appearances (44 more plate appearances than Stewart has had in his career). Smith had a stretch worse than Stewart's first 34 plate appearances of .121/.147/.121, it just didn't stand out as much because it was in the middle of the season instead of his first 10 games. From July 1 to July 20, Smith batted .031/.113/.063 over 35 plate appearances. That is crashing through the earth's core. Their wOBA was identical (.299) Smith's wRC+ and OPS+ were both a single point better. Hardly fair to say Smith made more of his opportunities when he had nearly 3 times as many plate appearances and they batted basically the same. Stewart hasn't gotten the same opportunities that Smith got this year.
  7. No AFL for Hays. In the lineup today, batting second.
  8. Stewart since August 19 (including his first inning home run today), .289/.375/.489.
  9. Hays is out of the lineup today.
  10. Picked up 4 more at-bats tonight, as he walked in the 9th. At 124 with 2 games left, so has 6 at-bats remaining.
  11. The Saguaros are playing their 8th game of the season tonight, a quick statistical update: Dean Kremer made his second AFL appearance tonight, going three innings and allowing one run on one hit (a home run) and one walk while striking out 5. Over his two appearances Kramer has pitched 5 innings, allowed 1 run on 3 hits with 1 walk and 8 strikeouts. Alex Wells has also made two appearances, going 4 innings over those two appearances, allowing 1 run on 5 hits with no walks while striking out 6. David Lebron made his third appearance tonight. After allowing 4 runs on 6 hits with one strikeout over an inning and a 2/3rds in his first appearance, he has bounced back with 4 innings allowing no runs on no hits with 3 walks and 3 strikeouts over his last two appearances including tonight. Cody Carroll has pitched three times, allowing 1 run on 1 hit (a home run) with 3 walks and 3 strikeouts over 2 and 2/3rds innings. Rylan Bannon is batting .333/.368/.333 in four games. Mason McCoy is batting .417/.500/.500 in three games. Both Bannon and McCoy are in the lineup tonight and these stats do not include the game tonight.
  12. Rookie eligibility update: Hays had 115 career at-bats coming into tonight's game and players lose their eligibility once they "exceed 130 at-bats". He went 2-5 tonight, reaching 120 at-bats with 3 games remaining.
  13. The Tigers lost their 111th game of the season tonight, clinching the worst record and the #1 pick in the 2020 draft.
  14. With the Orioles win and the Tigers loss, the Tigers magic number for the #1 pick is 1. Any Orioles win or Tigers loss clinches the number 1 pick for the Tigers. The Marlins lost and the Orioles won, so the Orioles magic number for clinching (at least) the #2 pick remains at 1. Any Orioles loss or Miami win will clinch (at least) the number 2 pick for the Orioles.
  15. Give him a break, probably an auto correction on Guglielmo Chrome...
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