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  1. Hays is in the lineup today in left with Santander on the bench. Almost posted this in the rants thread, but also, can we please spell players names correctly, especially in thread titles.
  2. I'm not sure what things will look like in 2022 if COVID is totally behind us, but a lot of money that is normally spent on entertainment was not spent these last two years. Whether all of that money is ultimately never spent or whether there may be a bump where discretionary spending increases post-COVID, I can't say for sure. That is a great point about rebuilding the season ticket base, will be something to keep an eye on. I don't think the entire Baltimore metro area will forget how to go to an O's game though.
  3. Only the Yankees, Cardinals and Dodgers averaged 40K+ in 2019, but the 2017 O's drew 40,000+ 7 times and they weren't winning that season. Hell, the 2018 O's drew 36,000+ four times. The Orioles still drew 44,000+ on Opening Day of 2019, I think if Adley debuts on a Friday night next May like Wieters and it is announced a day or so in advance they could get pretty close to 40K. Those fans didn't all drop dead in the last 5 years.
  4. Sure, but he is 23, which is the league average but is old for an actual prospect at high-A and he leads the league in OPS. Of the other five 23-year-old players in the league with an OPS of .950+, three have already been promoted and a fourth, Matthew Barefoot, like Mundy, was promoted from low-A early in the season. I'm not saying he needs to be promoted this week, but 23-year-olds who lead their high-A league in OPS shouldn't spend four months there either.
  5. Maybe. But they could have thought (correctly if so as it turned out) that they would be truly competitive in 2020 and if everything fell right they could be in the conversation in 2019 (incorrectly as it turned out). If so, it follows that getting Tatis a full season in the Majors was the best thing for the team's competitive future, especially having just signed Machado to a $300 million deal. They wanted to give themselves the best chance to succeed in 2019, even if success wasn't highly likely. And even though they didn't have a particularly good season, they still sold an additional
  6. I'm pretty sure it was Yahn. Rizer overthrew the initial cutoff man, so it went to a secondary cutoff man, which I would assume would be the second baseman in that situation. As an aside, I was disappointed to see Yahn starting at second yesterday instead of Joey Ortiz. I was glad to see Ortiz pinch-run for Adley in the 9th, which makes me think that Ortiz is close to returning from whatever minor injury he has. Ortiz hadn't played since Wednesday, hopefully he is full steam ahead on Tuesday.
  7. The Orioles drew 42,704 in Matt Wieters' first game in a season where they averaged under 24,000. It was their 6th most attended game of the season. The day before Wieters' debut, the attendance was 11,937. Matt Wieters' debut sold tickets, and there was a tail beyond that first game although how much of a tail is difficult to measure. Adley would sell tickets too.
  8. McKenna was also great that fall in Arizona (after the Frederick season in 2018). He was probably hurt more than most with not having a 2020 minor league season, with his mediocre 2019 season with Bowie looming larger than it otherwise might have. He has been hitting in his two weeks at Norfolk though, if he can keep this up maybe we can start saying that he has performed well two of the last three minor league seasons instead of viewing 2018 as an outlier. I would be pleased if he turns into anything more than a fourth outfielder, but I too am not holding my breath.
  9. Great info. And SWR would be a really fun matchup.
  10. Cool pictures. I would have liked to have moved around and seen him from different angles but I had my 16-month-old with me, just getting to watch the game was a win! I was right behind the plate in the second row, so I can't complain about the view I had. Hopefully I will be able to make it out for his next start if it is Friday or Saturday. Hopefully some other Hangouters can make it too. Baysox games are a lot more fun when the fans are into them. With yesterday being Father's Day, and an afternoon game with a giveaway for Dads, I'm sure the crowd wasn't as good as it was on Tuesd
  11. Escarra's promotion to Norfolk makes room for Welk, I think Dorrian will be promoted to make room for Mundy sooner rather than later.
  12. Easy 100 miles per hour and working fast. I really like the pitch clock in the minors, it encourages guys to work faster. I have never actually seen it result in any repercussions for pitchers who let it expire, but just having it there is good for the rhythm of the game, keeps things moving. Off speed pitches looked good although the location was an issue at times. He was locating the fastball really well and most of the opposing hitters couldn't catch up with it. Most of the hitters didn't have a chance against him, yeah he needs to work on the off-speed location, but I don't see
  13. Stowers got the promotion along with Toby Welk, but not Daschbach or Mundy.
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