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  1. If he does end up pitching for the Orioles this year, there will once again be a player older than me on the team, Valdez was born March 17, 1985. I just realized that there wasn't a single player last season born before 1986, Trumbo was the oldest, born January 16, 1986. Craig Gentry was the oldest player on the 2018 team, born November 29, 1983. I didn't realize that at 34 I was reaching this milestone already!
  2. Better than Stevie Wilkerson, but I would be surprised if they were willing to spend the money for that type of player. He makes more sense for a team that is going for it this year.
  3. They definitely need an establishment baseball man in that role at this point. Someone that exudes competence and has a long, scandal free history. I think Buck is a good fit.
  4. Yeah, that would help too, but 5 top 50 prospects would go a long way! Hopefully the 2019 draft class steps forward and we draft well in 2020.
  5. I think half is about right. Looking at the 2015 lists, the lefties included Urias, Matz, Newcomb, Snell, Allard and Manaea, while the righties had Giolito, Berrios, Glasnow and Jon Gray. I would consider those ten reliable starters (projecting a little in Allard's case).
  6. They will almost definitely graduate their 4th and 5th prospects on the OH list (Mountcastle and Hays) and they are very likely to graduate at least one if not both of their 11th and 12th prospects (Kremer and Akin). Can probably pencil the #2 overall pick into the #2 spot ahead of Hall and Rodriguez (barring leaps forward by either in 2020) and the 2nd and 3rd picks will be taken around the same spot as Henderson, so they will be in the conversation in the back of the top 10. Would need another really good development year to sniff the top 5. A big year from Diaz and continued development from Rodrgiuez, Rutschman and Hall. Best case scenario would have those 4 plus the #2 overall pick in the top 50. Not many other candidates to sneak into the top 100 though, Henderson is probably the only other one with a shot if he has a great first season in full season ball. Not impossible, but I wouldn't count on it, especially since there aren't any valuable trade chips that could be traded for prospects.
  7. He was 3rd in their updated 2019 rankings. Not many prospects at 1B.
  8. The top 10 LHP list is up, and DL Hall sits at number 10 with a grade of 55. Not much new information here, the blurb on him mentions that he has been treated with kid gloves, which is definitely true. Looking at his game log though, the Orioles definitely seemed to push him a little more in the second half of 2019. Prior to July 1st, he didn't throw more than 90 pitches a single time, and only topped 80 pitches in 5 of his 11 non rain-shortened starts. From July 1st onward, he threw 90 pitches in 5 of his last 6 starts, throwing 99 pitches in his last game of the season. Not surprisingly, those included the only three games of the season where he recorded an out in the 6th inning, where he completed 6 twice, and went 5 and 2/3rds in another start. Hopefully 90+ pitches will be the norm in AA and he is able to cut down on his walks to regularly pitch into the 6th and 7th. Looking forward to catching some of his starts this year in Bowie!
  9. If every B10 game is going to be called like that, every home team is going to have an .800 winning percentage in conference play. That said, terrible that they couldn't get the job done on those last two possessions.
  10. Getting hosed on these calls down the stretch.
  11. I don't think Turgeon is a great coach. But I remember Gary's reputation before making the Final Four, that he could never get past the Sweet Sixteen. That '99 team was the second best team he ever had, and they got run off the floor by St. John's in the third round, down 19 at the half. As far as Turgeon's overall record, finishing in the top 3 in his first three years in the Big Ten was really impressive, I was down on him in his first couple years and his last couple years haven't been great, but I am not ready to bury him. The reason I jumped into the thread with a new poster was called a troll for having a different opinion. I think Gary was a better coach than Turgeon is, but I remember his pre-Final Four reputation being quite shaky. The Big Ten is a very, very, good conference, especially this year. It is significantly better than the ACC was in Gary's successful years, with UVA, Clemson and Florida State almost always lousy (and got worse once Miami, Virginia Tech and BC joined). In 2002, the year Maryland won the Championship, KenPom had 4 of 9 ACC teams in his top 30 and 6 in his top 70, the other three were ranked 121 to 137. Right now, he has 12 of 14 Big Ten teams in his top 36. The ACC was rarely as good, top-to-bottom as the Big Ten is regularly and was never as good when Gary was there as it is now.
  12. Gary didn't make the Final Four until he had 5 NBA players in '01. In '99 he had 6 NBA players including that year's #2 overall pick, and he lost in the Sweet Sixteen, but great point.
  13. For years that was the same complaint about Gary. He was known for not being able to get past the Sweet Sixteen until he wasn't.
  14. Just don't think the bat plays at third. Rather see Ruiz, Alberto, and Nunez at 3B.
  15. And Alex Len went 1-5 and could have gone 1-1 if he didn't get injured. Steve Francis was a ridiculous one and done recruit, not sure how much credit Gary gets for him. My point is that Gary getting the most out of his talent is a cop-out for him not being a particularly good recruiter, and when he did get top guys, they floundered under his tutelage. I am a fan of Gary Williams, but he wasn't perfect, and I think some of the hagiographies he inspires today is just nostalgia.
  16. Would rather have a quality defensive shortstop. I don't think Cozart hits enough to be playable anywhere other than shortstop, and I would prefer a better defensive shortstop.
  17. It is a reasonable comparison. Gary was the coach at Maryland for 12 years before getting past the Sweet Sixteen. This is Turgeon's 9th season. If he does not get past the Sweet Sixteen over the next three years, he will not be here for a 12th season. Turgeon has gone 121-49 from his 4th to 8th season. Gary's BEST 5 year stretch in his first 11 years was from his 6th to 10th season where he went 113-49. Gary had one shared conference title in his first 12 years, Turgeon has zero. Turgeon has three top-3 conference finishes in his first 8 years, Gary didn't have his second top-3 finish until his 9th year (in a smaller conference). Of the top 20 Maryland recruits, (since 2003) Gary had 9 and Turgeon had 11. Gary didn't get the most out of any of his three top 10 recruits, Mike Jones, Ekene Ibekwe or Sean Mosley. All were arguably busts. Jalen Smith, Trimble, and Wiggins all had more success.
  18. One executive banned for life, one suspended for a year, thirteen players signings were nullified and became free agents, loss of a third round pick, inability to sign any player for more than $10K during the 2019-20 period, and 50 percent reduction in pool for the 20-21 period.
  19. I think Hinch will get a job after he does his time, his apology was much better. I think Luhnow will likely move on out of baseball. It would take a bold owner to hire him, and teams don't like rocking the boat like they used to.
  20. Right, they fined them and said that if it happened again the consequences would be severe. Notice was served. That is why this time the Red Sox will be getting more than a fine.
  21. It was a gray area to do so during the game, MLB announced that it was not acceptable and would henceforth be punished, and added an 8 second delay to the replay monitors. That is what the Red Sox are being investigated for.
  22. Nah, they told everyone that this would be taken seriously in August 2017 and to make sure that you flew straight from then on. The Astros didn't do so and are being punished. Same with the Red Sox. The teams had warning that this would be punished severely.
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