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  1. I agree with both points. Would have been easy to adjust the travel days rather than have everybody off Monday. Would have been better for everyone, from scouts to fans to opportunities for minor league rehab assignments. Unless Adley looks overwhelmed in spring training I would prefer him getting at-bats in AAA rather than spending another four weeks in Florida.
  2. If he has a great spring he should go to AAA for a few weeks and if he looks ready, be up by mid-June, past the Super 2 deadline. If he has a mediocre spring, he should start at AA which doesn't start until May 4th, spend 4-6 weeks there and if successful, be promoted to AAA by mid-June. He should spend at least 4-6 weeks in AAA, and if successful be up for good by sometime in August or when rosters expand in September. If he is injured or struggles the timeline would change but that would be my plan for him.
  3. Fair enough. I am a believer in Adam Hall and have heard good things about Vavra, but they are not on the same level as the other three. I suppose DL Hall is the only true lock. A disaster season by any of the other four could change things.
  4. MurphDogg

    Baysox starters

    I thought Diplan was a reliever at this point. He hasn't started regularly since 2018 (including multiple winter league seasons).
  5. If that reply had been in the OH rankings thread, I would have done so. Or if I had thought highly enough of Law's rankings to start a new thread. The OH rankings are already in this thread. Looking forward to your preseason update adding Jones and Stallings (and Harvey?). Nothing I like more than a big beautiful spreadsheet full of rankings.
  6. Good stuff. This is like the 2020's version of a player reporting to spring training in the best shape of his life.
  7. Smith isn't on the spring training roster so he seems ticketed for AA.
  8. He has only been a full-time knuckleball pitcher since 2015. He has had success at AA in 2017, 2018, and 2019, with ERAs of 3.60, 3.60 and 3.10. Knocked around in his 4 AAA appearances though. Seems like a fun guy to have in camp and I would rather have him filling the 5th spot in the Norfolk rotation than someone like Eshelman or LeBlanc.
  9. Yeah, they don't have the rights to the old league names, so these are placeholders. And I expect there to be a corporate aspect to the league names, whether it is completely corporate or not remains to be seen. The Mickey Mantle League brought to you by Scotts Lawn Care, or whatever.
  10. MurphDogg

    Baysox starters

    Seems to me that it is less of a big deal for relievers to hang out in extended spring training than starters who have a routine to stretching out to multiple innings to get ready for the season. So I don't think it matters that the majority of the AA bullpen is at MLB camp.
  11. Hope they get league names sooner rather than later. And I hope they aren't corporate names, but I expect they will be.
  12. Would be a hell of a coincidence if it was anything else. Scary stuff.
  13. He had 20 starts in center in 2019. People are perfectly aware that he is capable of being a below average emergency center fielder. Just like Stevie Wilkerson.
  14. The Braves MLB.com beat writer expected him to make the rotation on March 7th. It wasn't a mercy signing.
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