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  1. Prestige, working with the top level pitchers in the organization using MLB quality equipment and tools, not driving by yourself all around the Eastern seaboard to second rate ballparks and staying in third rate hotel rooms to work with 5 different staffs. I wuld much rather be on home for half of a six month season and flying and staying in nice hotels the other half instead of being on the road and driving for an entire six month season.
  2. Sounds like they didn't want to lose Chris Holt to another team and they wanted to go from 8 to 7 uniformed coaches (which is what they had had for years before Showalter). Hopefully Holt is as effective a pitching coach as he seemed to be as director of pitching for the organization.
  3. Definitely, all prospects are flawed and no pitching prospect can be counted on. I would be very pleased to get a 3, a 4, a 5, and a late inning reliever (Castro or Givens quality) out of the Akin, Kremer, Baumann, Zimmermann, Wells, Bradish, and Smith crowd. A lot of quantity and reasonable quality. If we can get a #2 out of Hall and Rodriguez, I would be pleased. Tough to ever expect even 50 percent of pitching prospects to pan out. Obviously I hope they both become top of the rotation starters, but you can't rely on it. I would have been pleased to get a reasonable 6th inning reliever out of David Hess. Of course, occasionally a John Means comes along and blows your expectations out of the water, but that is much more rare than the other way around.
  4. This is overstating things somewhat. Pretty much every pitcher listed in the opening post is more interesting than David Hess ever was. Hess had 4.54 ERA at Bowie over 52 starts with a 6.8 K/9 and a 3.0 BB/9. Nothing about Hess made him look like a potential solid MLB contributor, certainly not in the rotation. Likewise, Brooks never struck anyone out in the minors which is a major red flag even with his low walk rate, nor was his ERA particularly good. Similarly, Blach was a pitch to contact type who didn't strike guys out in the minors and didn't have great minor league results. The only player similar to those three is Alex Wells, in that he is a soft tossing control guy, but Wells at least has a minor league ERA more than a run better than any of those guys and a K/BB ratio of 4.86. I doubt that Wells will find much success in the majors, but even he is more interesting than Hess, Brooks and Blach, and he is the least interesting (to me) of the guys who have reached AA.
  5. If it weren't for the 7 inning double-headers and the new extra innings rule, Mountcastle might have gotten those 4 extra ABs.
  6. Nah, it is 130 at-bats cumulatively and Hays had 128 at-bats coming into this season. Hays lost his rookie eligibility in his first game played this year.
  7. Mountcastle must be shooting for that draft pick.
  8. Sisco will still make the minimum, while Severino is arb-eligible. That said, I would be very surprised if they both aren't back next year.
  9. Red Sox up 5-1 in the 7th. Arizona up 11-0 in the 8th.
  10. Fun to watch speed. Mullins with a solid last week, hopefully he carries it into next year.
  11. Arizona up 9-0 in the 7th. Red Sox lead 3-1 in the 7th. Tigers lost.
  12. Yep, I continue to be annoyed that Severino had 50 percent more starts than Sisco. Sisco should be getting most of the starts against righties, in my opinion. Ultimately, neither of them is the long term answer at catcher (nor is either expected to be), so it doesn't much matter.
  13. I think he is just a guy. No more than a 4th starter at best in my opinion. Definitely an asset though. I wouldn't be surprised if he was in the bullpen by 2022 if things mostly go well with the other starter prospects. He is definitely behind Rodriguez, Hall, and Baumann. I like him less than Kremer. Probably a tossup with him, Lowther, and Zimmermann. Everybody breaks though, so nice to have quantity along with quality.
  14. .358 OBP for Stewart. Not bad considering a .195 batting average.
  15. Yeah, not a fan of that move. A 60-game season batting title is going to have an asterisk regardless, don't add to it with that kind of thing.
  16. Clutch hitting. At least Arizona is up 6-0 and the Tigers are 3 outs away from a loss. Hopefully the Red Sox picking one slot before the Orioles (if things hold) doesn't come back to haunt us.
  17. Keep us posted as to when that happens.
  18. Damn, another great play by Villar. Sisco hit that on the screws.
  19. Mountcastle with a bad read on that one.
  20. Red Sox up 2-1 in the middle of the 4th Tigers down 2-1 after 7 Arizona up 6-0 in the 4th
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