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  1. He should have been up last September and arguably before the end of the AAA season, so it isn't 10 days.
  2. He should have been up last September and arguably before the end of the AAA season, so it isn't 10 days.
  3. He should have been up last September, so it isn't 10 days.
  4. Looks like he was. I was going off this article which listed the non-roster invitees and seems to have missed Diaz. Yeah, hopefully he will get one of the last spots once the secondary camp is ready to go. He definitely should get reps with the organization if possible.
  5. 1. He hit above the league average (crazy pitchers league) 2. He is more of a prospect than Mullins (two and a third years younger). 3. He is on the 40-man roster There is no AA or AAA level this year. If he needs development, and he does, the only place to get it is on the 60-man player pool, which is why Rutschman and DL Hall will be on it despite having an equal (0 percent) chance of playing in the Majors this year as McKenna.
  6. Don't really understand Taylor Davis being added. Do we really need 6 catchers on the 60-man player pool? Seems like Rutschman and Holiday and/or Wynns can cover the secondary camp along with bullpen catchers that can presumably be hired for little more than minimum wage.
  7. He, Rondon and Urena were the three players that were still in camp when camp broke that have not been added to the player pool. Taylor Davis and Mason Williams were not on the initial Player Pool but have since been added.
  8. What jumps out to me is the absence of Ryan McKenna. Not joining Mullins on this round of additions, he is the only 40-man roster member not in the player pool. Considering they are playing ghost outfielders in the intrasquad games, his absence is notable. Note: I deleted the other thread, makes more sense here.
  9. Jace Peterson had himself a year last year, he hadn't OPS'ed more than .734 at any level since 2014. Crazy year, I was curious to see what he would do this year, but I can't imagine he will get much playing time if he does make the Brewers. He is "only" 30, he could bounce around AAA for a few more years and maybe get another cup of coffee or two. Sisco has some power, 18 homers between Norfolk (10) and Baltimore (8) last year in under 400 plate appearances split evenly between the two levels. He has a good approach at the plate, with a walk rate over 10 percent at both levels. His hard hit percentage with the O's was above average at 41.5 percent. If he could be even average defensively he could be a sold second division starting catcher / top backup. I still haven't given up on him and I don't think he was much worse defensively than Severino last year.
  10. He had better put up 3.5+ WAR in his age 29 season for this to have been worth it.
  11. Mountcastle had better be up 10 days from Opening Day and play at least 45 games.
  12. Not asking for 3.1 plate appearances per league game but surely your number of 140 plate appearances which is exactly 1 plate appearance per league game is a tad light. And comparing stats in the PCL (league OPS of .831) to the IL (league OPS of .787), especially with Mountcastle playing his home games in Norfolk, is barely worth commenting on. Interesting article on AAA park effects here, comparing IL and PCL parks. Had no idea about Charlotte.
  13. Riley had the luxury of repeating at AAA in 2020, he had 324 plate appearances there in 2018 with a .282/.346/.464/.810 line in 2019. Their overall numbers at AAA were similar, .878 OPS over 518 plate appearances for Riley, .871 over 513 plate appearances for Mountcastle, although nearly two thirds of Riley's at-bats took place when he was a year younger. I don't accept as a given that Riley would have continued to outperform Mountcastle if he had played at Gwinnett for 125 games. Over his final 191 plate appearances, Mountcastle's line was .341/.387/.595 while Riley batted .293/.366/626 in his 194 plate appearances at Gwinnett in 2020. Also, Mountcastle was learning two new positions he hadn't played before 2019 (LF and 1B) while Riley made 101 of his 112 AAA starts at his natural third base position.
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