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  1. Fakemuto there, tbh. You don't get to do the delayed strike call when you are having that bad of a night, blue.
  2. Umpire is just having a disaster of a night.
  3. Another bullet to the second baseman.
  4. Alberto stepping out so as to distract the pitcher?
  5. Nice job sticking with it.
  6. Catcher is having himself an inning.
  7. What does San Diego mean again?
  8. Sac bunting with Chris Davis on deck is not a great plan, Ben. Drag bunt is fine.
  9. Dwight Smith, Jr., hitting at least.
  10. Monster jump by Harper. Sisco with a trash throw, but it wouldn't have mattered.
  11. Everyone in the pen has options except Castro and Armstrong.
  12. Day off on Monday. Don't want to hold 'em back in case tomorrow's game isn't competitive.
  13. Harper can't hit a two run homer anyway. Get after him.
  14. Need a crooked number this inning.
  15. Nicole Sherry is shaking her head at this field conditioning.
  16. Seems like Alberto should have scored on that one.
  17. Santander hit that on the screws. .470 expected batting average, per Baseball Savant.
  18. Sure seems like Sisco should be starting more than 50 percent of the games. Why are we carrying 3 catchers if he is still sitting against righties like last night?
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