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  1. I agree with both points although I haven't seen anything from Hart thus far to justify his getting more minutes than Serrel as he did the last two games. I also wonder why Tomaic doesn't transfer to a mid-major. I would think he would rather play if he is going to be on scholarship. Reese Mona has twice as many minutes so far this year.
  2. Most years = 2017-2019 (.355, .350 and .342) and precisely zero years the rest of his career from 2010-2016. His OBP in those years from high to low was .334, .323, .314, .307, .299(!), .290(!!!), and .275 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  3. Not sure what is going on with Lindo and Serrel Smith. Both were playing big minutes earlier but in the last 4 games they each played a total of 10 minutes with DNPs against Marquette. Lindo played 13 minutes against George Mason and 21 against Fairfield right before that. Smith played 10+ minutes in 4 of the 5 games before that.
  4. I would take that bet. Marwin Gonzalez only had 425 ABs last year because he was hurt and didn't play from August 27 to Sept 16th. He had 500+ plate appearances in the previous three seasons in a super utility role. The Marlins aren't going to spend $10 million on a player to not have him be an everyday player.
  5. Litscher is 6'8" and Stauffer is 6'7". I think you may be confusing Hammer for one of those guys as Hammer is "only" 6'2".
  6. Added Fangraphs' take on the trade to the opening post. Thanks to @CharmCityHokie for posting it in another thread.
  7. Rather him than Martin or a minor league free agent. I like having a capable infield behind rookie pitchers like Akin, Kremer, etc.
  8. So much for that. They posted the Red Sox today as their 4th list and have still not completed the NL West with the Dodgers and Padres remaining.
  9. BA seems to think Baumann will stick in the rotation. And if you follow the link, they have Mullins as the 2023 left-fielder, with McKenna nowhere to be seen (Hays in CF, Diaz in Right, Mountastle at first, Mancini in DH). I understand the limitations of this exercise, but slotting in Mullins over McKenna seems silly and as an aside, obviously the much greater odds are that neither will be a starting outfielder for the 2023 Orioles, but I would expect either to be in CF over Hays if on the team.
  10. Sounds like he will be the de facto bench coach.
  11. Yeah, obviously I am disappointed that neither turned into aces, but of the last 20 pitchers selected 4th overall, only Kerry Wood, Alex Fernandez, Gregg Olson and Gavin Floyd have earned more career rWAR than Bundy (6.8) and Gausman (10.2). Wood and Fernandez were aces for two seasons, Floyd never was and Olson was a reliever. Both have a chance to pass Olson (12.8) and Floyd (15.6). It is a bummer than Bundy was overworked in high school and never threw nearly as hard once he reached the Majors, but he was a workhorse innings eater, and I will miss seeing him out there every fifth day.
  12. Also, Gausman wasn't released by the Orioles, he was traded. And Gausman and Bundy had the 6th and 8th highest rWARs of all #4 overall picks of the last 30 years, so they weren't even failures. You can be disappointed that they didn't do more, but they were not close to failures. They were both legit Major League starters for several years.
  13. Baseball America released their scouting report on the four pitchers the Orioles acquired.
  14. More likely to set that record this year, with only Means likely to make 30+ starts barring injury.
  15. The signing bonuses of the 2018 and 2019 draftees are on the first post of this thread, sourced from Baseball America.
  16. Mancini is under control through 2022, while Bundy was only under control through 2021. At a certain point you have to give the fans someone to root for if you are still charging Major League prices, and I don't think his trade value merits trading him. Trading Givens now would be selling low, would hope that he improves and they trade him at the deadline. Also, I think relievers tend to get more value at the deadline than the offseason.
  17. I would rather they bring in Heimlich. And I really don't want them to bring in Heimlich. At least with Heimlich his story was consistent, it wasn't what they said it was but he pleaded guilty to put it behind him believing that his record would be sealed and to save the family the anguish of a trial. I don't know whether I believe that or not, but it is at least plausible. And as you said, he has been a model citizen since.
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